Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Countdown Begins

... and I'm not even done with my countdown calendar yet hehehe! But we managed to put up the Christmas tree, the decorations (garlands, wreath and some Christmas stuffed toys, Christmas stockings, snow globes etc.) before December. So far, so good ... we are lovin' our house decors. Jeff and Ethan anticipates the Christmas lights every night and would even remind me if it's not lit! Perhaps I can make the calendar this weekend and have our Christmas photo shoot too.

As early as the 2nd week of November, Ethan already made his Christmas wish list and even wrote Santa all by himself! I'm a proud mom when he spelled the words without my help ... in fact, he doesn't want me to help him! I haven't photographed the list and the letter though because they were all written using a pencil. Perhaps, I can tell Ethan to trace it with colorful markers : )

Anyway, as I am writing this down, I'm sick with colds. It has been days that I've been feeling really tired but I won't listen to what my body is saying. There's so much to do the past weeks that I couldn't think of resting. (Even until now, I can see the clothes' hamper smiling at me with all those laundry and clothes to be ironed). I can go on with my to do list but that won't be Christmas related hehehe. So here I am, sniffing and a little dizzy but updating our blog.

I wanted to do the December Daily Journal by Ali Edwards but I know making the album isn't feasible at the moment. So I thought I'll just write down here my thoughts and other happenings as December unfolds. But I will not be writing each day of December, I figured out it's not that necessary. I will write as thoughts will come my way.

So for the first day of the month, I brought Ethan to his pedia. Not a good thing to start December though. Ethan has acute bronchitis and needs to take his meds - an antibiotic, a cough syrup (for asthmatics) and a cold syrup just in case he's having difficulties sleeping. I don't really like it when he has to take antibiotics because it's so hard to make him drink his meds! Ethan hates its taste ... who likes it, anyway?!

Anyway, after having him checked by his doctor, we thought of watching the movie, "A Christmas Carol". We've been anticipating a Christmas movie but I was quite disappointed after watching it. It's not that the movie was bad. But I realized it's not a movie for his age. It was quite scary for him. It was always dark, gloomy and scary (as the story needs to be). Several times I saw Ethan feeling restless. Near the end, Ethan can no longer contain himself and finally said, "When is the movie going to be finished?" I liked Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol and so as Jim Carrey but this movie is not for Ethan, definitely.

The next day (Dec.2), I sent Ethan to school. As expected, he wasn't in the mood as he was really feeling sleepy (as a result of his meds). When we arrived school, the students were practicing and dancing to different Christmas tunes but Ethan doesn't like to join them. That's unusual for him but I understand why. I left him and prayed he'll be okay in a little while. I know he will be because when I picked him up after his classes, he was full of energy again!

Here's my layout for Scrap the Boys' Challenge for this month:

Is your Boy a Grinch or an Angel?


I used Daisy Bucket Merry Wishes, Kaisercraft, and Sassafras North Pole papers; Chatterbox chipboard, Ki Memories epoxy stickers, American Crafts Thickers, Fancy Pants rub ons and buttons, snow flakes, Shabby Green Door Twists, Zig and Uniball Signo pens.

Unfortunately this is the last blog challenge. It was great working with the blog owner, Susan, as well as with the other DTs. I'll be missing Scrap the Boys for sure.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

We ELFed Ourselves (again)!!!

Here's a family tradition we started last year. It was so much fun that we thought we'll be practicing new dance steps each year before Christmas hehehe ...

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

A Joyful Christmas to All!!!

-Jeff, Pia and Ethan
Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of Halloween and A Birthday ...

It's that time of the year again. We are so excited about the holiday season because we are celebrating it on our own house for the very first time. As I put down all the Halloween decors, I'm starting to plan our Christmas decorations. Ethan has been telling me to make the countdown calendar as early as the first week of November as soon as I finished the countdown to Halloween! Anyway, I'm still thinking what to do with the Christmas calendar this time. The Halloween calendar was a hit to Ethan not to mention it was also an educational material. Since they are doing addition up to number 20 in school, the calendar was sort of a reminder of the numbers 1-20 (and even beyond that) and it was a way to teach subtraction too which they are taking up right now.

I started to put down the decorations from the wreath and I'm beginning to plan for the colors that I will use this year. I usually have a theme each year. I mean I have specific color combinations to use inside the house. Talk about OCness hehehe!

The other day, we bought our first ever Christmas tree and we are all so excited to put it up this weekend!

But before I start posting my Christmas projects for this year. Here are some photos I didn't get to post last month.

The Halloween wreath I made ...

Big ribbon was made from crepe paper. Purple and orange balls were tied with Daisy Bucket paper ribbons. Skeletons, bats, skull, spiders are plastic toys from SM. The pirates, the zombie and monster are finger puppets ; D

... and the treat bags I made for Ethan's classmates for Trick or Treat:

I filled the pumpkins (I bought them from Divisoria) with lollipops and chocolates. I wrapped Mentos candies, Kitkat bars and Choconut with Halloween themed patterned papers (mostly scraps). I placed all the goodies inside a plastic bag and tied it with Daisy Bucket ribbons. I made the tag shaped like a coffin and stamped Little Monsters (also from Daisy Bucket).

And here's Ethan as racer. As soon as he fitted this costume, he told me, "I want this already"!

(sorry for the blurred photo)

I have a five year old in the house now. Ethan turned 5 last Oct. 22. We had a simple "Out of this World" birthday party at his friend's house.


That's it for now. Christmas layouts and projects will be up ... sooner or later hehehe.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turning Five

Tomorrow is another big day for Ethan. He is (no matter how I deny the fact), turning five years old! I don't know how many posts I can write about his growth on my blog ... I maybe saying the same thing over and over again each year ... that is every time he turns another year older. Sigh! He's so grown up already. He has been reading and doing addition in school. He's artistry has grown into another level too, he's getting better each day and I'm so proud of him!

Take a look at one his many drawings. He did this a few months ago, I wish I can keep and scan all his artworks. I used Prima Hello Space Boy papers to make this project from Lasting Impression.


Ethan loves the outer space. He's fascinated with the planet Saturn the most. He collects rockets, space shuttles, UFOs now instead of cars. He loves to look at images of the galaxy, the planets, the stars etc on the internet! And so for his 5th birthday, he wants an "Outer Space" theme!

We are having a small party tomorrow with an "Out of this World" theme. Will post pictures tomorrow! Wish me luck!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Ad Inspiration @ Scrap the Boys

October Challenge at Scrap the Boys is already up in the blog. The challenge for this month is to use this ad as an inspiration. You can interpret this however you please ... colors, sketch, circles, surf inspired etc.

Ad Inspiration

This is my take:

title: You Rock My World
This is Joaqui, my friend's son. He just turned 7 last Saturday, Oct. 10. Happy Birthday Joaqui!
matls used: BasicGrey Lime Rickey, Sassafras Lass pps, American Crafts Thickers -Lullaby, Zig and Uniball Signo pen, buttons

I hope you'll find time to create your own interpretation of this ad. For your entries, email them to

Happy creating!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Countdown to Halloween

You have no idea how glad I am to be finally back!!! We finally have internet connection after almost 2 months!!! I know that I've missed some deadlines for my DT assignments. I am slowly doing all the missed projects and updating my blogs and online galleries. I hope you'll bear with me as I slowly make my move back.

So many things have happened after the move. Everytime we say we're home, we actually mean, "WE ARE HOME!". Yes, this is home for us now no matter how small. We are enjoying the new house as well as all the adjustments that come with it. Also, it has been two weeks now that my house help have left us. So even though internet connection is back, I''m spending more time in front of the washing machine again instead of the computer hehehe.

The past week has also been sad because of two things: first, the aftermath of the typhoon Ondoy has left our country really devastated. I can't tell how many times I cried infront of the TV screen because of pity. We're lucky that we are safe and none of our family members have been hurt during the typhoon. But I pray for those who were really affected and have lost their homes and loved ones.

Second sad news is that it's time for me to say farewell to Daisy Bucket Designs. It was a wonderful experience to be part of an international manufacturer's design team. I've been with DBD for two years and I'm very honored to be part of this team. I'm thankful for the generosity of James and Cassandra Cooper, owners of DBD. I'm also thankful for the friendships that have bloomed as I work with the rest of the design team.

I'm sharing with you the last layouts I created for Daisy Bucket but failed to post last month:

Pancake Art

Pancake Art
matls used: Daisy Bucket - My Little Monsters; Shabby Green Door - twists; Bazzill cs; Pink Paislee letter stickers; American Crafts Thickers; buttons; Zig pen


(this is for my friend's niece)
matls used: Daisy Bucket - Posh Posies and Little Black Dress; Bazzill cs; American Crafts Thickers; buttons; Tattered Angels Mist; buttons; flowers and Zig pen

Jr. Chef

Jr. Chef
(this is for my friend's son, Joaqui)
matls used: Shabby Green Door - Farmer's Market (Blue Ribbon Recipe, Sweet Peas & At the Market), Cherry and Lime Twists, Daisy Bucket - Chipboard Text, Bazzill Kraft cs, buttons, We R Memory Keepers metal embellishments, Making Memories black paint, Zig and Uniball pen, Clearsnap ink,

On a happier note, since we've moved, I'm very excited to decorate the house and so I created a halloween wreath and a countdown to Halloween calendar:

Spooky October

For materials and instructions for this project, please visit Lasting Impression. The bat (green on oct. 4) has a magnet at the back which Ethan can move each day. Aside from Halloween, I also included Ethan's 5th birthday which is on the 22nd of this month. Noticed that I put emphasis on two dates: 22 and 31 by embellishing the dates with buttons.

That's it for now, I'll be posting my halloween wreath in awhile. Back to house chores ...


Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've Moved!

I'm sorry I have been missing for weeks. I'm happy to announce this good news ... we finally moved to a new house! It's a rent, much smaller than where we used to live but defintely something we can call our "own". 

The past weeks have been alloted to packing and unpacking our things from my in laws house to our place. I never thought it'll be so stressful!!! Most of our things are still on boxes ... not because we don't have time to organize them but because we don't have enough cabinets to store them hehehe. I only realized how little we own when I started packing them. And realized too that most of our things are basically documents, magazines and books. We don't have so many appliances and furnitures hehehe. When we moved to my inlaws' house, it was newly built and fully furnished and so we never had the chance to buy our own stuff. Now it seems that we are a newly married couple starting from scratch. The Lord has been blessing us tremendously. He has been sending people who has been generously helping us in our home. We are more than grateful to friends and family especially my parents, Jeff's aunts and lola and my aunt too for all the help.

Moving must have been one of the most important decisions we've made in our lives. It's something we have longed to do for the past 6 years of our married life. And though I regret having to do this after 6 long years, I'm so happy that finally it came through this month! 

We love being on our own. Our place is near our business and Ethan's school! Ethan has been adjusting very well. He's so excited about decorating for Halloween and Christmas.

Since we've moved, I cannot scrap yet (no space) and check my email regularly. We still don't have internet connection and we're really hoping our application for PLST DSL will be approved the soonest. If you're looking for me or you need anything from me, I suggest you send me a text message instead as I cannot find time to go to an internet cafe often.

I'll find time again to post layouts I made before we've moved, mostly are Daisy Bucket layouts. I haven't worked on my other DT stints. I'm so sorry. I promise to be back, hopefully soon.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scrappin' Moms at Ruffa and Ai!

I've just watched myself on TV! I never had the chance with my previous guestings because they are always aired live and because I don't have cable TV bwahahaha! In fairness, 4 minutes and 5 seconds isn't bad at all, probably one of the longest TV exposure Scrappin'Moms had! I was surprised to see that they didn't edit nor cut short our TV exposure. I love it that my layouts were shown in TV (ScrappinMoms, did you see yourselves too?).

The taping was held August 14, 2009. Now you know they don't air live hehehe. Anyway, I was told about this TV guesting the night before ... maybe 9 or 10 in the evening. Talk about showbiz hehehe! Anyway, none of the Scrappin' Moms will be available the next day so I was thinking if this will be worth the gas and the effort to go to ABS CBN, considering it's always a pro bono thing. Besides, Ethan has school test the next day and I was too busy reviewing him that night. But Jeff reassured me I can go if I want to and he'll take care of Ethan the next day. So, I called Arlene and told her if she wanted to come with me. She agreed (and this is the best decision since she literally made everything easy for the two of us). I slept at almost 2 am, trying to prepare for the guesting. I haven't mentioned that I didn't have any idea what will happen or what will be the topic of the discussion. When I talked to Belle of Working Mom Magazine at 11pm (WM are our contact persons for this guesting), she said it'll be about memory keeping, that's it!

The next day, Jeff dropped me off to Arlene's house in Alabang. When I arrived at Arlene's house, my jaw dropped as I saw the Town and Country - of all the cars she picked this one. We almost had everything in the car - tools, pps, embellishments, shadow box frames, printed copies of sketches, food, water, make up etc.! She even brought with her two assistants! Told you she made life easy for us and I'm thankful she was with me.

As I met with Marie (Belle wasn't there) at 12nn., we proceed to the dressing room. I was able to talk to the TV writer and to my surprise found out that the topic for this episode is "reunions and friendships"!!! The Star Circle Quest Batch - Sandra, Roxanne, Melissa and Joross will have an instant reunion in their show. Ok, so I wanted to panic ... because I wasn't ready ... who was, anyway?! She told me that I have to prepare a half done layout so that I can do demo about it.


Me, Arlene and Marie Aquino (Marketing, ABS CBN Publishing)

I had to look on the layouts I brought with me ... anything about friendships, I thought. Good thing I brought my layouts about Scrappin' Moms and about Jeff's friends. Unfortunately, I don't have any picture for the demo. I chose one photo of Ethan and convinced myself this will do.


It took almost 4 hours of waiting before we were called. For the last 4 hours, I can hear my tummy already (I hardly ate anything because I was doing my layout for the show), I was feeling really cold (if you've been to ABS you would know what I mean), I was memorizing my lines (they didn't give me any script whatsoever so I had to come up with my own and be ready in case the hosts asks me questions). Marie told me to mention about Working Mom Magazine, sort of this way, "for more featured articles on bonding activities with your friends, kids, grab a copy of Working Mom Magazine". And yes you bet that's the one I forgot!!!!!!!!! I felt I was doomed and I was so embarassed when I went down the stage and looked at Marie. I have to call every one I know from WM just to apologize for my mistake!


Anyway, the guesting turned out well (except for the one I mentioned). I don't have problems with speaking in public, buti na lang makapal mukha ko hehehe. I explained a little about memory keeping, the words that came out from my mouth is already obscure to my memory. hehehe. I taught Sanadra a little on scrapbooking, I was giving her the letters and the buttons but she would hesitate everytime I tell her she can place them anywhere she wants to. To top it all, I was able to promote Scrappin' Moms and the upcoming Scrapfest! Arlene though didn't get to talk because when the PA asked us who's going to do the demo and explain, Arlene pointed to me. I was given a lapel but I was thinking she should've been given one also because she was also a guest.



Off air, Ruffa talked to me coz she wanted a scrapbook album for herself. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it'll be good for Scrappin' Moms. Also, Roxanne approached me for my number. She's a nice girl and very beautiful. I had to tell her I was starstruck. Back then when she was still in SCQ, she was my bet and I've always liked her pretty face.

Ready for School

The layout I did during the show. Sandara placed the heart, some of the buttons, and the letter stickers. At home, I altered it a bit hehehe. I added word stickers, the journaling and a few more elements. (Based on a sketch by Becky Fleck)

It felt good to be able to see myself in TV again. I'm glad that I was able to show my layouts and tell the audience about this wonderful hobby. I hope that many will be encouraged to scrap and our community of scrappers will grow tremendously. Most of all, I 'm happy that I was able to represent Scrappin' Moms. I hope one day (you know this Liza) we will be given a break we deserve ; D


Thanks to Working Mom Magazine and to Arlene for coming along with me!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Claudine Barreto

I was in my teen years when I used to watch Claudine Barreto in the famous show, "Ang TV". A show aired at 4pm as I fondly remember it. I was a fan back then and I never thought that I'd be privileged to scrap Claudine's photos now. It's truly an honor. My only wish is that I get to meet and talk to her and maybe Ms. Kris Aquino too! It is such an irony that I get to see their personal family photos but I never had any connection with them!

I was asked by Star Studio Magazine to do this scrapbook album as a gift for Claudine's birthday. I did this a day before her actual birthday celebration at ASAP. I printed Claudine's photos that evening and told myself that I would finish the 10 layouts for her that same evening too . Unfortunately, I was very tired when I came home past midnight and thought that I'd rest for awhile. I had the shock of my life when I realized I overslept and woke up at about 5am! The album has to be brought to ABS CBN late afternoon that day.

So, I had to scrap ala "Studio Azul's Scrapbook Buffet", 10 layouts within 5 hours atleast! I started at 5:15am and finished at almost 1pm (I had to do several mommy duties in between so I actually didn't scrap all those hours!) My hands were already shaking because of panic and pressure! It was one of those moments I never want to be in again hehehe ...

I was able to deliver the album past 5pm at ABS. It was raining hard that day (may bagyo yata if I'm not mistaken). Since Jeff has a photo coverage that day, I had to commute with Ethan from Cavite to Quezon City!

I'm sorry the photos didn't do justice to Claudine and her family's photos. The photos were taken inside the car a few minutes before I finally gave the album to Sheila of ABS CBN Publishing. It was the best that I can do that time.













National Language Month and a New Layout

I'm back. We have been very busy (and still busy) in the household. Hopefully, we can move to our new place soon. And hopefully too (with the help of your prayers) we'll be able to surpass everything that we are going through right now.

Anyway, since I've been away for almost a week. Here are some updates:

To celebrate the National Language Month, last Aug. 17, Monday was the Filipino Costume Parade at Rosemont School. Incidentally, Rosemont is also celebrating it's 23rd Anniversary! So after the parade, students were given "Sorbetes" as a treat.

Ethan wore a Barong Tagalog during the parade. Hopefully, I can come up with a better Filipiniana attire next year because this is the 2nd year that Ethan wore his Barong hehehe.

Filipino Costume Parade

Ethan with Amanda

Linggo ng Wika
JK-D with Teachers Yohan and Noemi. I don't think we will ever be able to take a class picture where all of the kids are smiling or atleast looking at the camera hehehe.

On another note, today, my box from Daisy Bucket has arrived!!! It has been months since the last time I received a box full of goodies. Thanks Cassandra!

Anyway, since I was too excited to play with my new stuff, I was able to make a quick layout this afternoon. Pardon the photo, it has been raining here and I couldn't take a decent picture of my layout. Hopefully, tomorrow will be sunny so I can take photos of my other 2 layouts that I recently finished during our 2 TV guestings (separate posts on this!)


I used Posh Posies - Groovy and Mod and Beautiful Day - Kite papers and rub ons for this layout. It's a pretty simple one, no techniques ... just plain white space. I liked it this way!
This is Ethan while playing with his camera (it’s a real one but we didn’t put film on it). Since he was so used to seeing Jeff with his SLR, he pretends that his camera has an LCD screen too! Everytime he presses the shutter, he will take a look at the picture he took, although there isn’t really a screen to look at hehehe! I love that he uses his imagination to play.

other materials used for this layout: buttons, Heidi Swapp letter chipboard, Scenic Route chipboard and Zig pen
Photography by Jeff Lopez


Saturday, August 08, 2009

This Little Piggy Went to Market

The August blog challenge at Scrappin Kids is already up. Challenge for this month is to create a layout based on a sketch made by resident designer, JC. Do check out the other layouts made by the RD Issa and my co-DT, Monique.


Here's my take:

Inspired by the Nursery Rhyme , "This Little Piggy", I created this layout about my "little piggy" who went to the "supermarket" with his classmates. The trip was part of their lesson in school about community helpers. I hope the journaling is visible enough to be read : )

This Little Piggy Went to Market


Instead of using 3 photos as originally seen on the sketch, I tweaked the sketch a bit by adding one more photo. Instead of putting a block of paper that is across the whole page, I placed pieces of striped patterned pps. I replaced the staple wires with buttons. And since my title is quite long, the rest of the title had to be placed at the bottom of my pics. Did you notice the color pink? Can't tell you how much I love the color combination I've used here.

materials used: Scenic Route Garden Grove Kraft Loopy Border pp (courtesy of Lasting Impression), SR Lynden pps - Dahlia St. and Glenning St. and die cut, DCWV Glitter pp, Kaiser Crafts pp, American Crafts chipboard (pig), Heidi Swapp alpha chipboard, Making Memories letter stickers, Zig pen, buttons

I hope you'll play along with us this month. To submit your entries:

Kindly link your layout (on your blog) in the comments section of the blog or send us a copy by email to Submit by Monday, 31st August 2009 Midnight Eastern Time

International scrappers are most welcome to join this challenge. SK Crew will pick one favorite layout and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, 1st Sept 2009. Enjoy!


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Puppy Love

Ethan wants a puppy badly. That's why when he saw "Pochi", the shitzu my sis in law owns, he wants it for himself too. I had to explain that owning a pet entails responsibility, it's like having another family member and that is something we cannot afford to have at the moment.

Here's a layout I made for Ethan and his "Pochi".

Puppy Love


You've always wanted to have a puupy. That's why when you first met Pochi, a shitzu owned by your Tita Angel, you wanted her so badly. You wanted to borrow her and I couldn't blame you - we adore her, she's so funny and is very playful!

I'm so sorry we can't have her nor can we own a pet at the moment. Owning a pet is also like having a new family member - it entails responsibilities. With the busy lifestyle that we have, we can't afford to have a pet now. I know why you love to have a puppy, I used to own dogs when I was a kid, it gives so much happiness!

Someday soon, you'll have your own, promise ...

matls used: Scenic Route, October Afternoon, Sassafras Lass and Fancy Pants pps, Queen & Co. felt flower and brad, American Crafts plastic flower and Thickers, buttons and Zig pen
Photography by Jeff Lopez and Meng Lim


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Whip It Good!

Remember this song from the 80s (I think)? Thanks for my friend, BJay for giving this title! I initially planned for Whip Up (yeah, I know it's quite boring, I was becoming so desperate coming up with a good title). My friends Liza, Ems, BJay, Joanne and Mia came to the rescue and I can't tell you how creative these girls in coming up with very good titles. I might use them in the future!

Anyway, if you are wondering why I was so engrossed and made a career out of looking for a title, it's because this month's challenge at Scrap the Boys is all about boys with food - whether cooking, baking, harvesting or eating!

But there's a twist to the challenge, we have to use a cooking term in our title (words like chop, knead, stir, whip, beat, pipe etc.) Here's what I came up with:


I mentioned about the title Whip Up because we were preparing a very easy and quick dessert but came the title Whip it Good so I changed my mind. While I was creating my layout, I realized we didn't whip any ingredients at all hehehe. Too late though ... but I love how this multi photo layout was pulled through!

I had to write my journaling at the back of the layout because I can no longer find a good spot. Here it is:

You saw these chocolate and berries Nestle Cream at the supermarket while a promodizer was distributing free samples. You didn't stop from persuading me to buy these. You've always wanted to bake but since I don't know how, you are contented to make a refrigerator cake instead.

You enjoyed every minute of creating this cake especially the last part where you can lick all the cream you want! Yummy!

Photo: June 24, 2009

materials used: Scenic Route Garden Grove- Flower St. and Scrap Strip 1 pps and Superstar chipboard and Kraft cs, Making Memories pps (photo matting), October Afternoon (house), K & Co. (tree), DCWV black cs, buttons, 7 Gypsies ticket stub and word stickers, Zig pen, Heidi Swapp alpha chipboard and American Crafts Thickers

Photography by Jeff and Pia Lopez

I hope you'll give this challenge a go (calling all my friends who have boys!). Please email yor entries by the 31 st on



Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best Buds

Here's my last layout for Lasting Impression for the month of July. I got so excited with the new Scenic Route Garden Grove collection that I got to make two layouts from my DT kit. Atlast, there was enough white space on this layout! I tried to keep this simple - clustering all my paper and embellishments in the middle. But I also challenged myself to mix and match papers of different themes and seasons. The papers are: Christmas themed from Sassafras Lass, school themed from Scenic Route, beach/summer from Rouge de Garance, and Valentine from Fancy Pants! The SR Garden Grove proved its' versatility - I love how this turned out!

Best Buds

This is Ethan's bestfriend, Sancho. Sadly, Sancho was transferred to another section when they moved to Junior Kindergarten. Here's the whole journaling of my layout:

You met Sancho on your first day of school. You instantly "clicked" together. You danced and sang side by side. You ate together during recess time and would share your snacks with each other. Tita Sab, Sancho's mom, told me that you were the only one that Sancho remembers of all his classmates.

But as another schoolyear started, you moved to Junior Kinder without Sancho as your classmate. You were looking for him and when I told you that he's at the other class, you became sad. I'm sad too, you know, because I also like Sancho as your friend. I've seen you play togther - you were both rough and wild! You would shout and yell while playing but - there weren't any fighting, no issues of not sharing. You get along very well. Sancho was also a good influence. You would imitate what he does and that made me feel relieved.

I told Sancho how much you miss him when I recently saw him in school. He said he wants to bring you to his house so you can play! That was sweet!

I hope that even though you're no longer classmates, you will remain to be best buds! l

Love, mommy (journaling 07/11/09)

photo taken: 10/09/08

materials used: Scenic Route, Fancy Pants, Sassafras Lass, Rouge de Garance, and American Crafts pps; DCWV cs, buttons, Scenic Route chipboard, Heidi Swapp letter chipboard, Chatterbox letter stickers, Prima rub ons, Zig pen


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homemade Goodness

It's my turn to post my first ever challenge at the Scrappin Kids Forum. I'm inviting you to come and join us this weekend. Resident Designer Issa also posted her challenge at the forum. RD Cookie will be hosting a tutorial at 8 pm tonight.

Challenge title: Homemade Goodness

My challenge is to use the word, “homemade” as an inspiration on your layouts.

- Think about homemade meals or desserts you and your kids make together.
- Think about your kids’ artworks
- If you have other hobbies/passions like painting, beading or pottery, you may want to scrap about these too.

home•made –adjective 1. made or prepared at home, locally, or by the maker's own efforts: 2. made in one's own country; domestic 3. made, contrived, or assembled by oneself; not professionally made or done; amateurish


The word homemade does not necessarily have to be part of the title or journaling. Use the word as a jumpstart for your layouts.

Here’s my layout about my son, Ethan, making the Filipino version of the fruit salad the day before Christmas.

Fruit Salad

materials used: Sassafras Lass, DCWV, Making Memories pps, Bazzill scalloped cs, Fancy Pants run on (Season's Chill), buttons, Zig pen, American Crafts Thickers.
Photography by Pia Lopez

It's a weekend of fun challenges and a tutorial at the SK Forum! Happy creating!


Friday, July 17, 2009

{Fire Chief}

Meet the Fire Chief!


This layout was a quickie! Did this in less than an hour, I'm referring to the layout huh! The journaling took over a month hahaha! I can't seem to decide how to incorporate the journaling and still keep the white space. The original plan was to use journaling strips - I cut a few to try and see if it'll work but I don't think it did. I had to detach one of the clouds just to make room for the journaling die cut! You might say I am a perfectionist - ok, I admit I am.

I layered the title work here. First, I adhered the foam letter stickers then added the yellow orange letter stickers on top. I love how it turned out!

materials used: Around the Block, Scenic Route, and Bam Pop pps, October Afternoon diecut, Fancy Pants felt shapes, Chatterbox letter (yellow orange) and photo corner stickers, American Crafts Thickers (green), Ki Memories chipboard, DMC embroidery floss, buttons, Zig pen
Photography by Jeff and Pia Lopez


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Creative Mini Albums

I'm so happy to announce that my mini album is featured at Creative Mini Albums Blog! If you love minis like me (ok, I've just recently fell in love with minis), do check this blog out for a great source of inspiration! Kristine also made a gallery where you can upload your mini albums.

Thanks to Kristine for featuring me and my album!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bound by Passions

Here's a quick layout I made 2 months ago but failed to post here. Thanks to Mia for helping me with the title.

At Scrappin' Moms, it's not only scrapbooking that bind us together ... but all the other passions that we have in life - be it our other hobbies, principles and beliefs that we commonly share. I think that's also one thing that made us click together as a group! Of course, we do have our differences but that what makes us stronger than divided.

On another note, on August 29, 2009, the Scrappin' Moms will host again the Scrappin' Moms Idol Season 3 Finale and Bazaar at the Makati Parks and Garden. We hope you can join us for a day of shopping, scrapping, chatting and eating of course! The Idol Contest is currently ongoing (now on its' 3rd round already!). Check out the blog for announcements and the gallery for the Idol entries.

matls used: Kaisercrafts Distracted-La La land and Dazed,Fancy Pants pp (base, Sassafras Lass pps, BasicGrey Obscure letter stickers, Chatterbox Eclectique chipboard, Zig pen, Colorbox ink, Prima flowers, blings

Photography by Jeff Lopez


Monday, July 06, 2009

{Tropical Boy}

Ethan loves the beach so much that he can talk about our trips with much gusto even after several months! I wish that as he grows up I can show him how beautiful our country is. It is a dream for me and Jeff to visit, if not all (coz that will be quite impossible to do) of the islands of our country - atleast maka-1/4 man lang hahaha!

The photo was taken 2 years ago infront of the beach hotel where we stayed. We were welcomed with shell leis and Ethan wanted all of our leis all to himself!

For this layout, I used Inspired Blueprints' Sketch #23. I've used my stash that I bought 2 Scrapfests ago hehehe (except for the Tinkering Ink that I bought last April).

I used Love Elsie ledger paper as the base, then added the Rhonna Farrer Aqua Twist pp. I matted my photo on Rouge de Garance pp (1st layer) then with Tinkering Ink pp (blue with dots, 2nd layer).

The cluster of flowers is composed of 3 papers from DCWV (light blue Hibiscus), Karen Foster Design (blue Hibiscus), Tinkering Ink (yellow).

matls used: Love Elsie, Rouge de Garance (Urban Art-Urbaine Collection pp), Rhonna Farrer Aqua Twist, Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin - Jardin and Retro Metro - Flossie, DWV, Karen Foster, Heidi Swapp chipboard letters, Chatterbox letter stickers, Scenic Route bracket chipboard, Zig and Uniball Signo pen; Photography by Jeff Lopez


Friday, July 03, 2009

Real Boys Don't ...

... Shop? I don't think so. Just take a look at these photos! I guess the saying, "Male Doesn't Rhyme with Sale" isn't true! Have you been with your husband or your son when they shop? Mas maarte pa sila sa atin, sa totoo lang at ang tagal din no! LOL! (hope Jeff won't read this!)

Anyway, I created this layout for Scrap the Boys. The challenge for this month is to create a layout capturing your boys doing things that may be not the most masculine, so a little bit on the "girly" side. Hop on to the blog to see what the other DTs have created for this challenge. And if you have boys too, I hope you can submit an entry for this month!

Did you like the sketch that I used? Guess who was my inspiration when I made that? My very good friend and Kumare, Iris! I saw her layout published at the July 2009 issue of Scrapbooks Etc. and boy am I glad to see how she incorporated 8 photos in her LO! My version though is a little tweaked coz I changed the sizes of the photos.

I also challenged myself to use one patterned paper for my layout. I used the new Scenic Route Garden Grove Scrap Strip. Since it is double sided, I was able to use the back part (yellow) as the base of my layout. I cut the inner portion of the paper so I can use as matting for my photos and for the strips/divisions of my layout. Unfortunately, I miscalculated the size and ended up with smaller pieces of paper not enough for a photo mat. So, I used another paper - Emerson Ave. to mat the 3 remaining photos.

Call me masochist but I felt I needed to challenge myself more (I was enjoying it by the way), I told myself I will use chipboard from my stash as an embellishment and it has to come from various manufacturers : ) I used Garden Grove Superstar, Chatterbox Eclectique and American Crafts. I wanted to add some more pero yun lang chipboard ko hehehe.

I also mixed and matched my AC Thickers becoz I ran out of some letters already.

Journaling: You must be kidding me! I mean, look at you! You love to shop for your toys and even food! You go around the toy store several times just to check which ones you are going to buy. You scrutinize a toy and look closely before you tell me you want it. Most often than not, you change your mind and look for another one! You also have a penchant for character standees and store mannequins - you want to have your pictures taken beside them! One time, I found you imitating a mannequin infront of the store - I broke into laughter! You're really a funny guy!

One thing I love about you though is that you know when is the right time to do "window shopping" and when you can buy a toy. You ask me if a toy is too expensive and if I say yes, you don't insist yourself. You know that big and expensive toys are for special occasions and are rewards for a job well done. (in school or at home). You understand things beyond your age and I'm proud of you!

materials used: Scenic Route Graden Grove pps, chipboard - Scenic Route Garden Grove, Chatterbox Eclectique, American Crafts (pig), DCWV cardstock, 7 Gypsies word stickers, title: American Crafts Thickers, Making Memories letter stickers, Chatterbox letter stickers (boys), hidden journaling - October Afternoon journaling cards, Zig pen, Fancy Pants and American Crafts ribbons, others: buttons

Did I mention that Lasting Impression has all of these products? Ok, it will be an exaggeration to say that I know. So, except for the October Afternoon journaling die cuts, (Thanks Iris for those!) the new SR Garden Grove, Chatterbox Eclectique chipboard and letter stickers are all available at Lasting Impression!

On a side note, Scrappin Kids has already posted the July Challenge at the blog. DTs Michelle, Yatie, Ria and RD Cookie made the samples for this month! I hope you'll join us by submitting your layout!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pinoy Scrapbookers Kaya Challenge

I've been wanting to join the Kaya Challenge. Once, I actually did but wasn't able to submit my entry because I was also waiting for the layout to appear at the Daisy Bucket blog first. Unfortunately, the layout was posted a month after the month's challenge.

Anyway, when I read Janis' June Kaya challenge (she's celebrating her bday this month!), I told myself this is not for me because I don't remember buying any pearl embellishment. But lo and behold as I was recalling my stash, I remember having a few (I think!) from Chatterbox as part of my prize kit hehehe. How many did I find? 3! Dami no?! So, since I was racking my brain how to use the three pearl brads that I have, I overlooked the challenge rules that was to use a photo of myself! So there, I was able to make one pero mali naman! LOL!


I'm proud to say that I used 11 manufacturers in this layout (Yay I mixed them!) - Making Memories (postage stamp paper, letter stickers and yellow paint), Bazzill Kraft cs, BasicGrey (butterly), My Mind's Eye (green, stripes), Ki Memories (pink border stickers) , Creative Imaginations (dotted black border stricker), Chatterbox (pearl brads , green crochet flower and photo frame), Fancy Pants (white and blue crochet flowers), American Crafts (Thickers), Zig (pen), Clearsnap (ink). Also, I was able to use some stash that are more than 2 years old!

I used #24 sketch from Inspired Blueprints in making this layout (another yay becoz I find it hard to follow a sketch!). I tried distressing, layering and even splattering paint (and I intend to do it again!) I painted the cardboard before attaching it at the back of my layout.

Check out the other creations posted at the blog. If you are a member of Pinoy Scrapbookers Yahoo group, you are most welcome to join. Challenges are posted every first day of the month!