Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've Moved!

I'm sorry I have been missing for weeks. I'm happy to announce this good news ... we finally moved to a new house! It's a rent, much smaller than where we used to live but defintely something we can call our "own". 

The past weeks have been alloted to packing and unpacking our things from my in laws house to our place. I never thought it'll be so stressful!!! Most of our things are still on boxes ... not because we don't have time to organize them but because we don't have enough cabinets to store them hehehe. I only realized how little we own when I started packing them. And realized too that most of our things are basically documents, magazines and books. We don't have so many appliances and furnitures hehehe. When we moved to my inlaws' house, it was newly built and fully furnished and so we never had the chance to buy our own stuff. Now it seems that we are a newly married couple starting from scratch. The Lord has been blessing us tremendously. He has been sending people who has been generously helping us in our home. We are more than grateful to friends and family especially my parents, Jeff's aunts and lola and my aunt too for all the help.

Moving must have been one of the most important decisions we've made in our lives. It's something we have longed to do for the past 6 years of our married life. And though I regret having to do this after 6 long years, I'm so happy that finally it came through this month! 

We love being on our own. Our place is near our business and Ethan's school! Ethan has been adjusting very well. He's so excited about decorating for Halloween and Christmas.

Since we've moved, I cannot scrap yet (no space) and check my email regularly. We still don't have internet connection and we're really hoping our application for PLST DSL will be approved the soonest. If you're looking for me or you need anything from me, I suggest you send me a text message instead as I cannot find time to go to an internet cafe often.

I'll find time again to post layouts I made before we've moved, mostly are Daisy Bucket layouts. I haven't worked on my other DT stints. I'm so sorry. I promise to be back, hopefully soon.




Mia Castrillo said...

Congrats Pia and Jeff! I KNOW how it feels to finally have your own house and I'm so happy for you! Hopefully, we will move again before the year ends and this time for good na. :D

Nina said...

Hey, Pia and Jeff! Congrats on the new start!

I can totally relate since we just moved to Pasig too. Ang laking adjustment and, yup, can definitely relate to the packed boxes full of books and documents!

Good luck and happy new home! =)


Cookie Aguilar said...

Congrats PIA!!! wow!!! masaya yan... maraming adjustments pero masaya. goodluck and miss chatting with you!!!

geng said...

Congratulations Pia and Jeff.. no matter how tiring it may be, at least, it's a place you call your own!!!

Wati Basri said...

congrats on the move babe!!

Monique said...

Congrats Pia on the new home and new start!! I hope you'll be very very happy there!!! And have fun decorating for Halloween!!! Hope you'll be "back" soon!!

Ella said...

congrats! nice seeing u again last saturday. btw, di na tayo magkapitbahay?