Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Exploring Photography

My ever reliable photographer, Jeff took these photos at the Baywalk (Manila Bay). We've just attended our photography workshop so we decided to take some photos by the bay. I really really love these pictures of mine. I rarely have my photos taken, I mean "just me" on the photo hehehe.

Materials used: Collage Press Fresh (Paisley and Mille Fleur), Fresh die cuts and tags, Making Memories Pebble brads - courtesy of Scrapbukan, Bazzill cardstock, Creative Imaginations black polka dot paper, 7Gypsies stickers (quote and idea tag, nos. 2 and 9), Gin X coasters, Colorbox ink, and Sakura Aqualip pen, Editing software: Adobe Photoshop CS

Journaling: After several years, I finally returned to my long time passion ... Photography. I guess it's never too late.


The Rock Explorer

Ethan loves to collect rocks for some reasons I don't know : D! He would gather rocks or pebbles in our garden, bring it inside or put it inside his bike or car.
I finished this layout the other day. I think I'll try something like this again. If you will notice, the size of the black cardstock is only 11" x 11", meaning the big circle is sticking out! The layout can still fit my album though kasi I made sure the whole page measures 12"x 12"!
Materias used: Scenic Route Cape Town (Pentz Striped, Which Way Black, Table Bay Floral & Main Street), SR alpha chipboard, SR office arrow die cut, BasicGrey alpha chipboard - courtesy of Scrapbukan, 7Gypsies numero rub ons, acrylic paint, and Uniball Signo white pen)

Photography by Jeff Lopez

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Seeking for Seashells {Collage Press}

Note: Click the layout for a larger view.
This is my first Collage Press layout as part of my Scrapbukan kit. I love the Fresh Collection - purple is my fave color, I mean it used to be my favorite hehehe.
These photos were taken during our recent vacation at Boracay! I love how Jeff captured these moments when Ethan and I were very engrossed in looking for seashells.
Materials used: Collage Press – Fresh (Portifico, Vines and Mille Fleur) and die cut tag, American Crafts felt and foam flowers and Li’l Davis glitter rub ons - courtesy of Scrapbukan, Bazzill cardstock, Cherry Arte chipboard labels, fibers, velvet ribbons, crystal blings, brads, AAS foam die cuts, metal charm and photo corners, acrylic paint and Zig Writer pen

Photography by Jeff Lopez

Journaling: Ethan, I know you have no idea what we were really searching for on the shore. But you were very willing to pick up the stones you could see. We didn’t find any shells but we sure had fun looking.
-- Pia

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Turning Three {ScrapLove's Challenge #1}

I joined an 8 week challenge at ScrapLove. This week's challenge is to use three office supplies in your layout. I used pages from my weekly planner, paper clips and bubble wrap. I used the bubble wrap to stamp dots on chipboard. My initial plans of using a blank receipt and a CD case didn't push through though. Anyway, I was happy with the results of my layout. I've been wanting to use the Crate Carnival collection for months and this is the perfect timing! I'm also happy that I'm digging through my old stash again!

Title: Turning Three

other matls used: Crate Carnival collection, 7Gypsies rub ons and stickers, BasicGrey chipboard alphas, acrylic paint, American Crafts letter rub ons, brads, Uniball Signo and Sakura pens, Li'l Davis glitter rub ons (courtesy of Scrapbukan)

Photography by Pia Lopez


Ethan, 3 months from now you'll be turning 3 years old. I could still vividly remember how we've spent your 2nd bday so I couldn't digest the fact that you are growing a year old again. The changes are inevitable, even though I try not to think about it, you're growing up - my BABY'S growing up! If only I could tell time to slow down ...


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

FPPF Photography Class - Week 2

On our 2nd Sunday class, I can say that I am slowly getting used to in handling my digital SLR cam. That's good news for me! Learning photography is fun but what makes it even more fun is that I have my friends with me while we shoot!
Oh and about the class, hmmmm ... we were asked to critique other's work which was kinda scary to do (baka maabangan ka ng classmates mo hahaha!). I don't feel I have the authority to do that - I'm a newbie in this subject. On the otherhand as I ponder about it, I realized it may even help us in the future. We are learning to analyze photographs - to look beyond camera exposures and compositions made by a photographer. We were not just asked to say what we like and what we don't like about a certain photo - we were also asked as to how we can improve the photos (if we would be the one taking it).

I'd say that art is a very subjective thing, what may look good to one may not look good to another. That's what I noticed while we were doing this exercise. To each his own ika nga.

Anyway, our lecturer taught us about composition in the afternoon. This is actually my favorite topic in photography! I was already excited to shoot outdoors if only ... ok I won't mention it here ... my classmates would know what I was about to say hehehe.

Here are the photos I took! Finally, I can say that I'm happy with my photos! If only I can shout, my photography skills are back hahaha!

Note: All photos posted here and at the two previous posts are untouched by photoshop. : )
Click on the photos for a larger view.

--- Pia

Photography Assignment no.1

Last week we had an assignment on our photography class. We have to practice our shutter speed exercises as well as defocusing the background. We have to choose the best from our photos and bring it the next Sunday.

For the whole week, we had cloudy skies. It was difficult to take photos without sunlight. I tried waiting for Mr. Sun to appear but he didn't hehehe. My son has not been so cooperative when I was trying to take his photo. He wanted to lie down on the grass but I wanted him to sit so I can practice defocusing the background. I agreed with what he wanted - afraid he won't let me take his photos anymore if I won't! At the back of my mind, I was thinking that I can still use these photos for my scrapbooks! Although when I told him to run, he willingly did it for me! Poor Ethan sobrang hingal na niya! To quote him, "Hingal na ko mom, tambo ako eh" (tambo-takbo). I don't know if I will feel guilty or what!
On a side note, I noticed that there weren't any reactions from my previous post, made me wonder - could it be that nobody read it or are they being nice to me? hehehe.

Here are some of the photos I took - if not over they're underexposed!
Note: Click the photos for a larger view.

The photo on the left is the one I submitted last Sunday. It was the only photo where I was able to focus my subject and blur the background. It wasn't the best though - hmmm, the best pala, the best sa mga pangit hahaha! I didn't receive any bad comment though (thank God!), there's even a classmate of mine who said he liked the photo. I don't know if he's just blind or what. Joke!
--- Pia

Friday, July 13, 2007

FPPF Basic Photography Workshop - Week 1

Last Sunday, I started attending a basic photography workshop. It has been a long time plan since I have always loved photography.

The added bonus in attending this class is that Jeff and friends, Iris, Ria, Phylline and Meng also signed up for this class. Atleast, we have company, especially if we have to shoot outside. I remember back in college, I would shoot all by myself. I went to CCP and was approached by a foreigner asking where the downtown is. He kept on following me that I have to walk as fast as I could. Hay grabe hiningal ako dun!

After the class and the hands on application. I realized I have not been friends with the SLR for years ... meaning I have not really used one for a long time. I felt so dumb while trying to figure out how to manipulate the controls of the camera. I couldn't even focus properly. My composition sucks ... sad but true.

I wanted photography soo much that I even thought I could do this part time when I graduate. Oh well, if I want it, I need to learn it again ...

I'm sharing you my scraps errr I mean the photos I took after class at Fort Santiago ... and oh I'll appreaciate if you could be gentle with your comments ...
Note: Click the photos for a larger view.

shutter speed exercises - My first try has a very fast shutter speed, I was able to make the water droplets freeze but it was too dark. The 2nd one, I think is quite better.

camera panning - I'm still not successful in trying to make the subject clear.

Shallow depth of field. This one really drove me crazy. I was trying to achive a certain effect - the foreground is defocused, the middle ground focused and the background defocused. But since I was using the camera kit lens, achieving that was quite hard. On the third photo, I used a telephoto lens - this time di na to kasalanan ng lens, ako na to hahaha!

This is the only solo photo of Jeff that I was able to capture. Too bad, the camera exposure's wrong and focus is bad. Sabi nga ng aming lecturer... NYARP ang photo ko! I'll try again next week.
Last few words ... I'd just like to clear this, it is ME who took all the photos above ... not JEFF. I don't want our clients to think this is how bad Jeff takes photos! hahaha! But don't worry, I'm still in the learning process. Hopefully in the coming weeks, you'll see some improvements bwahahaha ; D

-- Pia

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm a Daisy Bucket Designs Team Member!!!

I was reading my mail from an online scrapbook site and was already so thrilled when I read an alert from my inbox that an e-mail from Daisy Bucket Designs has arrived. I was shaking in excitement as I open the mail. And here's the bestest news ever (if there's such a word as bestest hehehe)

Hi Pia,

This is Melinda from Daisy Bucket Designs and I just wanted to write and let you know that we have selected you to be on our design team. We will be e-mailing everybody with all the details in the next day or so. In the meantime, if you would like to be a member of the design team, we just need a short bio and a picture for the website. Congratulations and we look forward to working with you.

Daisy Bucket Designs

LLC372 E Main Hermiston OR

Would you believe I was crying as I read the letter?! I don't know what I was feeling - shocked, stunned, happy, elated?!

I just couldn't believe that I was chosen to become a manufacturer DT, I thought a Pinay scrapper like me will never be given an oppurtunity to share my passion in scrapbooking! I even checked the application letter I sent them just to make sure I indicated that I am from the Philippines. Yes, it was there - I mentioned it not just once but several times so I don't think Melinda of Daisy Bucket could have missed it.

I know God has been working in mysterious ways for my family - everyday He shows us that He will lead us. This is truly an honor for me. I would be forever grateful to Daisy Bucket for giving me a chance ... for giving the Philippines a chance!

My Two Layouts tied up at Creative Crafts and Stickers!!!

This morning, I was still feeling so high from the "e-mails" I have I been receiving in my inbox, when I received another surprise from Jen of Creative Crafts and Stickers.

----- Original Message ----

From: Jen Walker (Creative Crafts and Stickers) jen@creativecraftsandstickers.com
To: pia_zobel_lopez@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 4, 2007 12:29:59 AM

Subject: Congratulations! You submitted the winning layout for our Honour Your Man Contest!

Congratulations on winning the June Contest at Creative Crafts and Stickers for your two layouts Hands to Hold and Journey. They tied for first place!

As winner of this contest, you receive a $25 gift certificate for use at www.creativecraftsandstickers.com.

Thanks for entering the contest.

Jen Walker
Creative Crafts and Stickers
Tel: 905-294-2782

After seeing this message at the inbox, I was already shouting, "I won again!!!" What is even so interesting about this was my 2 entries tied up for the first place! I'm soooo happy today!

The "Wild Child" at Scrappinchicks

Last Monday I received an e-mail from Scrappinchicks:

You have won our June layout contest! Congrats! What an incredible layout. Hope we keep seeing you around scrappin chicks. Your little boy is just a doll.
Here is your gift certificate code for shopping in the store. Enjoy!

Scrappin Chicks Design Team Member

This is my first win in an international online contest! What a surprise!