Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here's for a Good Laugh...

Here's something we practiced for 5 months... Finally it's now out in the market!

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Yes... yes... we know you'll ask for more... so here it is...

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


At the beginning of the year, I promised myself that I will make a layout about each month's highlights. I also want a family picture taken monthly. I thought that at the end of the year, I'll have one finished family album - something that has never really happened to me!

But I thought wrong. We didn't have our family pictures taken each month and with all the challenges that we have been facing this year, I didn't get to list the monthly highlights too. Luckily (not sure if I am), I was able to make one layout about the month of March! I finished this months ago but failed to post it here.

materials used: We 'R Memory Keepers White Out - Promenade (papers, chipboard and rub ons) (courtesy of Rekindled Moments), Dream Street paper (cut out tree), Fancy Pants felt shapes and 7 Gypsies sticker - courtesy of Scrapbukan, Queen & Co brads and bookplate - courtesy of Lasting Impression, DMC embroidery floss, Zig Writer pens, 7 Gypsies Numero rub ons

Almost all of the materials used here are my old stuff except for the papers. I think I'm quite successful with one of my scrapbook resolutions this year which is to mix my old stuff with my new ones. I still have some old papers and embellishments and I'm really hoping that I'll be able to use them all up soon!

Photography by Meng Lim


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas layout?

Naah! This isn't one. I love the combination of these "Christmasy" colors and just wanted to use them on this particular layout. The photos have nothing to do with Christmas either, although we were all wearing red in the photo (that's my MIL's theme for her 50th birthday). The layout is about the family blessings we have been receiving this year. I wrote them all at the back of the chimney which can be pulled from the roof : )

I also wanted to try if I can make a house and this makes a perfect timing for a practice! Will most probably make a gingerbread house layout this Christmas!

The chipboard used for the title is the Maya Road Family Keychain set from Lasting Impression. What I love about this keychain is that you can actually use them all together to create a mini keychain album of some sort or you may separate them from the lock and use them as a title in your layout! You can even combine the words or use them for a quotation which I plan to do as well. And since it's chipboard, you can paint and doodle on them like what I did. I placed brads to cover the holes of the title.

Other materials used for this layout are Scenic Route Loveland and Roxbury papers. Two different line of papers for two different occasions but can be used in any theme, very versatile too. These papers are also available at Lasting Impression.

These photos are also extra special to me. These were taken by one of our wedding photographers and friend, Fernan Niebres of the Philippine Star. The last time Fernan took our photos was when Ethan turned one!

By the way, it's Lasting Impression's first anniversary celebration on Nov. 15! I hope you could drop by, there will be big discounts that day and you can crop all day you want! See you there!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope you had a fun halloween despite the rain this afternoon and the traffic! I almost thought Ethan's first trick or treat will be in doom since the rain won't stop. I actually liked the idea that it's not too sunny, just the right temperature so the kids won't be feeling hot and sticky while trick or treating, but the lighting condition isn't that good for taking photos! Hah! Lumabas din ang totoo, yun lang pala ang habol ko hehehe.

Well, some of you may be wondering why is this Ethan's first trick or treat when he is already four! One, Ethan's bday falls within the Halloween season and our attention has always been focused on his bday party that we didn't want to think about Halloween nor Trick or Treat. Two, I don't give Ethan candies or sweets until age 3 (well, except that my mom gave him lollipops at an early age! You know how grandparents are : ) I thought it will be unfair for him to have treats only for me to hide it afterwards. Three, I'm not a Halloween fan! Although I love scary movies I'm not fond of dressing up in costumes. But when Ethan turned three, I thought it's time for him to join the bandwagon hehehe. My mom bought a Power Rangers costume for him to wear. But we had to go to Palawan for a short vacation. I brought everything with me - Ethan's costume, a small treat bag and even some packs of candies just in case we couldn't find any Halloween parties there. True enough there was none. I checked all the hotels, asked several locals if there will be any Trick or Treat or halloween party but my efforts were all futile. I insisted Ethan wore his costume at the hotel and maybe we could make our own "trick or treat" but we were invited by our godfather to have dinner that night. So, to make this story shorter, walang trick or treat na naganap! Sigh!

Anyway, this halloween I'd like you to meet my Little Captain Jack Sparrow (as he insists he is although his costume is not of a captain so to speak). He also insisted to wear his Diego rubber shoes, good thing he forgot about his Rescue pack or else we would have a Pirate Diego in tow this afternoon hehehe.

Here's the pirate complete with effects - a bandana, an eyepatch, a pirate hat, an earring, a pirate sword and a hotdog and marshmallow on stick : D I also bought a small telescope, a dagger and a hook but Ethan couldn't use them all together at the same time hahaha! Halata bang kinareer ng nanay pati ang socks?!

We arrived Chinggay's house a few minutes past three p.m. Chinggay, our gracious host and Chinny's mom (Ethan's classmate) invited us over today for trick or treat around their village and a simple get together for our kids. Unfortunately, only us made it this afternoon ... it was quite sad as we have been expecting Ethan to be with his classmates. Anyway, we still had fun and I heard Ethan and Jeff already talking of their next Halloween costumes and gimmicks!

Anyway, as we were walking around the village, I asked Ethan if he likes what we are doing and if he's having fun and he said, "yes"! As I'm writing this one, Ethan on the otherhand has been drawing his experiences today - he drew himself with Chinny, Chinny's house, the spider web decoration he saw, a jack o lantern, a pumpkin etc ... just a proof that he really enjoyed his halloween!

We didn't get a lot of candies though because we only chose the houses we asked for treats and we didn't want to tire our kids. Plus the fact that there were so many kids outside, bigger than Ethan and Chinny ... I know you know what I mean ; ) We are contented that we went around looking at beautiful Halloween decorations. Much as Jeff would like to take as many pictures, he just couldn't since he's also driving the car while I take Ethan around. Maybe next year we can come up with a better scheme so we could go around more and so Jeff will be in the photos too. Mind you, he was wearing a black skull bandana too and was in black shirt-di papayag ang nanay kung di coordinated ang lahat! : )

We really had a blast today! Ethan got to meet Peter Pan, Snow White, a Spartan and a group of Roman soldiers all in one night! Buti na lang di kami natuloy sa Cebu hehehe! I'm so excited to scrap the photos taken today, there were only a few but I just love them all!

Thanks for reading my long post!