Friday, February 27, 2009

D Mouse Meets D Cat

Here's a layout I made for Lasting Impression. The photos were taken during Ethan's Literary Program where he recited his poem, "Mousie". I was so nervous when Ethan went to the stage and approached the microphone. His teacher placed him first from the rest of his classmates because she said that Ethan knew his poem very well but their class was the last to perform among the whole nursery batch. I was already afraid that he might be feeling impatient already! But he did great - he looked at his teacher, recited his poem and even smiled at me before he walked across the stage!

By the way, did I tell you that I made his costume? I googled the internet on instructions to make a mouse costume (something that won't be needing a sewing machine hehehe). I found this to be very helpful. I only made a few adjustments. First, I can't find a gray hooded sweatshirt and jogging pants so I used black instead (so si Ethan ay isang dagang bahay hahaha!). But I got few problems with the black sweatshirt and jogging pants: the sweatshirt has zipper, it has red, black and white strips on the sleeves and it has a design infront. While the jogging pants is not purely black, notice the white strips on both sides? So the solution? I sew strips of black felt cloth on the sides of the sleeves to cover the red and white ones then I got a black shirt at Kids of Bayo and put it on top of the sweatshirt. I then rolled a long black high knee sock and sew it for the tail. I cut circles from pink and black felt cloth (courtesy of "Angel" April) and sew it on top of the hood. I bought white hand gloves but they're too big for Ethan even though they were for kids. So I had to sew some adjustments too hehehe. While I was making this I thought I was punishing myself already hahaha! But honestly, I felt proud when Ethan wore it during their program. He was such a cutie! What's even better is that the costume won't be put to waste after, I can still use the sweatshirt, the jogging pants and the shirt!

So, anyway about the layout. I used Karen Foster and Sandylion halloween papers here. Goes to show how versatile these papers could be. I was so surprised that I was able to use my "vintage" Websters and Prima papers on this layout and still was able to mix it with Chatterbox Eclectique! It feels so liberating to be able to scrap again (this is my 3rd layout for this year) and to make something different!

matls used:

1. the pink base: Websters Sweet Charity (Dahlia)
2. second base: Prima- Cavalier (Inamorato)
3. Chatterbox Eclectique papers and letter stickers
4. Karen Foster paper (black): photo mat
5. cut out circles: Sandylion Halloween Circles
6. Ki Memories - Pop Culture Perm Black
7. Chatterbox Sun Room photo corners
8. Daisy Bucket paper ribbon
9. others: buttons and Uniball Signo pen
10. photos printed using Canon Selphy

Thanks for looking!

P.S. Thanks for all those who left messages wishing my boys to get well. Their quite okay; both no longer have fever but both are still suffering from persistent coughing. We brought Ethan again to the doctor and was given medication, hopefully he won't be taking antibiotics. We need to check if he gets better within four days. Culminating Activity for Nursery students is next Friday already and I'm really praying Ethan will make it by then.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here comes summer

Noticed it's getting warmer the past days? Yup, we know it's summer. Reminds me of going to the beach and spending vacations ... and also it reminds me of my past summer photos waiting to be scrapped! Perhaps, this is the time of the year when we take more photos than we can handle hehehe.

Last Saturday, we couldn't resist to bring out the inflatable pool. Ethan enjoyed the three hour swimming spree that he had! It was his first taste of summer for this year!

And here's one summer layout, I finished February (I think) of last year, I never got to post it coz I'm not really sure of my title hehehe.

The photo was taken along 'D Mall in Boracay. We were strolling when we chanced upon this crepe store; it was new then. I was attracted by the colors of the store because it matched my son's clothes ; ). I really love this photo but I can't really come up with a better title. Anyway, I used Ki Memories papers here and I kinda altered the cut out flowers with doodles! I also colored the flowers with watercolor pencils. Photo size is 6"x8" - I don't think I will ever learn to love that size hehehe.

Under the Weather

It must be the change in the weather that my 2 boys have been down with the flu since Sunday. Yup, my 2 boys both got sick at the same time - literally speaking. It was 11am when Jeff was complaining about his cough and muscle pains. He told me he was feeling cold too. I was too focused on Jeff's condition that I didn't notice Ethan was asking for a blanket. I gave him the blanket but couldn't figure out why he would need it when it was very warm. A little later, I found Ethan asleep on the couch so I lifted him up so I could transfer him to the bed . When I touched his skin, he was really hot! I immediately got his temperature which I found out was 39.6 C! So that explains why he was feeling cold too and was asking for a blanket!

Ethan would throw up whatever he eats and drinks too (that includes his medicine). Jeff wasn't much of a help because he was chilling and also has fever. It was quite weird to see Jeff bundled up with a blanket (it''s so not him). Jeff wouldn't eat too but would continually drink his med, wala daw siya gana (it's so not him too!) For two days, I had to look after my boys - giving them sponge bath and their meds. It was really exhausting especially that Ethan wouldn't let me out of his sight! I'm not sure where the two got the virus (good thing I was spared or maybe not yet?) ... all I knew is that we went to Avilon Ark last Friday for Ethan's school field trip. Ethan probably got the virus from other kids inside the bus or maybe in their class.

Here's the little boy feeding the rabbits. He really enjoyed this because we used to have rabbits at home too.

At the moment, they're both feeling quite better now. Their fever goes on and off though. I hope today, they will really feel a lot better!

As for me, I'm still ok but my cough is getting worse, I have had colds for the past two weeks (although there isn't something new about that!). I'm thankful that I have better resistance that I was able to take care of my family.

On a side note, summer vacation is drawing near ... I think Jeff and I need that. It's going to be a long summer for us!


Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm sharing this simple layout I finished last year. I'm trying to take photos of my previous projects so that I can post them here once in awhile.

I used Prima papers on this layout. I kept the sketch/scheme simple and limited the number of embellishments and doodles. The photos were taken during Mother's Day in Ethan's school. These are Ethan's friends - I love seeing them together playing and having fun (although they have small fights once in awhile hahaha!).

materials used: Prima papers and chipboard buttons, Sassafras Lass (owl), Daisy Bucket rub ons (for the subtitle), American Crafts Thickers, Uniball Signo and Zig pens, buttons, photos printed using Canon Selphy

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Chocolate Treats

... made by me for Ethan’s teachers and classmates. Oh ok, I didn't make the chocolates, just the wrappers : ) When I showed these to Jeff, the first thing he said was, "Sisirain din yan ng mga bata." I know ... I know ... I know. I'm doing this for the need to craft something hehehe. Besides, it's the thought that counts, right?

Making these is pretty simple and doesn’t require so much techniques. I just bought chocolate bars in 2 two sizes. I then removed the chocolate wrapper and used it as a pattern. I used mostly scraps in this project. I spent my Thursday morning (meaning madaling araw) making these coz I only thought of this recently! Talk about cramming.

Ethan loved the idea of distributing the chocolates to his classmates and teachers. He got overly excited that he just gave the chocolates away, not knowing if it really belongs to them (he can’t read the names yet ; )!

Here are chocolates for the girls.

I used Loves Me-Loves Me Not papers and stamps for this project. I can’t get enough of the stamps from Daisy Bucket, they’re petite and works well as journaling tags, gift tags or as embellishments. I’ve never been really a stamp person (the cleaning part is what I’m avoiding actually!) but Daisy Bucket has changed the way I look at stamps!

Here are the chocolates for the boys. I used a patterned paper with the blue color. I figured out that the boys might not like the chocolates if they're wrapped with red and pink papers hehehe. Daisy Bucket’s Love You collection is perfect for the job!
I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s day. Jeff and I decided that we'll celebrate tomorrow instead.
By the way, a huge thank you to all those who sent in their greetings for the Kris Mag stint! We really appreciate it.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Kris Aquino Magazine (Feb 2009 Issue)

I've neglected the blog for quite some time already. My apologies for not posting anything especially my layouts. Busy as usual, to top it all, we don't have househelp again! (argh!)

Luckily(?), I was able to squeeze in 4 layouts which I hope to share here soon hehehe. I was also able to take photos of my layouts last year ... so far, they're not edited yet : D

Anyway, here's one good news I want to share with you. I'm super excited about this ...

We did the layouts for Kris' Macau holiday. But of course we can't post it here yet. The mag just came out and we wouldn't want to preempt the readers.

This is my second time to contribute on Kris' Magazine but my first time contributing with Jeff. Previously, I did a traditional scrapbook album for Kris about their Hongkong Disneyland trip . I hope to scan some of the layouts so I can share them with you.

Who would ever thought that after Working Mom, here comes another opportunity. God is really good!



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daisy Bucket layouts

I'm late again ...

... for posting these Christmas layouts that is hehehe.

I made these during the holiday (God knows how hard I tried!). In between the holiday chaos, the washing of the laundry and the sleepless nights, I managed to make two layouts which now I'm thinking if I really should share them with you hehehe.

I used Daisy Bucket Merry Wishes Collection here. The title is a stamp from DBD too. The buttons are of course a fixture on my layouts (take it or leave it) : )

This one is for my god daughter, Anika. I've never seen a Santa in diapers. But she's a cutie, anyway.

I also have Valentine layouts to share (I'm not late, thank goodness!).

I used Loves Me-Loves Me Not Collection for these layouts. So, now I could say that I can do color blocking! Though it seems that I need more practice - precision is something I need to learn hehehe! I'm terrible when it comes to measurements.

Now, I'm off to sleep. Thanks for looking!