Friday, February 27, 2009

D Mouse Meets D Cat

Here's a layout I made for Lasting Impression. The photos were taken during Ethan's Literary Program where he recited his poem, "Mousie". I was so nervous when Ethan went to the stage and approached the microphone. His teacher placed him first from the rest of his classmates because she said that Ethan knew his poem very well but their class was the last to perform among the whole nursery batch. I was already afraid that he might be feeling impatient already! But he did great - he looked at his teacher, recited his poem and even smiled at me before he walked across the stage!

By the way, did I tell you that I made his costume? I googled the internet on instructions to make a mouse costume (something that won't be needing a sewing machine hehehe). I found this to be very helpful. I only made a few adjustments. First, I can't find a gray hooded sweatshirt and jogging pants so I used black instead (so si Ethan ay isang dagang bahay hahaha!). But I got few problems with the black sweatshirt and jogging pants: the sweatshirt has zipper, it has red, black and white strips on the sleeves and it has a design infront. While the jogging pants is not purely black, notice the white strips on both sides? So the solution? I sew strips of black felt cloth on the sides of the sleeves to cover the red and white ones then I got a black shirt at Kids of Bayo and put it on top of the sweatshirt. I then rolled a long black high knee sock and sew it for the tail. I cut circles from pink and black felt cloth (courtesy of "Angel" April) and sew it on top of the hood. I bought white hand gloves but they're too big for Ethan even though they were for kids. So I had to sew some adjustments too hehehe. While I was making this I thought I was punishing myself already hahaha! But honestly, I felt proud when Ethan wore it during their program. He was such a cutie! What's even better is that the costume won't be put to waste after, I can still use the sweatshirt, the jogging pants and the shirt!

So, anyway about the layout. I used Karen Foster and Sandylion halloween papers here. Goes to show how versatile these papers could be. I was so surprised that I was able to use my "vintage" Websters and Prima papers on this layout and still was able to mix it with Chatterbox Eclectique! It feels so liberating to be able to scrap again (this is my 3rd layout for this year) and to make something different!

matls used:

1. the pink base: Websters Sweet Charity (Dahlia)
2. second base: Prima- Cavalier (Inamorato)
3. Chatterbox Eclectique papers and letter stickers
4. Karen Foster paper (black): photo mat
5. cut out circles: Sandylion Halloween Circles
6. Ki Memories - Pop Culture Perm Black
7. Chatterbox Sun Room photo corners
8. Daisy Bucket paper ribbon
9. others: buttons and Uniball Signo pen
10. photos printed using Canon Selphy

Thanks for looking!

P.S. Thanks for all those who left messages wishing my boys to get well. Their quite okay; both no longer have fever but both are still suffering from persistent coughing. We brought Ethan again to the doctor and was given medication, hopefully he won't be taking antibiotics. We need to check if he gets better within four days. Culminating Activity for Nursery students is next Friday already and I'm really praying Ethan will make it by then.



Liza said...

Wow! Proud mommy moment yan Pia! I love how you created Ethan's costume. Talagang by the looks of it at ng description, career ito sis! LOL! Which really paid off, ang cute cute ni Ethan sa pix. Here's hoping and praying he gets well na talaga para he can attend that activity. Take care!

Donna E. said...

this is soooooo cute!!! so proud of you! galing!

janis said...

galing!!! parang professional ha? ;o)

link kita sa blog ko ha? you so totally rock!!!