Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days to go before Christmas ...

Here's something I did that is featured at the Daisy Bucket blog. It's quite late to do these at this time though but would be good for next Christmas perhaps?

Alter your old Christmas decors with papers, rub ons and ribbons!

I know most of us hoard rub ons. Why don’t you use these rub ons up to add pizzaz to your old Christmas balls? Remember you don’t have to use Christmas inspired rub ons to do this. For my Christmas balls, I used the following rub ons:

Celebrate, Sing, Laugh, Blessings (Words #9028)

Shine, Sparkle (Shine #9002)

Believe, Dream, Hope (Dream Borders #9003)

Joy (Bloom #9011)

White Flourishes (#9007): I used these instead of snowflakes

Brown Flourishes (#9006)

Cut the desired word/image from the rub on sheet. Hold the sheet firmly so that it won’t move while you rub or transfer on your balls. Since the balls are round and not flat it may take a bit of practice to get it just right. Don’t worry if the outcome won’t look so perfect.

To alter the look of your wreath, simply cover it with a patterned paper. I used Daisy Bucket Wrapped Wishes - Snow Flurries (#2602) for this. I cut the paper into 2 inches wide strips and cover the whole wreath. I tied curled ribbons on the balls before I attached them at the back of the wreath.

On a side note, I was able to squeeze in one layout last night. It wasn't that good, I think. I must have lost my creative juices ... I'm so tired and now sick with colds. It has been 5 days since our ineffective housemaid left - leaving everything behind with me to accomplish. I meant all the household chores - including a 5 day worth of laundry! Ethan also had on and off fever in 3 days that we decided to bring him to his pedia. He has cough and colds making it too hard for him to sleep at night. He's quite better now though.

I'm not done with our Christmas shopping - no gifts for Ethan and Jeff yet too! Sigh! Why does the Christmas season has to be this busy? I don't even had the time to lavish all the things that have been happening around me lately. I never had the chance to update my blog on a regular basis (which was part sana of my plan, instead of doing the Daily December Journal that Ali Edwards posted in her blog!). I'm just wondering how many more Christmas do I have to spend panicking instead of enjoying it? We missed the Barney show again, we missed Santa Claus too ... I didn't get to do the Christmas countdown calendar, the candy wreath that Ethan has been asking from me and I have forgotten about the letter for Santa too. I don't think we can even go back to Caleruega anytime soon. I hope we can have quality family time to spend anytime soon ...

We're having a small Christmas party today in the house for our workers which means I'll be cleaning up again later. Oh well! Let's see how it goes, I know they can help me later anyway.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

31 today ...

Today, I'm celebrating my 31st birthday. If I may say I was a little anxious about this day - I am thirty one as in the last date in a calendar! Sigh! I used to think (when I was younger hehehe) that when you reached the age of 30 you're considered old! Ok, so now my perspective has changed! If only, Edward Cullen can bite me too so I can stay young forever hahaha!

I don't know why I wasn't able to sleep the whole night. I will wake up every two hours! I know I was sleepy and tired but I just couldn't understand why can't I sleep through the night. Maybe I was also thinking of all my to do list, maybe I was worried that Ethan won't wake up early the next day (it's their school's Christmas party), maybe I was thinking of some other things I don't know what hehehe! I remember dreaming about Edward though hahaha! Reason behind is that I watched (again!) Twilight with my girlfriends from Rosemont yesterday.

Anyway, we started my birthday with the Christmas party at school. Ethan wouldn't want to wake up ... as in matulog na lang daw kami! We were a few minutes late because of that but he didn't miss a lot. They had an exchange gift - Ethan got a make up kit hahaha! Hay kawawa naman si Ethan, kasi naman we were told to give a unisex gift eh! Anyway, I promised Ethan I'll buy na lang a toy he likes. Not that we are ungrateful (that's not what I want to teach him ; ), wawa lang kasi talaga siya coz he saw his classmates opened their gifts eh.

After the party, I went to pick up my birthday cake, courtesy of The Cooking Mama, Arlene : ) Then we went to Ethan's classmate's house, we couldn't resist when the kids started asking if they could play. So, I ended up celebrating my birthday with my co-mommies at Rosemont - Anna and Chinggay while our kids have fun scattering the toys - este playing pala.

When it was time to blow my candles, the three kids - Ethan, Chinny and Andrei were all too eager to do that for me hahaha! We also had lunch and had an instant photo session before that! We really had fun!

We went home and later on found out Ethan was burning with fever (39C). He was too sick that he was dancing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hotdog dance huh! Astig talaga itong anak ko hehehe, no wonder when he's sick I'm not all too worried!

Well, of course not everything didn't go that smooth today - some flaws that I just want to ignore anyway! I'm happy that another year passed through me again - I am blessed, so much to be thankful for!

Happy Birthday to me!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

5 Years ...

Today, we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. It feels good to reminisce the day we got married ... it was also a Sunday, Dec. 14, 2003. The weather was quite the same as today, I remember waking up to the cold breeze on my room that day at Evercrest Hotel. I tried eating my breakfast with my brother but I couldn't chew and swallow my food. I don't know what was I feeling then.

The day passed so quickly, I remember walking the down the aisle ... crying as I see my dad wiped his tears. I think I cried a bucket that day. Now I laugh at myself, remembering how my guests wiped their tears too while I cried hehehe.

Jeff and I haven't been back to Caleruega since we got married there. It's my wish to go back anytime soon, atleast before Christmas. I want to bring Ethan with us so he could see where it all started ...

I don't think there's something extraordinary today, only, we're 5 years stronger together. Last year, we spent our anniversary working - him the photographer while I was busy manning the chocolate fountain. Today, he went to cover another party. Later this afternoon, we're off to Anika's bday party where he will be the photographer again together with his partner, Meng. Sigh! I'll bring Ethan along as we're both invited too. That's the least we could do, be together in one place for this day.

Last night, he was out for another coverage while Ethan and I stayed at home. At midnight, I received a text message from him, greeting me, "happy anniversary". I wanted him to come home sooner but he was still working. I fell asleep waiting. By past 3 in the morning, I heard Jeff's voice calling me. He was finally home and with him is a bouquet of flowers! : )

The day isn't over yet. I don't know if Jeff has plans for tonight. Alhough I'm sure he's exhausted already. He hardly slept last night. Poor guy! He's really hardworking ... always. Jeff works even on holidays and Sundays, but he doesn't complain, only he whines. Joke! ; )

I feel so blessed I married him, my one true love ... Happy Anniversary, Jeff! I love you!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

23 days before Christmas ...

Last September, my MIL celebrated her 50th birthday. Jeff and I were in charge of the program and other party details.

I made her cupcake toppers and decorated her 50 candles too! For instructions on how I made these, kindly head on to Daisy Bucket blog.

On another note, I wasn't able to accomplish any of my initial plans for the day. Sigh! I feel quite lost today : ( We're all tired and sleepy. Yesterday, we went to Caloocan to pick up Ethan from my mom's house. It was so peaceful and quiet when Ethan's not around but we kinda miss him too hehehe. Anyway, my mom asked us if we can eat at Tutuban's Night Market before we go home. Jeff and I have seen that side of the market where you can eat grilled food - we said to ourselves we'd go there if we have time. Nonetheless, we never had until last night. My dad ordered grilled squid, liempo, chicken and tilapia with rice, soda and juice! We were 7 and we only paid P565! Food was ok and very cheap! I also had the chance to do a little shopping after the meal. It was getting really late (it was almost midnight!), so after a few minutes of walking I decided to go back to the car where the "boys" are waiting (my dad and Jeff who of course don't enjoy what my mom and I love to do!).

It's 23 days before Christmas, I wish I can scrap , my scrapping mojo left, I think. Nasan na nga ba siya? : (

SE and PS' joint Christmas party is on Saturday - I don't have my costume yet! Hay!

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Countdown Begins ...

It's the first day of December; 24 days till Christmas! We have our Christmas wreath (I decorated a bare one), the Belen (assembled and decorated by Ethan), Christmas stocking, Christmas stuffed animals displayed and other decorations in the house except for the Christmas tree which we had been wanting to buy for two years already hehehe. Now the question still remains the same, shall we buy one this holiday? We'll see ...

I wanted to say I'm excited for the holiday season yet I have so many things on my mind ... DT layouts/assignments, bills to pay both for the household and the water station, shopping for Christmas gifts etc. etc. I am overwhelmed by my to do list, I don't even know where to start! I want to feel this season, I want to enjoy and have fun and I'm really hoping I will!

Anyway, have you seen the December Daily Journal made by Ali Edwards in her blog? I liked her idea so much I wanted to assemble one yet I haven't even started touching any of my stuff. I put all the Christmas papers and embellishments in one paper bag so that it'll be easier to assemble the album, here's hoping that I can make one any time this week hehehe ... or perhaps scrap any Christmas layout.

On a side note, Jeff and I had "us" time yesterday. We watched "Twilight" (oh finally) and now I can totally relate to all the Twilight fanatics (Can anybody welcome me to the club please?) So after Edward Scissorhands, here comes Edward Cullen! If only I can watch the movie 300 times a day, I will hahaha! Am I saying goodbye to Capt. Jack Sparrow? Nah, not really ... he's still on my list hehehe! Kidding aside, I want us (me and Jeff and the three of us - me, Jeff and Ethan ) to be able to watch more movies this December. It's high time we relax and enjoy more!