Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days to go before Christmas ...

Here's something I did that is featured at the Daisy Bucket blog. It's quite late to do these at this time though but would be good for next Christmas perhaps?

Alter your old Christmas decors with papers, rub ons and ribbons!

I know most of us hoard rub ons. Why don’t you use these rub ons up to add pizzaz to your old Christmas balls? Remember you don’t have to use Christmas inspired rub ons to do this. For my Christmas balls, I used the following rub ons:

Celebrate, Sing, Laugh, Blessings (Words #9028)

Shine, Sparkle (Shine #9002)

Believe, Dream, Hope (Dream Borders #9003)

Joy (Bloom #9011)

White Flourishes (#9007): I used these instead of snowflakes

Brown Flourishes (#9006)

Cut the desired word/image from the rub on sheet. Hold the sheet firmly so that it won’t move while you rub or transfer on your balls. Since the balls are round and not flat it may take a bit of practice to get it just right. Don’t worry if the outcome won’t look so perfect.

To alter the look of your wreath, simply cover it with a patterned paper. I used Daisy Bucket Wrapped Wishes - Snow Flurries (#2602) for this. I cut the paper into 2 inches wide strips and cover the whole wreath. I tied curled ribbons on the balls before I attached them at the back of the wreath.

On a side note, I was able to squeeze in one layout last night. It wasn't that good, I think. I must have lost my creative juices ... I'm so tired and now sick with colds. It has been 5 days since our ineffective housemaid left - leaving everything behind with me to accomplish. I meant all the household chores - including a 5 day worth of laundry! Ethan also had on and off fever in 3 days that we decided to bring him to his pedia. He has cough and colds making it too hard for him to sleep at night. He's quite better now though.

I'm not done with our Christmas shopping - no gifts for Ethan and Jeff yet too! Sigh! Why does the Christmas season has to be this busy? I don't even had the time to lavish all the things that have been happening around me lately. I never had the chance to update my blog on a regular basis (which was part sana of my plan, instead of doing the Daily December Journal that Ali Edwards posted in her blog!). I'm just wondering how many more Christmas do I have to spend panicking instead of enjoying it? We missed the Barney show again, we missed Santa Claus too ... I didn't get to do the Christmas countdown calendar, the candy wreath that Ethan has been asking from me and I have forgotten about the letter for Santa too. I don't think we can even go back to Caleruega anytime soon. I hope we can have quality family time to spend anytime soon ...

We're having a small Christmas party today in the house for our workers which means I'll be cleaning up again later. Oh well! Let's see how it goes, I know they can help me later anyway.



Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Bright ideal ha! Happy Holidays po sa inyo dyan!

jeanie nieva said...

happy new year pia!thansk for the tutorial. :)