Wednesday, December 17, 2008

31 today ...

Today, I'm celebrating my 31st birthday. If I may say I was a little anxious about this day - I am thirty one as in the last date in a calendar! Sigh! I used to think (when I was younger hehehe) that when you reached the age of 30 you're considered old! Ok, so now my perspective has changed! If only, Edward Cullen can bite me too so I can stay young forever hahaha!

I don't know why I wasn't able to sleep the whole night. I will wake up every two hours! I know I was sleepy and tired but I just couldn't understand why can't I sleep through the night. Maybe I was also thinking of all my to do list, maybe I was worried that Ethan won't wake up early the next day (it's their school's Christmas party), maybe I was thinking of some other things I don't know what hehehe! I remember dreaming about Edward though hahaha! Reason behind is that I watched (again!) Twilight with my girlfriends from Rosemont yesterday.

Anyway, we started my birthday with the Christmas party at school. Ethan wouldn't want to wake up ... as in matulog na lang daw kami! We were a few minutes late because of that but he didn't miss a lot. They had an exchange gift - Ethan got a make up kit hahaha! Hay kawawa naman si Ethan, kasi naman we were told to give a unisex gift eh! Anyway, I promised Ethan I'll buy na lang a toy he likes. Not that we are ungrateful (that's not what I want to teach him ; ), wawa lang kasi talaga siya coz he saw his classmates opened their gifts eh.

After the party, I went to pick up my birthday cake, courtesy of The Cooking Mama, Arlene : ) Then we went to Ethan's classmate's house, we couldn't resist when the kids started asking if they could play. So, I ended up celebrating my birthday with my co-mommies at Rosemont - Anna and Chinggay while our kids have fun scattering the toys - este playing pala.

When it was time to blow my candles, the three kids - Ethan, Chinny and Andrei were all too eager to do that for me hahaha! We also had lunch and had an instant photo session before that! We really had fun!

We went home and later on found out Ethan was burning with fever (39C). He was too sick that he was dancing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hotdog dance huh! Astig talaga itong anak ko hehehe, no wonder when he's sick I'm not all too worried!

Well, of course not everything didn't go that smooth today - some flaws that I just want to ignore anyway! I'm happy that another year passed through me again - I am blessed, so much to be thankful for!

Happy Birthday to me!



Alby said...

Happy birthday Pia!!!

jonaks said...

happy birthday Pia! don't worry ako 31 na rin e. at least nasa bingo pa daw tayo!