Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Booboo and My Pink Layouts

I made a booboo the other night. I was trying to change the blog skin/template when I accidentally pressed a button. It says there that widgets (whatever that is) will be lost and I need to confirm that. Stupid as I am, I did hehehe. Now, if you're wondering what happened to my blog, I think I answered you already ; )

Truth is, I really think the blog needs a complete overhaul. I want a clean look this time; free from clutter. I want minimal listings on the 2nd column too and of course, a nice blog banner. I want to update Jeff's portfolio too. I'm still looking for a new template that will suit our needs. Hope to have the new look soon.

Anyway, here's the very last 2008 layout that I have. This was supposed to come out in one of the issues of Scrapbytes before the Scrappin' Moms decided we needed a break.

I used Making Memories and Ki Memories papers for this project (the black background is not part of the layout just to clarify). I think I brought out all the embellishments I could possibly use for this layout - felt and paper flowers (Prima, Making Memories, Fancy Pants), blings, ribbon, (Daisy Bucket) and chipboard (Ki Memories, Scenic Route). I also dooddled the title. To color the flourishes and letters, I used Faber Castell water color pencils.

When I looked at my layouts for the past 3 years, it's funny that I have always resented the color pink for my layouts when in fact I have more than enough of pink layouts! Contrary to what I believe in, I have used lots of pinks in my previous layouts but I just didn't realize or notice that. So that means I'm not pink challenged at all! Here are some of my pink layouts ...


Friday, May 22, 2009

The Merry Month of May? (A long post)

The month is about to end and I haven't finished any layout yet! I can't believe it myself. The month of May must have given a dry spell on my scrapbooking. I wanted to finish the very one layout I did a week ago but I can't seem to find the right words to accompany my photos. For the remaining days of the month, I intend to reawaken my scrapbooking life, it has been in a hiatus again.

A week ago, we noticed Ethan's cough and colds keep on recurring. We cannot send him to his swimming lessons because we thought that it was one reason why he won't feel any better. We decided to bring him to his pedia. Upon the usual check up and listening to our stories about his fever and cough which usually attacks at 2am onwards, here was what the pedia said: Ethan has asthmatic cough. From a family who has asthma (Jeff, her mom and cousins, my mom and I and my cousins too) this is indeed alarming. We don't want our son to suffer the same illness. We were assured though that we can prevent 'classic asthma' by putting Ethan under medication for 2 months. If and when, things don't change for the better, we will be forced to use steroids : ( Of course, prevention includes avoidance of triggers such as smoke and dust.

Ethan was also given antibiotics, Bronchodilator (A drug that widens the air passages of the lungs and eases breathing by relaxing bronchial smooth muscle) and a chewable anti-asthma/anti-allergic rhinitis tablet - that he needs to take once a day for 2 months. He will also be under observation for that period of time. For several days, we noticed some improvements from Ethan - he no longer coughs in the middle of the night! The other day, we went to Manila and was so surprised to find Ethan coughing again! Argh, it must be the smoke and the air pollution! I really hope this isn't going to be serious ...

On a lighter note, Ethan's back to playing with his scooter. He started learning to ride the scooter early April. The scooter was a Christmas present from Jeff's aunt two years ago. We thought we needed to wait until Ethan reach 5 for him to use that (as stated in the product's box). But only after a few minutes of using the scooter, we noticed that he can already keep himself balanced. I took Ethan to the clubhouse several times so he can practice but we had to stop when he got sick for more than a week. Besides, the past few weeks, we had the rains almost everyday! Just the other day, Ethan was delighted again when I told him we'll play at the clubhouse ...

Photography by Jeff Lopez

This is one reason, my son doesn't need asthma ... he's a very active boy, very adventerous too! I hope asthma will not ruin that for him.

Oh and I remember when we went to Splash Island first week of May. We brought Ethan to Rio Montanosa, it's a mountain high river raft attraction at Splash Island. It was too high we needed to walk through a series of stairs to get to the top. I have to tell you, I'm such a coward when it comes to heights but my husband here thinks that I should go home if I don't come with them. Ok, acting to be brave, I was forced to come even if my knees were shaking. Ethan, on the other hand, was very excited about the "giant slide" (yes, he thought it was the usual slide) not until we reached the top! He saw that we were a few feet from the ground. He started telling me that he does not like the raft ride but daddy won't approve of that hehehe. We had to reassure Ethan that it'll be a fun ride. Shortly, our raft came. Jeff seated Ethan in front of him. The moment the raft slid down, I saw fear on Ethan's face although he wasn't yelling nor crying. He was saying his disappointment. He kept on saying, "Ayoko nitong ride na ito!" I was beginning to feel Ethan will stand up or cry but he didn't. Jeff, of course, was enjoying himself while I screamed on the top of my lungs. Oh ok, I screamed but I pretended it was because I was having fun hehehe! I wanted to encourage Ethan to do the same, we told him that there's nothing to be afraid of. Finally, Ethan let go of his fears and was screaming too ... with delight. The moment the raft landed on the pool, Ethan already told us he wants to ride it again! "Isa pa ulit ha", was his dialogue. Ok, so for the 2nd time we went up and waited for our raft! (I can't believe I did that hehehe) This time, Ethan sat on his own without his dad at his back. My son is very brave! As soon as the raft landed again, he was telling us he wants some more! Ok, twice was enough ... hilo na ako no!

photos taken by Tita Agnes using her Olympus cam

Things a parent will do for his/her child. Oftentimes, I needed to pretend I'm ok or I'm not scared so that Ethan will not feel the same and be motivated.

I received a letter today from Ethan's school announcing their first day of classes along with a school calendar. Sigh, it's school time once again? I haven't bought Ethan his school uniforms - his shorts and polo shirts are too tight for him. I haven't asked him to fit his school shoes too ... sana kasya pa hehehe. Kids now, they grow up too fast! Ethan's officially in Junior Kindergarten this schoolyear!

Since father's day is fast approaching, I thought that sharing this layout is very timely.

I liked this layout when I first finished it. It was pretty simple and was made in minutes. I used scraps from my Scenic Route Grafton papers. I added layers of borders at the bottom right of the photo - papers, ribbons and Ki Memories sticker borders. I ran out of letter "c" so I used "k" in my title instead and thought that that would add up on the theme of my layout. I used my American Crafts chipboard (thought balloon and pig) for the 1st time too and love the results! The thing about this layout is I don't like it now ; D


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little Bride and Groom

Some magazine publications have been closing since the year started. First it was Simple Scrapbooks, my first ever scrapbook magazine (I still have their very first issue), announced that their last issue would be this June or July (I think). Just recently, Memory Makers also announced their closure, their last issue would be the Oct/Nov issue. MM is the only magazine/book who published my layouts and I'm really saddened by this news. Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks Etc. are also favorite publications of mine and I'm really hoping that they'll stay in the industry amidst the crisis.

I'm beginning to think that I really don't have luck on getting published. Last year, my name was mentioned twice at CK but never had my layouts published hehehe. Oh well, I guess I'll dream on ...

Anyway, here's a layout I submitted to a magazine call but wasn't accepted (I guess). It's a simple layout I made last February using only few patterned papers, rub ons and cardstock.

matls used: Chatterbox Eclectique - papers, chipboard, brads, Daisy Bucket Designs, pins, Zig Writer
hidden journaling written ot the tag (top right of the layout
Photography by Jeff Lopez



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the beautiful moms I know, Happy Mother's Day! : )

I received a message from my friends, Ria and Anj telling me it's a day to treat myself to whatever takes my fancy, relax, pamper myself, buy something expensive and charge it to hubby hehehe. Oh well, Mother's Day is as normal as any other day in my life ... this is my fourth year as a mom and yet I couldn't remember the first two years of my mother's day. They were vague. The only one I could remember was last year becoz I had a picture taken with Ethan; we were at Cebu Plantation Bay. That's it! I guess moms never will have day offs, if you know what I mean.

Last night, we went to Manila to buy my mom and my MIL two big bouquets of roses. Ethan helped me in choosing : ) I love going to flower shops specifically Dangwa ... I love the smell of the flowers, just by mere looking at them too relaxes me. I'm so glad, I had Ethan with me while we hop from one store to another.

Ethan greeted me last night. He kissed me then he went to Jeff to kiss him too. Lastly, he said, "Happy Mother's Day, Daddy!" Ngek!

Anyway, will leave you with a "Me" layout I did last year:

materials used: Ki Memories, Making Memories pps; Prima blings and flowers; Zig and Uniball Signo pens; Ki Memories and American Crafts Thickers alphas, Hambly overlay, Staz on
Photography by Jeff Lopez

Enjoy the rest of the day, moms!


Monday, May 04, 2009

A Mini From Me?

Yup, yup you read it right! I finally conquered my fear on making mini albums! This must be the first time that I made a mini album not because I was forced to, hahaha (remember my She 6x6 album? hehehe)

Actually, I made this for Scrappinkids' Altered Challenge. The challenge was to make a a brag book on this theme: "10 Things I Love About You". Atleast 10 playing cards must be used on book and must be visible on the layouts. For this requirement, I had to be a little creative in coming up with a solution coz I didn't want to take our playing cards. How in the world will I use it after I have taken the kings, queens and the jacks? Hahaha! I was thinking of buying when I took notice of my son's chocolate boxes ... at the back of the boxes were cute playing cards that I could cut!!!

I used the 6x6 mini album that Joanne and April gave me two years ago!!! O, atleast di nasayang. Hahaha!

cover page: ribbons, ricrac, BamPop (clouds), Prima (red), Chatterbox Eclectique (journaling block and wings), Making Memories letter stickers, buttons, 7 Gypsies (number sticker)

cover page: ribbons, ricrac, BamPop (clouds), Prima (red), Chatterbox Eclectique (journaling block and wings), Making Memories letter stickers, buttons, 7 Gypsies (number sticker)

page 1, Charmer: BamPop (clouds and thought balloon), Prima (red), Love Elsie (stripes), Making Memories letter stickers, buttons, 7 Gypsies (word sticker); Photography by Jeff Lopez

page 2, Mana kay Mom: BamPop (clouds and thought balloon), American Crafts (yellow), Love Elsie (stripes), Making Memories letter stickers, buttons, Chatterbox Eclectique (chipboard), Photography by Jeff Lopez

page 3, Mana kay Dad: BamPop (clouds and thought balloon), Cosmo Cricket (blue), Love Elsie (stripes), Making Memories letter stickers, buttons, Photography by Pia Lopez

page 4, Funny: BamPop (clouds), Love Elsie (stripes and camera), Making Memories letter stickers, Chatterbox letter stickers and chipboard, buttons, Photography by Pia Lopez

page 5, Sweet: BamPop (clouds and journaling frame), Making Memories letter stickers, Chatterbox letter stickers, buttons, Photography by Jeff Lopez

page 6, Brave: BamPop (clouds), Prima (red), Love Elsie (stripes), Making Memories letter stickers, Chatterbox photo corner sticker and button chipboard, buttons, 7 Gypsies word sticker, Photography by Pia Lopez

page 7, Smart: BamPop (clouds), American Crafts (yellow), Love Elsie (stripes), Making Memories letter stickers, Chatterbox photo corner sticker and button chipboard, buttons, 7 Gypsies word sticker, Photography by Pia Lopez

page 8, Independent: BamPop (clouds), Love Elsie (stripes and camera), Scenic Route chipboard, Chatterbox photo corner sticker, buttons, Photography by Jeff Lopez

page 9, The Way He Laughs: BamPop (clouds and journaling frame), Making Memories letter stickers, Chatterbox letter stickers, Photography by Jeff Lopez

page 10, Full of Life: BamPop (clouds), Prima (red), Love Elsie (stripes), Scenic Route chipboard, Making Memories letter stickers, buttons, Photography by Jeff Lopez

I doodled the frame on each page ... I must have been high on something while I was making this. Hahaha! I get to use my overly used Bam Pop papers, I still have robots and birds in parachutes though ... care for some? Hehehe. I'm too happy I get to finish this one even if I didn't get the chance to send this entry. I got this done at 2am of May 1 plus we didn't have internet connection!

Now that I did this ... I feel I can make more mini albums now. In fact, my second mini is almost done : )