Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Awards

Thanks Ria for these awards ...

I need to mention 5 addictions and pass these on to 5 fab bloggers.

I am addicted to:
  1. scrapbooking - obviously
  2. internet
  3. Kellog's Frosties - yan ang counterpart ng chips ; )
  4. the color blue - at the moment I'm attracted to clothes on this hue ... hmmm ... must be thinking I'm Bella Swan mwehehehe!
  5. Twilight and Edward Cullen
I am passing these on to:

Hmmm ... this must be the toughest part. If you're reading this one and you feel like answering then you may do so : )


Friday, January 16, 2009

Daisy Bucket goodness!

Sharing my last Daisy Bucket projects of 2008.

Photography by Pia Lopez

I tried making a simple layout last year and I was surprised to find out that I can! Although it took real effort to stop myself from adding more rub ons hehehe. This one took less than 30 minutes to make and I did this one inside the car while waiting for Ethan at school! I used Daisy Bucket In the Meadow for this layout. For more about this layout, head on to Daisy Bucket blog!

Here's another simple layout I made last year. I used Playful Petals, the limited edition Wondrous World and some rub ons on this layout. To make the background, I used my circle puncher to punch half circles along the edges of the paper. Although I think if you use a smaller circle puncher, you’ll achieve a better look, closer to the look of a postal stamp. Learn more about the story behind this layout here.

These are party lootbags made from plastic ice cream cups, ribbons and patterned papers. For instructions on how to make these buckets, go to this link.

New Release

Get ready for a night on the town ...

Check out the blog for more CHA sneak peeks ...

Happy weekend!


Friday, January 09, 2009

New Year, New Beginnings ...

Happy new year everyone!

Our only decent family photo taken during the holidays; it's becoming more difficult to take photos of Ethan nowadays.

We are still alive, busy as usual! 2008 has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for us. Our close friends would know why. Nonetheless, there are so much to be thankful for ...

... I went back to work even if for a short period of time. It may not be the best experience but I have learned so much.
... Ethan went to a school we prefer. He now has friends of his age!
... We finally put up a water refilling station! Thanks to the generosity of my in laws.
... We went to a very relaxing summer vacation at Cebu Plantation Bay.
... I met new friends this year both from my previous work and at Ethan's school!
... I learned who my real and true friends are. They were with me during those difficult times.
... I was included at the Chatterbox DT call back list!
... I got to be on TV twice - first at Unang Hirit and at Umagang Kay Ganda (few minutes of fame hehehe!)
... I designed a scrapbook album for Kris Aquino magazine.
... I turned 31 last Dec. 17! (oh no, I'm getting old!)
... Jeff and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last Dec. 14 and our 14th bf-gf anniv (I don't know what to call it hehehe) last Dec. 17 too!
... I have my loving and supportive husband, Jeff and our adorable and energetic son, Ethan!

2009 Goals

I know I've never been a resolution-person, I'm more prone to break them than do them. But after all that I've been through last year and after realizing I'm not at all getting any younger, I decided to make a goal list for 2009. I tried to make my goals possible and feasible as I don't want to overwhelm myself with too much promises that I can't keep. Aside from the goal list, I also had a wish list. I also used to not believe in making wish lists but hey do come true ... it's like you are attracting them to happen.

Although you have to forgive me, since my lists are kinda personal, I couldn't share it here : )

You might want to try the list ... see if it may work for you.

Holiday Happenings

Holidays? Oh I didn't know there's such thing. Oh well, I remembered washing the dishes and the laundry more often than being out and enjoying the season hehehe.

Anyway, here's Ethan as ring bearer during Jeno and Shervel's wedding last Dec. 27.

Jeno and Shervel are my friends since college, we met at a religious organization at UST called the Pax Romana. The wedding instantly became a reunion for all of my college friends! It was good to chat with them again ... I wish there would be more reunions or get togethers!

Trina and her baby, Francesco, Jeff, Zarah, Edward, Rych
Pia, Ethan, Shervel, Ayna, Keith, Jeng and Jeno

Ethan has found a new friend too! Her name is Ayna. They were inseparable all throughout the wedding reception. Ethan couldn't seem to forget her and would ask me if we could go to their house hehehe.

I'll be posting my new layouts as well as the old ones I never get to post, hopefully sooner!

Thanks to all those who have been leaving messages here!