Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days to go before Christmas ...

Here's something I did that is featured at the Daisy Bucket blog. It's quite late to do these at this time though but would be good for next Christmas perhaps?

Alter your old Christmas decors with papers, rub ons and ribbons!

I know most of us hoard rub ons. Why don’t you use these rub ons up to add pizzaz to your old Christmas balls? Remember you don’t have to use Christmas inspired rub ons to do this. For my Christmas balls, I used the following rub ons:

Celebrate, Sing, Laugh, Blessings (Words #9028)

Shine, Sparkle (Shine #9002)

Believe, Dream, Hope (Dream Borders #9003)

Joy (Bloom #9011)

White Flourishes (#9007): I used these instead of snowflakes

Brown Flourishes (#9006)

Cut the desired word/image from the rub on sheet. Hold the sheet firmly so that it won’t move while you rub or transfer on your balls. Since the balls are round and not flat it may take a bit of practice to get it just right. Don’t worry if the outcome won’t look so perfect.

To alter the look of your wreath, simply cover it with a patterned paper. I used Daisy Bucket Wrapped Wishes - Snow Flurries (#2602) for this. I cut the paper into 2 inches wide strips and cover the whole wreath. I tied curled ribbons on the balls before I attached them at the back of the wreath.

On a side note, I was able to squeeze in one layout last night. It wasn't that good, I think. I must have lost my creative juices ... I'm so tired and now sick with colds. It has been 5 days since our ineffective housemaid left - leaving everything behind with me to accomplish. I meant all the household chores - including a 5 day worth of laundry! Ethan also had on and off fever in 3 days that we decided to bring him to his pedia. He has cough and colds making it too hard for him to sleep at night. He's quite better now though.

I'm not done with our Christmas shopping - no gifts for Ethan and Jeff yet too! Sigh! Why does the Christmas season has to be this busy? I don't even had the time to lavish all the things that have been happening around me lately. I never had the chance to update my blog on a regular basis (which was part sana of my plan, instead of doing the Daily December Journal that Ali Edwards posted in her blog!). I'm just wondering how many more Christmas do I have to spend panicking instead of enjoying it? We missed the Barney show again, we missed Santa Claus too ... I didn't get to do the Christmas countdown calendar, the candy wreath that Ethan has been asking from me and I have forgotten about the letter for Santa too. I don't think we can even go back to Caleruega anytime soon. I hope we can have quality family time to spend anytime soon ...

We're having a small Christmas party today in the house for our workers which means I'll be cleaning up again later. Oh well! Let's see how it goes, I know they can help me later anyway.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

31 today ...

Today, I'm celebrating my 31st birthday. If I may say I was a little anxious about this day - I am thirty one as in the last date in a calendar! Sigh! I used to think (when I was younger hehehe) that when you reached the age of 30 you're considered old! Ok, so now my perspective has changed! If only, Edward Cullen can bite me too so I can stay young forever hahaha!

I don't know why I wasn't able to sleep the whole night. I will wake up every two hours! I know I was sleepy and tired but I just couldn't understand why can't I sleep through the night. Maybe I was also thinking of all my to do list, maybe I was worried that Ethan won't wake up early the next day (it's their school's Christmas party), maybe I was thinking of some other things I don't know what hehehe! I remember dreaming about Edward though hahaha! Reason behind is that I watched (again!) Twilight with my girlfriends from Rosemont yesterday.

Anyway, we started my birthday with the Christmas party at school. Ethan wouldn't want to wake up ... as in matulog na lang daw kami! We were a few minutes late because of that but he didn't miss a lot. They had an exchange gift - Ethan got a make up kit hahaha! Hay kawawa naman si Ethan, kasi naman we were told to give a unisex gift eh! Anyway, I promised Ethan I'll buy na lang a toy he likes. Not that we are ungrateful (that's not what I want to teach him ; ), wawa lang kasi talaga siya coz he saw his classmates opened their gifts eh.

After the party, I went to pick up my birthday cake, courtesy of The Cooking Mama, Arlene : ) Then we went to Ethan's classmate's house, we couldn't resist when the kids started asking if they could play. So, I ended up celebrating my birthday with my co-mommies at Rosemont - Anna and Chinggay while our kids have fun scattering the toys - este playing pala.

When it was time to blow my candles, the three kids - Ethan, Chinny and Andrei were all too eager to do that for me hahaha! We also had lunch and had an instant photo session before that! We really had fun!

We went home and later on found out Ethan was burning with fever (39C). He was too sick that he was dancing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hotdog dance huh! Astig talaga itong anak ko hehehe, no wonder when he's sick I'm not all too worried!

Well, of course not everything didn't go that smooth today - some flaws that I just want to ignore anyway! I'm happy that another year passed through me again - I am blessed, so much to be thankful for!

Happy Birthday to me!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

5 Years ...

Today, we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. It feels good to reminisce the day we got married ... it was also a Sunday, Dec. 14, 2003. The weather was quite the same as today, I remember waking up to the cold breeze on my room that day at Evercrest Hotel. I tried eating my breakfast with my brother but I couldn't chew and swallow my food. I don't know what was I feeling then.

The day passed so quickly, I remember walking the down the aisle ... crying as I see my dad wiped his tears. I think I cried a bucket that day. Now I laugh at myself, remembering how my guests wiped their tears too while I cried hehehe.

Jeff and I haven't been back to Caleruega since we got married there. It's my wish to go back anytime soon, atleast before Christmas. I want to bring Ethan with us so he could see where it all started ...

I don't think there's something extraordinary today, only, we're 5 years stronger together. Last year, we spent our anniversary working - him the photographer while I was busy manning the chocolate fountain. Today, he went to cover another party. Later this afternoon, we're off to Anika's bday party where he will be the photographer again together with his partner, Meng. Sigh! I'll bring Ethan along as we're both invited too. That's the least we could do, be together in one place for this day.

Last night, he was out for another coverage while Ethan and I stayed at home. At midnight, I received a text message from him, greeting me, "happy anniversary". I wanted him to come home sooner but he was still working. I fell asleep waiting. By past 3 in the morning, I heard Jeff's voice calling me. He was finally home and with him is a bouquet of flowers! : )

The day isn't over yet. I don't know if Jeff has plans for tonight. Alhough I'm sure he's exhausted already. He hardly slept last night. Poor guy! He's really hardworking ... always. Jeff works even on holidays and Sundays, but he doesn't complain, only he whines. Joke! ; )

I feel so blessed I married him, my one true love ... Happy Anniversary, Jeff! I love you!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

23 days before Christmas ...

Last September, my MIL celebrated her 50th birthday. Jeff and I were in charge of the program and other party details.

I made her cupcake toppers and decorated her 50 candles too! For instructions on how I made these, kindly head on to Daisy Bucket blog.

On another note, I wasn't able to accomplish any of my initial plans for the day. Sigh! I feel quite lost today : ( We're all tired and sleepy. Yesterday, we went to Caloocan to pick up Ethan from my mom's house. It was so peaceful and quiet when Ethan's not around but we kinda miss him too hehehe. Anyway, my mom asked us if we can eat at Tutuban's Night Market before we go home. Jeff and I have seen that side of the market where you can eat grilled food - we said to ourselves we'd go there if we have time. Nonetheless, we never had until last night. My dad ordered grilled squid, liempo, chicken and tilapia with rice, soda and juice! We were 7 and we only paid P565! Food was ok and very cheap! I also had the chance to do a little shopping after the meal. It was getting really late (it was almost midnight!), so after a few minutes of walking I decided to go back to the car where the "boys" are waiting (my dad and Jeff who of course don't enjoy what my mom and I love to do!).

It's 23 days before Christmas, I wish I can scrap , my scrapping mojo left, I think. Nasan na nga ba siya? : (

SE and PS' joint Christmas party is on Saturday - I don't have my costume yet! Hay!

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Countdown Begins ...

It's the first day of December; 24 days till Christmas! We have our Christmas wreath (I decorated a bare one), the Belen (assembled and decorated by Ethan), Christmas stocking, Christmas stuffed animals displayed and other decorations in the house except for the Christmas tree which we had been wanting to buy for two years already hehehe. Now the question still remains the same, shall we buy one this holiday? We'll see ...

I wanted to say I'm excited for the holiday season yet I have so many things on my mind ... DT layouts/assignments, bills to pay both for the household and the water station, shopping for Christmas gifts etc. etc. I am overwhelmed by my to do list, I don't even know where to start! I want to feel this season, I want to enjoy and have fun and I'm really hoping I will!

Anyway, have you seen the December Daily Journal made by Ali Edwards in her blog? I liked her idea so much I wanted to assemble one yet I haven't even started touching any of my stuff. I put all the Christmas papers and embellishments in one paper bag so that it'll be easier to assemble the album, here's hoping that I can make one any time this week hehehe ... or perhaps scrap any Christmas layout.

On a side note, Jeff and I had "us" time yesterday. We watched "Twilight" (oh finally) and now I can totally relate to all the Twilight fanatics (Can anybody welcome me to the club please?) So after Edward Scissorhands, here comes Edward Cullen! If only I can watch the movie 300 times a day, I will hahaha! Am I saying goodbye to Capt. Jack Sparrow? Nah, not really ... he's still on my list hehehe! Kidding aside, I want us (me and Jeff and the three of us - me, Jeff and Ethan ) to be able to watch more movies this December. It's high time we relax and enjoy more!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here's for a Good Laugh...

Here's something we practiced for 5 months... Finally it's now out in the market!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Yes... yes... we know you'll ask for more... so here it is...

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Thursday, November 13, 2008


At the beginning of the year, I promised myself that I will make a layout about each month's highlights. I also want a family picture taken monthly. I thought that at the end of the year, I'll have one finished family album - something that has never really happened to me!

But I thought wrong. We didn't have our family pictures taken each month and with all the challenges that we have been facing this year, I didn't get to list the monthly highlights too. Luckily (not sure if I am), I was able to make one layout about the month of March! I finished this months ago but failed to post it here.

materials used: We 'R Memory Keepers White Out - Promenade (papers, chipboard and rub ons) (courtesy of Rekindled Moments), Dream Street paper (cut out tree), Fancy Pants felt shapes and 7 Gypsies sticker - courtesy of Scrapbukan, Queen & Co brads and bookplate - courtesy of Lasting Impression, DMC embroidery floss, Zig Writer pens, 7 Gypsies Numero rub ons

Almost all of the materials used here are my old stuff except for the papers. I think I'm quite successful with one of my scrapbook resolutions this year which is to mix my old stuff with my new ones. I still have some old papers and embellishments and I'm really hoping that I'll be able to use them all up soon!

Photography by Meng Lim


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas layout?

Naah! This isn't one. I love the combination of these "Christmasy" colors and just wanted to use them on this particular layout. The photos have nothing to do with Christmas either, although we were all wearing red in the photo (that's my MIL's theme for her 50th birthday). The layout is about the family blessings we have been receiving this year. I wrote them all at the back of the chimney which can be pulled from the roof : )

I also wanted to try if I can make a house and this makes a perfect timing for a practice! Will most probably make a gingerbread house layout this Christmas!

The chipboard used for the title is the Maya Road Family Keychain set from Lasting Impression. What I love about this keychain is that you can actually use them all together to create a mini keychain album of some sort or you may separate them from the lock and use them as a title in your layout! You can even combine the words or use them for a quotation which I plan to do as well. And since it's chipboard, you can paint and doodle on them like what I did. I placed brads to cover the holes of the title.

Other materials used for this layout are Scenic Route Loveland and Roxbury papers. Two different line of papers for two different occasions but can be used in any theme, very versatile too. These papers are also available at Lasting Impression.

These photos are also extra special to me. These were taken by one of our wedding photographers and friend, Fernan Niebres of the Philippine Star. The last time Fernan took our photos was when Ethan turned one!

By the way, it's Lasting Impression's first anniversary celebration on Nov. 15! I hope you could drop by, there will be big discounts that day and you can crop all day you want! See you there!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope you had a fun halloween despite the rain this afternoon and the traffic! I almost thought Ethan's first trick or treat will be in doom since the rain won't stop. I actually liked the idea that it's not too sunny, just the right temperature so the kids won't be feeling hot and sticky while trick or treating, but the lighting condition isn't that good for taking photos! Hah! Lumabas din ang totoo, yun lang pala ang habol ko hehehe.

Well, some of you may be wondering why is this Ethan's first trick or treat when he is already four! One, Ethan's bday falls within the Halloween season and our attention has always been focused on his bday party that we didn't want to think about Halloween nor Trick or Treat. Two, I don't give Ethan candies or sweets until age 3 (well, except that my mom gave him lollipops at an early age! You know how grandparents are : ) I thought it will be unfair for him to have treats only for me to hide it afterwards. Three, I'm not a Halloween fan! Although I love scary movies I'm not fond of dressing up in costumes. But when Ethan turned three, I thought it's time for him to join the bandwagon hehehe. My mom bought a Power Rangers costume for him to wear. But we had to go to Palawan for a short vacation. I brought everything with me - Ethan's costume, a small treat bag and even some packs of candies just in case we couldn't find any Halloween parties there. True enough there was none. I checked all the hotels, asked several locals if there will be any Trick or Treat or halloween party but my efforts were all futile. I insisted Ethan wore his costume at the hotel and maybe we could make our own "trick or treat" but we were invited by our godfather to have dinner that night. So, to make this story shorter, walang trick or treat na naganap! Sigh!

Anyway, this halloween I'd like you to meet my Little Captain Jack Sparrow (as he insists he is although his costume is not of a captain so to speak). He also insisted to wear his Diego rubber shoes, good thing he forgot about his Rescue pack or else we would have a Pirate Diego in tow this afternoon hehehe.

Here's the pirate complete with effects - a bandana, an eyepatch, a pirate hat, an earring, a pirate sword and a hotdog and marshmallow on stick : D I also bought a small telescope, a dagger and a hook but Ethan couldn't use them all together at the same time hahaha! Halata bang kinareer ng nanay pati ang socks?!

We arrived Chinggay's house a few minutes past three p.m. Chinggay, our gracious host and Chinny's mom (Ethan's classmate) invited us over today for trick or treat around their village and a simple get together for our kids. Unfortunately, only us made it this afternoon ... it was quite sad as we have been expecting Ethan to be with his classmates. Anyway, we still had fun and I heard Ethan and Jeff already talking of their next Halloween costumes and gimmicks!

Anyway, as we were walking around the village, I asked Ethan if he likes what we are doing and if he's having fun and he said, "yes"! As I'm writing this one, Ethan on the otherhand has been drawing his experiences today - he drew himself with Chinny, Chinny's house, the spider web decoration he saw, a jack o lantern, a pumpkin etc ... just a proof that he really enjoyed his halloween!

We didn't get a lot of candies though because we only chose the houses we asked for treats and we didn't want to tire our kids. Plus the fact that there were so many kids outside, bigger than Ethan and Chinny ... I know you know what I mean ; ) We are contented that we went around looking at beautiful Halloween decorations. Much as Jeff would like to take as many pictures, he just couldn't since he's also driving the car while I take Ethan around. Maybe next year we can come up with a better scheme so we could go around more and so Jeff will be in the photos too. Mind you, he was wearing a black skull bandana too and was in black shirt-di papayag ang nanay kung di coordinated ang lahat! : )

We really had a blast today! Ethan got to meet Peter Pan, Snow White, a Spartan and a group of Roman soldiers all in one night! Buti na lang di kami natuloy sa Cebu hehehe! I'm so excited to scrap the photos taken today, there were only a few but I just love them all!

Thanks for reading my long post!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Filipina talent at Daisy Bucket blog

Head on over to the Daisy Bucket blog for an overload of Filipina talent at its finest!

Don't forget to leave messages for our 8 guest designers! Thanks!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chatterbox DT Callback Entries

At long last, I can share with you my Callback entries for Chatterbox!

Before I show my entries, let me give you a little background about the box of goodies Courtney sent me. The box arrived while I was at work so I didn't get to see it at once. Although the morning of that particular day, I received a call from UPS that a box will be delivered that afternoon. They were asking for directions how to go to our far away place hehehe. Past 12 noon, I received a call from the news reporter err I mean from my friend, Ria. She told me her box arrived with Artsylicious papers and embellishments on it. I don't know if it was fear of the unknown that I wasn't excited to go home and see what's inside my box, thinking that everyone will be getting the same things. Don't get me wrong though, Artsylicious are nice papers too but I was expecting some thing else hahaha! Ungrateful ba? : )

By evening, I got home and saw my box. I went upstairs to get my cutter. While descending the stairs, I saw Jeff trying to examine the box - shaking it! Duh, so here's my husband who sometimes gets peeved when I'm indulged in scrapping ... so eager to know what's inside my box! I opened the box ... and yes Jeff's still beside me helping me open the box too with his hands! Hay atat!

I read the letter first which was on top of the box and tried not to see the content yet. Lo and behold, I saw the word, "Eclectique" and that was it, I was as happy as could be hehehe! It was what I really wanted and what prompted me to join this contest anyway! Happily, I unearthed the box. I'm grinning from ear to ear each time I remove an item from the box! My favorites are the acrylic stamps and the chipboard embellishments! I love them all actually! Courtney sent us a lot that I thought even if I will not make it as a DT, I feel like a winner already!

My assignment for the callbacks was to make a layout using the Eclectique line and to make another project/layout using whatever is left. I didn't want to get pressured so I let the days passed without touching any of my stuff. I want "inspiration" to come and tell me what to do rather than me begging "inspiration" to come and tell me what will I do hehehe. So, "inspiration" did arrive only a day before the deadline hahaha!

Here's my layout:

I'm not into paper piecing but I thought I got to try it now. Making the body of the guitar was easy, it was just like drawing the letter B. After that, all the papers and embellishments seemed to fit perfectly! When I look at my layout, it looked simple but I love it!

For my second project, I thought of making a mini album since I got one in my box. But thinking that all of us got the same albums and perhaps most will create the same, I thought of highlighting the acrylic stamps instead. Since I've been reading birthday magazines lately, I was inspired to make these lootbags and flower lollipops.

This is an inexpensive way of decorating lollipops and lootbags by using stamps, left over paper or scraps, pens, and watercolor pencils. For the flower lollipops, I stamped an image then doodled on it. No two flowers are alike! I made sure I made each flower with a unique design! ; ) I filled the glass with rice (thanks BJay for this idea). I also embellished it with small flowers. I find the bird stamp perfect for the lollies!

For the lootbags, I stamped several images - heart, wings, bird and thought balloon. I color the images with color pencil, handcut and attached it at the back of bbq sticks. I also embellished the small cups with flowers, borders and scallops from my scraps. The small plastic cups are from Japan Store, they're so cheap and kids can even reuse them at home!

The fun part about these party food decors is the filling up and mixing of candies! Scrappers would always try to coordinate colors so I made sure the colors of the candies are matched with the color of the cups hahaha!

It was quite an experience to do this! I enjoyed the process a lot! Thanks Courtney of Chatterbox for the opportunity!


Monday, October 20, 2008

All About Ethan ...

Last September 8 was Mother's Day at Rosemont School. Ethan's class had a surprise dance number. They danced to the tune of 'Happy' (di ako sure sa title hehehe). There aren't any photos that I could share with you because Jeff, our photographer missed Ethan's performance ... guess why?

Because, Jeff and the other dads were cooking up something for the moms ...

Si Jeff kumanta with the other dads!!! hehehe. He and the rest of the dads surprised us when they sang, 'You' (by Karen Carpenter). I hope he does this more often - surprise and sing to me hehehe!

The past weeks have also been very stressful for mommy! Almost every week, we were asked to send our kids to school in costumes: office attire, community helpers and on Oct. 24, international costume! I'm lucky to have a creative husband who thought of sending Ethan to school in a fireman's costume - the solution? A fireman's hat at Toys 'R Us for less than P90, a red raincoat and a pair of red rain boots! Now guess where did Jeff get the hose? From the washing machine, of course! Ethan was the only one wearing a fireman costume in their class. And everybody thought it was a real fireman costume hehehe; I told them we only made that up! One classmate even approached me, asking me where I bought the hose. He probably wants one for himself too : )

For the office attire, it was a good thing I was able to borrow one but the classes were cancelled on that day due to bad weather so Ethan didn't get to wear his office attire.

The test evaluation for nursery was also last week but unlike last quarter when I was so pressured to review Ethan with his lessons, this time I don't want to push him too hard. I'm not sure if I made the right decision, I hope I did. I just don't want to make things too hard for him, he's just a kid and I want him to enjoy school.

Ethan's class also had community field trips (at the Dentist's clinic and fire department). Parents were only asked to come when they visited the South Supermarket. Ethan had fun choosing the things he want to buy! They were given a P50 allowance for this activity but I think nobody stick to it hehehe ...

Ethan will be celebrating his 4th birthday on Wednesday, Oct. 22!!! I have a four year old na? Waah! Bakit parang ang bilis?! Anyway, we had a simple Diego themed bday party in school last Oct. 17, Friday. Parties in school are only allowed during their recess time on fridays and since next friday is already the start of the sem break, we thought of celebrating in advance. Nicole, his classmate celebrated her bday last Oct. 8 and was supposed to celebrate last Oct. 10, unfortunately classes were cancelled then so her mom and I decided to throw her party together with Ethan.

Ethan was so happy to see his Diego bday cake made by Tita Arlene (thanks too to Tita Ria for the cake pan) as well as the cute cupcakes with jungle animals as cake toppers. Tita Arlene even made cookie lollipops for Ethan's classmates in the shapes of cars, trucks and airplanes. I made animal lootbags too for that day - di bale nang napuyat ako! Here's what Ethan said when he saw his lootbags: "WoW!!! Ang ganda!!!" (anak ko talaga siya hehehe!)

We are throwing another birthday party for Ethan at home on his exact birth date. It'll be a small and simple one with family members at home. But we'll make sure he will also have a blast like he did on his school bday party.

Last activity for this school quarter is the Children's Day on Thursday, Oct. 23. Jeff has work that day and will miss this one but I hope to borrow a cam so I can take pictures.

Next week is Halloween and my Ethan is excited for his first Trick or Treat (yup, yup, it's his first!)

He's going to be a pirate. Ethan will be trick or treating with his classmates in school so he will really enjoy it! After that, we'll have a small Halloween potluck party!

(balloons at the back were gift of Tita Arlene given last friday and we're hoping they will stay inflated till Oct. 22, para masulit! hahaha!)

Thanks for reading my long post! I hope to share my layouts soon!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Top Ten

Heidi, my co-DT from DBD emailed me yesterday morning that she received an email from her friend about a Daisy Bucket layout at two peas' top ten list. I checked at two peas and found that it's my layout, {Beksfriend}!

What makes me even happier my idol, Kelly Goree left a sweet comment on my layout! Wohoo!!! Thanks Kelly!

Thanks Heidi for letting me know. Had you not told me about it, I don't even think I'll ever know hahaha!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Not Just a Heart Throb

This would be one of my favorite photos of Ethan ...

I made this layout early this year and wasn't able to share it here. I used up my old BG rub ons, it's kinda old already that most of the patterns got stuck on the sheet already. Thanks to my black pen I was able to fix some of the patterns.

The black dragon was courtesy of the ever talented and creative Tita BJay.

Matls used: Scenic Route Capetown (Which Way Black), Laurel (Sailmaker Lane), Loveland (Garnet Street), SR office arrow diecut, Jenni Bowlin, Making Memories Noteworthy Journal, rub ons: American Crafts minimarks, BG, alpha chipboard: AC thickers, Zig Writer pen

I know you're good looking, smart and adorable, Ethan - there's no doubt about that. But there are things in life, far more important than just having good looks and brains.

Remember that good looks may win you acquaintances but it's never a guarantee for genuine friendships.

Remember that being smart may let you reap recognitions but it will never give you true happiness.

Remember that a person with a heart full of love and compassion for others is the richest person in the whole world.

Don't just be a heart throb - the world needs to see your inner self - your true you!

Remember these and you will never go wrong.

Love you,

Photography by Jeff Lopez


Thursday, September 18, 2008

ACOT CT Spotlight layouts for September

It's the time of the month again and I'm so happy I'm part of this list for the third time already! All my 3 layouts featured at the Spotlight article are from Daisy Bucket!!! Wohoo!!!

Thanks to the Creative Team of ACOT! And of course, to Meng Lim for the perfect photo!

The article could be viewed here.

I Love You by Pia Lopez because this layout immediately jumped out at her. She says, "The black border and black buttons are a nice contrast to light pink and blue colors. I love the border of flowers and buttons along the left side; they add a nice touch without over-powering the photo. The photo is perfect; it really pulls you in and lets you experience this special bond. Simply stunning."

Pam says, "The combination of black and a light pink is one of my favorites...add a splash of blue, a great design and a gorgeous photo, and this ROCKS!"

Tracy LOVES the mix of black with the soft colors here. Great contrast-very stunning!

Laura F says, "I Love you by PiaLopez is stunning! The mixture of flowers and buttons is lovely and that photo is priceless!"

Cassandra says, "What a sweet, sweet page! Love the soft colors and the use of so many different types of flowers!"

Angela says: When I first saw this layout in the gallery it caught my eye right away. I love the sweet photo and there is nothing stronger then the love between a mother and her child.

Laura (ArtTeacher) says, "Adorable photo! The border of flowers and buttons is perfect for grounding the photo, and the color scheme is so eye-catching."

Jess says, "This is one of my favorite color combinations and her photo is very striking. The vertical row of flowers and buttons has so much visual interest!"

Cindy thinks the pink and black together look amazing as well as the border. The picture really tells the story.

Kathy says, "What a great photo!! I'm loving the border of flowers and use of ribbon - so cute!"


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Save the Date! Oct. 4, 2008

We are now on Week 5 of the 2nd search for the Scrappin Moms Idol -- after the Week 6, we will only have 10 contestants left to vie for the title at an on-the-spot scrapping challenge! So save the date!

When: Oct. 4, 2008
Where: President's Hall, Johnson Park, North Greenhills
Time: 10am - 6pm

Confirmed suppliers for the event: Lasting Impression, Memory Lane, Visual Creations, Rekindled Moments, Scrapbukan, Yellow Violet House.

Tickets: Shopping Pass - P150; Cropping Pass - P300

Check out the Scrappin Moms blog for more details.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tired and sleepy ...

Tired and sleepy ... that's what we actually feel right now. Yesterday was my mother in law's 50 birthday celebration. The past week has been very hectic for us - Jeff has to squeeze in time scanning photos and editing for the AVP of MIL; I had to do the program and do some research for the games (OC, OC, OC hehehe), I had to make the cupcake toppers and decorate the 50 candles for her cake. The night before the party, we even had to pick up some water containers in Manila (work, work naman hehehe), leaving both of us without sleep. We went to the party the next day afternoon without eating lunch too and yes both of us we're hosts of the said party! Good thing, MIL agreed that Jeff won't be the official photographer or he might have collapsed!

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) while these things are happening, we had to run back and forth to Manila during the wee hours of the night. The water station has been operating (we had a soft launch a month ago) and we didn't know we had to order a large amount of containers to sustain the customers orders (we're learning each day). We had to pick up the containers at 12mn, return to the water station and clean them up! It was exhausting! Considering that we need to wake up early for Ethan's school the next day and of course we had to be at the station too. We're really considering to order from a nearby store so we can save on gas but at the moment we're clueless if there's one here in Cavite.

This schedule has been running for awhile now. We hardly can read our emails nor chat. I only check emails from the Scrappin' Moms regarding the Idol contest. I'm trying to squeeze in some scrapping for Daisy Bucket and have finished 3 projects for the month of September but I haven't found time to take pictures of them. In fact, I have several layouts finished during the past months that I haven't taken a photo of.

Meanwhile, Ethan's no longer crying when I leave him in school. This went for almost a month - he would cling to me whenever I'm about to leave him, he would cry out loud and call my name, he would tell me he doesn't want to go to school anymore and he even said he wants to go to another school! I was so frustrated already and it has left an emotional toll on me. I was wondering what went wrong? He used to be full of confidence and was always excited to go to school. But thank God it was just a phase he went through. After the first quarter evaluation test, Ethan's back to his usual self! I leave him from the gate of the school and let him walk his way towards his classroom. We're on the second quarter of the schoolyear already and I'm really hoping my happiness is not at all short lived : ) And before I forget, we had a tutorial chat last Monday in school, the teacher said Ethan is a very witty boy and very creative! The teacher has so many written anecdotes about him and Jeff and I both kept on laughing while listening to those stories! Hay naku sobrang komedyante talaga nitong anak namin!

About Jeff - although he's taking most of the work nowadays, there must something positive about it. He has been losing weight! Woohoo!!! Gone are the Winnie-the-Pooh-days hahaha!

We're grateful that even though we struggle everyday on so many things, the Lord continues to bless our family. We're happy that the business is slowly picking up and hoping that it'll continue to do so. So even though we're both tired and sleepy right now ... we believe it's better this way than both us doing nothing because we're both jobless.

Before I leave, I'm sharing with you a layout I made.

Title: Sun Kissed
Materials used: Scenic Route Grafton papers and stickers, SR chipboard circles, American Crafts Thickers, Daisy Bucket Designs paper ribbons, Absolument Scrap stamps, Quenn & Co. bards, buttons, beads, rickrack Fancy Pants rub ons, Uniball Signo and Zig pens, Staz on ink

Photography by Jeff Lopez



Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ethan's {beks}friend

Who's Ethan bestfriend?

This layout could be seen at the Daisy Bucket blog. If you have time, check it out friends! I'd love to hear what you think of this layout : )

On a side note, the Chatterbox International Design Team has been announced. Ria and I didn't make it though our friend, Cookie Aguilar did! She makes us all proud for her latest achievement. I remember when I interviewed her for the first issue of the Designer Spotlight for Scrapbytes, she mentioned that one of her goals is to be a manufacturer DT and I knew that dream was never far from reality. Congrats Cookie! Thanks too to Courtney Walsh for giving me an opportunity to share my work with Chatterbox!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Cowgirl Boots

Scrapbytes is finally up! Check out the new issue here.

I'm really glad Mia Castrillo is back! She took over Designer Spotlight and I must really say she's the right person for this job.

Anyway, here's a layout I made for the Same Products, 5 Ways article.

When I got these papers, I asked myself, "Is is this some kind of a punishment or what?!" Honestly, I couldn't think of anything to make from these papers. Not that they aren't nice but this isn't my style - vintage, shabby. Just then I thought of these photos taken by Jeff during Reese's photo shoot. I have wanted to scrap these photos and yes I think they're perfect (the photos I mean, not my layout hehehe!)

Now, back to bold and bright colored papers ... and I'm hoping I won't encounter any papers of this kind at the moment hehehe : )

Materials used: Patterned Paper - K & Co Urban Rhapsody, We R Memory Keepers metal embellishments and ribbons, American Crafts alpha rub ons, fabric flowers, pen, Editing software: Abobe Photoshop CS

Photography by Jeff Lopez


Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am fibers!

Found this quiz at Ria's blog so I went to try it. Here's what the result says:

You are fibers!

Fun and crazy at times. You are a warm fuzzy kind of person. You run around getting things done but still find time for fun! You have so many diverse interests that it is often hard to pin you down to any one thing. People love your friendly attitude and carefree ways. You often brighten other people's days. But Fibers Beware - Sometimes people don't take you seriously because of your happy-go-lucky ways. Sometimes you find yourself feeling left out from decision making that could directly affect you. Even though you like to be happy and cheerful, make sure others know that you can also be serious and in tune with reality.

I'm not so sure about the results though ... am I really fibers? Was thinking if there are buttons on the choices? ; ) Kidding aside, I know myself to be a fun loving person. I must admit people get surprised when I am serious or if I get mad, as if I'm not capable of such hehehe! Truth is I'm kinda impatient and if I'm saddened by a certain thing or an event in my life, I can get so depressed. I can spend days thinking about it and punishing myself. Bad no? But that's about the other side of me.

Try this quiz and find out what scrapbooking item you are.


It's the most wonderful time of the year ...

... I'm actually singing those lines hehehe. Come to think of it, it's already September 1 week from now, you know, the "ber" months are here again. The Philippines is known to have the longest and if I may say the merriest Christmas in the world, Christmas officially begins by September!

This is the most awaited event in the family, not even our own birthdays I guess : ) So, to start this merry season in our blog, I'll share with you Daisy Bucket's Merry Wishes Collection.

Unwrap the gift and you're in for a surprise!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Come on over ...

... to the new Daisy Bucket blog! Cassandra's giving a RAK while each of the designers have created projects and tutorials for our blog readers.

You'll see my layout featured at the blog with tutorials on kiss stamping and doodling!


Photography by Meng Lim


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Maybe some dreams can wait ...

Maybe some dreams can wait ... maybe, maybe not ...

I used to dream that I'd make it to graduate school but that dream has to take a back seat when I married and had a child. No regrets though. Then I thought, I'd like to go to culinary school, only when we are financially ready for it ...

Then I had this dream, I thought I want it for myself. It may not mean anything to others though. But like some of my dreams, this has to take a back seat too ... for the meantime? I don't know. Maybe.

My only fear is that some dreams may be gone for good ...

Anyway, enough of that. I'll leave you with a layout I made months ago ...

I was inspired to make this layout after seeing a similar one at two peas. I thought I can make a layout just like that using these two I.D. pictures. I've been wanting to scrap these; it's such a waste not to, right? I love how this turned out.

materials used: Bam Pop, Junkitz, BasicGrey alpha stickers, American Crafts felt, embroidery floss, buttons, Uniball Signo pen, Zig Writer pen


Monday, July 14, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

My recent obsession with Captain Jack Sparrow errr Johnny Depp led me to the creation of this layout. Talk about inspiration from a movie ...

I finished this one last month but failed to post this here. It could have been very timely if I had posted this last month : ) Anyway, about this layout. Noticed something different? No doodling this time. I want to go out of my comfort zone once in awhile. But I enjoyed rolling and tearing the edges of the paper. I even had to moistened the paper with water so it'll roll and tear easily. I was also able to use these BasicGrey paisley rub ons which have been here for quite some time already. The transparency at the back of the photo is where I wrote my journaling.

This photo was taken right after we watched "Dora's Pirate Adventure" at the Aliw Theater. Jeff didn't bring his SLR - kasi daw "bawal", duh! But I told Jeff we need to have a souvenir from the show thus this P100 worth of picture from Blow Up Babies (complete with costumes and props pa). By the way, the girl beside me is not my daughter, hehehe, her name is Angel, Jeff's 10 year old sister! O, di ba?

Title: Ahoy Matey
Materials used: Cosmo Cricket Get Happy, Sassafras Lass, Cherry Arte, Colorbok (alphas covered with Staz on ink), Bazzill cardstock, BasicGrey Paisley and border rub ons,Uniball White pen, Hambly Screen prints
Photography by Blow Up Babies

Now, back to Johnny Depp, I think I'm old for this but I just couldn't help it hahaha! I've been watching several excerpts from the movie, Sweeney Todd at the You Tube over and over and over again! Hay!


Friday, July 11, 2008


Ria called me up this afternoon to break the good news! By the time I heard the magic word, "Chatterbox", I was already ecstatic and could no longer understand a thing she was saying! I have to ask her to start from the top again and ask her if it's really "Pia Salem-Lopez". I was just making sure I'm really on it.

Ria, Cookie and I are on the list - 3 Pinays! I'm so proud to be there with these two talented ladies! Goodluck to us three!

I have to say this really made my day! Hmmm but yesterday's surprise from my friend, Liza also did my day! Anybody who has the CK August 2008 issue? I'm dying to see my name ... just want to make sure it's "Pia Salem-Lopez" too hehehe.

The announcement on the Chatterbox International call backs list could be viewed here.

Home is Where the Heart Is ...

Here's the layout I made for Lasting Impression using Dream Street papers and Scrapworks brads.

Photography by Owee Salva


Scrapbytes May-June Issue

Sharing layouts I made for the May-June issue of Scrapbytes.

Photography by Jeff Lopez

Be Good
Photography by Pia Lopez


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


- Ria and I were at "Unang Hirit" a couple of weeks ago to do a demo on some back to school projects which are featured at Working Mom June issue.

- Ethan went to school for the first time! He didn't cry, as expected and was even very excited to go to school that day. I couldn't sleep the night before his first day, it's as if I was going to school for the first time! LOL! As I was looking at him that day, I was oozing with pride and joy to see that my baby is now a big boy ready for school!

- We're busy with our small business which explains why we aren't online everyday (which will also explain why I would be on leave at the scrapbooking world in the next months!). Jeff and I are also taking Ethan to school everyday - yup, everyday from DasmariƱas, Cavite to Alabang, Muntinlupa. Thank goodness for the Daang Hari road; we get there in a matter of 30-40 minutes. During the 1st week, when Ethan only spends an hour and a half at school, we opted to stay and wait for him (grabe na ang gas ngayon!!!). But now that Ethan is spending 3 hours in school and we're doing a lot of errands lately, we pick him up after his class.

- I'm now a non exclusive contributing DT member for Lasting Impression. This is my first work for the store using Dream Street papers and Scrapworks brads.

- We were disrupted by a police character who introduced herself as Lisa Roque Martines who claims to be a scrap police and member of a self-declared, elite and undercover, super power - digital police organization, more than a week ago. If that incident was meant to destroy our reputation, then it's for her to see if she succeeded. I don't know the person's real name though coz she has given two aliases already... a certain "Bree" (maybe she's a desperate housewife wannabe?") and a certain "Lisa Roque-Martines", and who knows if she can come up with another one - how about "Police Oyster?". I don't know her real intentions. I don't know if she even has a face - such an unfair way to introduce oneself. Our blog has our names, contact numbers and even our family pictures - wala kaming itinatago.

We are thankful for the "friendly reminder" though, and rest assured that "FREEbies" won't be misused this time ; )

To date, this "police oyster" remains our avid stalker. We are monitoring her activities though. An uncle from NBI traced her IP address and in the process of verifying from her host her real name (Hmmm... PLDT kaya gamit nya?) her exact location (Hmmm... is she from the North? Baguio... Aparri... or Benguet area kaya?). Well, just a few more clicks and it won't be long... my uncle's friends assigned in the North would be knocking at her door and paying her a little visit. Well, if you're in doubt with this current technology, ever wondered how authorities in Australia were able to apprehend those pedophiles?

I remember this stalker has been going here in our blog ever since we started years ago ... I see her location almost everyday : ) That probably explains why she knows us very well and why she's also a member of our egroups (ops she forgot, she CCd the other egroup and probably forgot she was using a different name hehehe). Once, she was here early in the morning ... as early as 6 am and still found time to go back in the evening. She keeps on downloading our albums. Hay! Doesn't she think it's unhealthy for her to see our faces every day of her life? We might be giving her nightmares already hehehe. If I don't like someone, bakit ako babalik balik sa lugar na palagi ko siyang makikita? Tsk tsk tsk ...

And before I forget, I assume she does not have kids kaya ok lang sa kanya mandamay ng mga walang muwang, gawain talaga ng mga duwag ... kaya SPARE OUR KIDS! Tao kami kausap kung TAO din ang kaharap!

- Jeff and I were more than surprised to find people ... to whom we never thought treats us as their close friends. They were by our side - sending text messages, private emails and even calling us on the phone! We are MORE THAN THANKFUL for all the love and support of these people - alam nyo na kung sino kayo. Kulang pa na sabihin lang namin na "Maraming Salamat". I wish to see everyone so we could do a "real group HUG!"

- And oh about I Digital, we were sent an apology letter after almost a week she said the photos were hers. Ms. Baguio claims that a certain photographer of their group gave her copies of our layouts and told her that those were his works! Oh ok ... our blog address and Jeff's name are on the cover - so sino naman kaya yung photographer na yun? : ) So, just to give her the benefit of the doubt, we are accepting her apology ... we haven't given her a reply though because we have been so busy lately. Kahit mahirap paniwalaan ang kanyang explanation ... wala kaming panahon alamin pa kung TOTOO ang sinasabi niya, bahala na siya ... BUNTOT NIYA HILA NIYA (and that goes to the "police oyster" as well). And also to assure her na "di kami nandadamay ng mga anak at ibang tao dahil may pamilya din kami!" Siguro naman po, sa itsura pa lang namin mukha naman kaming family oriented : ) And also, we only posted about this issue on our respective scrapbook egroups - if kumalat, wala na po yun sa aming mga kamay.

Yun lang po : )

Here's a copy of the letter she sent:

Mr. Lopez,

I do apologize for what happened. I already deleted the files in our site and I swear that I didn't post them to other sites nor keep it for private. I really am sorry. Sir, the truth behind it is that I'm not the one who copied it. It's our photographer, he's our tie up photographer. He gave me the picture file from his usb and said that I can use it as samples coz he's the one who did that daw. Client daw nila yun dati sa dating ka tie up nya. I really not aware of your site. Ang mali ko lang po tlga is that I claimed it as ours. Nung nag mention ka na sayo yun napahinto po ako coz nagulat po ako, ang alam ko po it's from out tie up photographer. He's a freelance photographer and graphics artist from Novaliches, he's name is Mark Ligon. Hindi na po namin sya photographer ngayon because of what happened. I really apologize for that. Sana po hindi na po lumala pa coz tumupad naman po ako sa sinabi mo, I really deleted it. Marunong naman po ako tumupad sa usapan. Hindi naman po ako masamang tao or bogus seller. Sana po hindi na madamay ang pamilya ko. In crisis po kami ngayon especially now, my 2nd child is scheduled for an operation (cyst surgery) on July 3. Hindi naman po ako naghahangad na sumikat or lumaki sa larangan ng videography or photography, basta lang po may income na papasok every month. Also to your wife, Maam Pia I really am sorry.


- Just so people will know, Jeff's only photographer partner-friend-kumpare is Mr. Meng Lim of Orient Light Studios and knowing Meng, he will surely ask permission before he gives our photos to whoever and he will never claim the photos as his. And isa pa, loves namin si Meng no! : )

- After all of these ... kumusta na kami ni Jeff? Eh di, sobrang OKAY syempre! : )

That's it folks! Salamat po for reading!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

I-Digital Video Productions Steals OUR Layouts and Photos! Mary Jo Baguio aka MJ Baguio claims it as their own!

Screen Shot of I-Digital Video Production's Gallery with my stolen photos and album layouts

I got an email from someone I don't know asking me if I was in any way affiliated with I-Digital Video Production. She told me that she's a regular visitor in our site and that she was surprised to see my layouts and photos in I-Digital Video Production's gallery. She gave me a link to a multiply site... and yes, I saw everything there.

Upon seeing this, I called Mary Jo Baguio aka MJ Baguio whose number and contact details appear on the site and pretended to be a client. I told her I would like to make a booking for a Baptismal event at the Shrine of Jesus and asked if I could meet her in person. She told me she's from Sta. Ana and Robinson's Place would be the best place to meet up. I raised a few more questions before I finally decided to blow my cover. I asked her if she was the one who took the photos posted in their gallery and if she was the one who made the album layouts. Well, to my surprise... she answered a big YES! And so I decided to blow my cover and introduce myself to her. I told her I am Jeff Lopez... she then answered back in a very low voice (parang biglang umamo) "PO?" Then I told her again... I am Jeff Lopez... and I am the person who took those photos at Shrine of Jesus and I am also the one who made all the layouts you posted on your site! She then answered, "OPO?" I then told her to immediately put down all the photos and layouts she posted in her gallery or else... And of course she answered again... OPO. At first, I actually wanted to meet her and show right on her face the albums she posted on her site, which I have with me as samples. But I thought it's a waste of time and mahal ang gasolina ngayon. When friends learned about this, she actually and literally had a whole barangay and egroup members storming her with comments in her multiply site, text messages and emails. Which, of course she furiously and quickly deleted. I was surprised that this issue even reached phphoto and South-X, my photography club. I think if I-Digital Production would like to make a name and gather a lot of hits in the net... they'll definitely get it - But a LOT OF HARD and NEGATIVE HITS.