Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chatterbox DT Callback Entries

At long last, I can share with you my Callback entries for Chatterbox!

Before I show my entries, let me give you a little background about the box of goodies Courtney sent me. The box arrived while I was at work so I didn't get to see it at once. Although the morning of that particular day, I received a call from UPS that a box will be delivered that afternoon. They were asking for directions how to go to our far away place hehehe. Past 12 noon, I received a call from the news reporter err I mean from my friend, Ria. She told me her box arrived with Artsylicious papers and embellishments on it. I don't know if it was fear of the unknown that I wasn't excited to go home and see what's inside my box, thinking that everyone will be getting the same things. Don't get me wrong though, Artsylicious are nice papers too but I was expecting some thing else hahaha! Ungrateful ba? : )

By evening, I got home and saw my box. I went upstairs to get my cutter. While descending the stairs, I saw Jeff trying to examine the box - shaking it! Duh, so here's my husband who sometimes gets peeved when I'm indulged in scrapping ... so eager to know what's inside my box! I opened the box ... and yes Jeff's still beside me helping me open the box too with his hands! Hay atat!

I read the letter first which was on top of the box and tried not to see the content yet. Lo and behold, I saw the word, "Eclectique" and that was it, I was as happy as could be hehehe! It was what I really wanted and what prompted me to join this contest anyway! Happily, I unearthed the box. I'm grinning from ear to ear each time I remove an item from the box! My favorites are the acrylic stamps and the chipboard embellishments! I love them all actually! Courtney sent us a lot that I thought even if I will not make it as a DT, I feel like a winner already!

My assignment for the callbacks was to make a layout using the Eclectique line and to make another project/layout using whatever is left. I didn't want to get pressured so I let the days passed without touching any of my stuff. I want "inspiration" to come and tell me what to do rather than me begging "inspiration" to come and tell me what will I do hehehe. So, "inspiration" did arrive only a day before the deadline hahaha!

Here's my layout:

I'm not into paper piecing but I thought I got to try it now. Making the body of the guitar was easy, it was just like drawing the letter B. After that, all the papers and embellishments seemed to fit perfectly! When I look at my layout, it looked simple but I love it!

For my second project, I thought of making a mini album since I got one in my box. But thinking that all of us got the same albums and perhaps most will create the same, I thought of highlighting the acrylic stamps instead. Since I've been reading birthday magazines lately, I was inspired to make these lootbags and flower lollipops.

This is an inexpensive way of decorating lollipops and lootbags by using stamps, left over paper or scraps, pens, and watercolor pencils. For the flower lollipops, I stamped an image then doodled on it. No two flowers are alike! I made sure I made each flower with a unique design! ; ) I filled the glass with rice (thanks BJay for this idea). I also embellished it with small flowers. I find the bird stamp perfect for the lollies!

For the lootbags, I stamped several images - heart, wings, bird and thought balloon. I color the images with color pencil, handcut and attached it at the back of bbq sticks. I also embellished the small cups with flowers, borders and scallops from my scraps. The small plastic cups are from Japan Store, they're so cheap and kids can even reuse them at home!

The fun part about these party food decors is the filling up and mixing of candies! Scrappers would always try to coordinate colors so I made sure the colors of the candies are matched with the color of the cups hahaha!

It was quite an experience to do this! I enjoyed the process a lot! Thanks Courtney of Chatterbox for the opportunity!



marixcm said...

very creative guitar, fun and cute page Pia :)

bjay said...

I love the guitar and the party chorvahs! :)