Monday, October 20, 2008

All About Ethan ...

Last September 8 was Mother's Day at Rosemont School. Ethan's class had a surprise dance number. They danced to the tune of 'Happy' (di ako sure sa title hehehe). There aren't any photos that I could share with you because Jeff, our photographer missed Ethan's performance ... guess why?

Because, Jeff and the other dads were cooking up something for the moms ...

Si Jeff kumanta with the other dads!!! hehehe. He and the rest of the dads surprised us when they sang, 'You' (by Karen Carpenter). I hope he does this more often - surprise and sing to me hehehe!

The past weeks have also been very stressful for mommy! Almost every week, we were asked to send our kids to school in costumes: office attire, community helpers and on Oct. 24, international costume! I'm lucky to have a creative husband who thought of sending Ethan to school in a fireman's costume - the solution? A fireman's hat at Toys 'R Us for less than P90, a red raincoat and a pair of red rain boots! Now guess where did Jeff get the hose? From the washing machine, of course! Ethan was the only one wearing a fireman costume in their class. And everybody thought it was a real fireman costume hehehe; I told them we only made that up! One classmate even approached me, asking me where I bought the hose. He probably wants one for himself too : )

For the office attire, it was a good thing I was able to borrow one but the classes were cancelled on that day due to bad weather so Ethan didn't get to wear his office attire.

The test evaluation for nursery was also last week but unlike last quarter when I was so pressured to review Ethan with his lessons, this time I don't want to push him too hard. I'm not sure if I made the right decision, I hope I did. I just don't want to make things too hard for him, he's just a kid and I want him to enjoy school.

Ethan's class also had community field trips (at the Dentist's clinic and fire department). Parents were only asked to come when they visited the South Supermarket. Ethan had fun choosing the things he want to buy! They were given a P50 allowance for this activity but I think nobody stick to it hehehe ...

Ethan will be celebrating his 4th birthday on Wednesday, Oct. 22!!! I have a four year old na? Waah! Bakit parang ang bilis?! Anyway, we had a simple Diego themed bday party in school last Oct. 17, Friday. Parties in school are only allowed during their recess time on fridays and since next friday is already the start of the sem break, we thought of celebrating in advance. Nicole, his classmate celebrated her bday last Oct. 8 and was supposed to celebrate last Oct. 10, unfortunately classes were cancelled then so her mom and I decided to throw her party together with Ethan.

Ethan was so happy to see his Diego bday cake made by Tita Arlene (thanks too to Tita Ria for the cake pan) as well as the cute cupcakes with jungle animals as cake toppers. Tita Arlene even made cookie lollipops for Ethan's classmates in the shapes of cars, trucks and airplanes. I made animal lootbags too for that day - di bale nang napuyat ako! Here's what Ethan said when he saw his lootbags: "WoW!!! Ang ganda!!!" (anak ko talaga siya hehehe!)

We are throwing another birthday party for Ethan at home on his exact birth date. It'll be a small and simple one with family members at home. But we'll make sure he will also have a blast like he did on his school bday party.

Last activity for this school quarter is the Children's Day on Thursday, Oct. 23. Jeff has work that day and will miss this one but I hope to borrow a cam so I can take pictures.

Next week is Halloween and my Ethan is excited for his first Trick or Treat (yup, yup, it's his first!)

He's going to be a pirate. Ethan will be trick or treating with his classmates in school so he will really enjoy it! After that, we'll have a small Halloween potluck party!

(balloons at the back were gift of Tita Arlene given last friday and we're hoping they will stay inflated till Oct. 22, para masulit! hahaha!)

Thanks for reading my long post! I hope to share my layouts soon!



Anonymous said...

sarap magbasa ng ganitong mga kwento :)

and I must say I LOVE THE PIGGY goodie bag!

Cookie Aguilar said...

hi pia!!! waaah! ganda costume ni ethan!!! im struggling ngayon.. parang wala ako makita nice costume huhuhu! bawal scary costume at parang konti lang nakikita ko pang boys.. pangit pa... san ka bumibili costumes ni ethan???

Cookie Aguilar said...

and cant wait to see your new LOs!!! miss ko na yan!!!

Maybelle said...

I love your loot bags, Pia! Ang saya-saya ng mga kwento mo! Nice read talaga! Hope Ethan enjoys his 1st trick or treat!!!

dinah said...

wow pia! you've been busy!

hey guess what? jao has the exact pirate costume for halloween except that i don't have the hat.

cute 'no?

Pia and Jeff said...

thanks everyone!