Tuesday, July 08, 2008


- Ria and I were at "Unang Hirit" a couple of weeks ago to do a demo on some back to school projects which are featured at Working Mom June issue.

- Ethan went to school for the first time! He didn't cry, as expected and was even very excited to go to school that day. I couldn't sleep the night before his first day, it's as if I was going to school for the first time! LOL! As I was looking at him that day, I was oozing with pride and joy to see that my baby is now a big boy ready for school!

- We're busy with our small business which explains why we aren't online everyday (which will also explain why I would be on leave at the scrapbooking world in the next months!). Jeff and I are also taking Ethan to school everyday - yup, everyday from DasmariƱas, Cavite to Alabang, Muntinlupa. Thank goodness for the Daang Hari road; we get there in a matter of 30-40 minutes. During the 1st week, when Ethan only spends an hour and a half at school, we opted to stay and wait for him (grabe na ang gas ngayon!!!). But now that Ethan is spending 3 hours in school and we're doing a lot of errands lately, we pick him up after his class.

- I'm now a non exclusive contributing DT member for Lasting Impression. This is my first work for the store using Dream Street papers and Scrapworks brads.

- We were disrupted by a police character who introduced herself as Lisa Roque Martines who claims to be a scrap police and member of a self-declared, elite and undercover, super power - digital police organization, more than a week ago. If that incident was meant to destroy our reputation, then it's for her to see if she succeeded. I don't know the person's real name though coz she has given two aliases already... a certain "Bree" (maybe she's a desperate housewife wannabe?") and a certain "Lisa Roque-Martines", and who knows if she can come up with another one - how about "Police Oyster?". I don't know her real intentions. I don't know if she even has a face - such an unfair way to introduce oneself. Our blog has our names, contact numbers and even our family pictures - wala kaming itinatago.

We are thankful for the "friendly reminder" though, and rest assured that "FREEbies" won't be misused this time ; )

To date, this "police oyster" remains our avid stalker. We are monitoring her activities though. An uncle from NBI traced her IP address and in the process of verifying from her host her real name (Hmmm... PLDT kaya gamit nya?) her exact location (Hmmm... is she from the North? Baguio... Aparri... or Benguet area kaya?). Well, just a few more clicks and it won't be long... my uncle's friends assigned in the North would be knocking at her door and paying her a little visit. Well, if you're in doubt with this current technology, ever wondered how authorities in Australia were able to apprehend those pedophiles?

I remember this stalker has been going here in our blog ever since we started years ago ... I see her location almost everyday : ) That probably explains why she knows us very well and why she's also a member of our egroups (ops she forgot, she CCd the other egroup and probably forgot she was using a different name hehehe). Once, she was here early in the morning ... as early as 6 am and still found time to go back in the evening. She keeps on downloading our albums. Hay! Doesn't she think it's unhealthy for her to see our faces every day of her life? We might be giving her nightmares already hehehe. If I don't like someone, bakit ako babalik balik sa lugar na palagi ko siyang makikita? Tsk tsk tsk ...

And before I forget, I assume she does not have kids kaya ok lang sa kanya mandamay ng mga walang muwang, gawain talaga ng mga duwag ... kaya SPARE OUR KIDS! Tao kami kausap kung TAO din ang kaharap!

- Jeff and I were more than surprised to find people ... to whom we never thought treats us as their close friends. They were by our side - sending text messages, private emails and even calling us on the phone! We are MORE THAN THANKFUL for all the love and support of these people - alam nyo na kung sino kayo. Kulang pa na sabihin lang namin na "Maraming Salamat". I wish to see everyone so we could do a "real group HUG!"

- And oh about I Digital, we were sent an apology letter after almost a week she said the photos were hers. Ms. Baguio claims that a certain photographer of their group gave her copies of our layouts and told her that those were his works! Oh ok ... our blog address and Jeff's name are on the cover - so sino naman kaya yung photographer na yun? : ) So, just to give her the benefit of the doubt, we are accepting her apology ... we haven't given her a reply though because we have been so busy lately. Kahit mahirap paniwalaan ang kanyang explanation ... wala kaming panahon alamin pa kung TOTOO ang sinasabi niya, bahala na siya ... BUNTOT NIYA HILA NIYA (and that goes to the "police oyster" as well). And also to assure her na "di kami nandadamay ng mga anak at ibang tao dahil may pamilya din kami!" Siguro naman po, sa itsura pa lang namin mukha naman kaming family oriented : ) And also, we only posted about this issue on our respective scrapbook egroups - if kumalat, wala na po yun sa aming mga kamay.

Yun lang po : )

Here's a copy of the letter she sent:

Mr. Lopez,

I do apologize for what happened. I already deleted the files in our site and I swear that I didn't post them to other sites nor keep it for private. I really am sorry. Sir, the truth behind it is that I'm not the one who copied it. It's our photographer, he's our tie up photographer. He gave me the picture file from his usb and said that I can use it as samples coz he's the one who did that daw. Client daw nila yun dati sa dating ka tie up nya. I really not aware of your site. Ang mali ko lang po tlga is that I claimed it as ours. Nung nag mention ka na sayo yun napahinto po ako coz nagulat po ako, ang alam ko po it's from out tie up photographer. He's a freelance photographer and graphics artist from Novaliches, he's name is Mark Ligon. Hindi na po namin sya photographer ngayon because of what happened. I really apologize for that. Sana po hindi na po lumala pa coz tumupad naman po ako sa sinabi mo, I really deleted it. Marunong naman po ako tumupad sa usapan. Hindi naman po ako masamang tao or bogus seller. Sana po hindi na madamay ang pamilya ko. In crisis po kami ngayon especially now, my 2nd child is scheduled for an operation (cyst surgery) on July 3. Hindi naman po ako naghahangad na sumikat or lumaki sa larangan ng videography or photography, basta lang po may income na papasok every month. Also to your wife, Maam Pia I really am sorry.


- Just so people will know, Jeff's only photographer partner-friend-kumpare is Mr. Meng Lim of Orient Light Studios and knowing Meng, he will surely ask permission before he gives our photos to whoever and he will never claim the photos as his. And isa pa, loves namin si Meng no! : )

- After all of these ... kumusta na kami ni Jeff? Eh di, sobrang OKAY syempre! : )

That's it folks! Salamat po for reading!



Maybelle said...

Wow, Ethan goes to school alraedy? Nakaya mo? On Gabriel's 1st day in Big School, I got separation anxiety. Hay Pia!!! All's well that ends well. I'm glad you're putting behind you this incident involving MJ. Just goes to show that you can't put good people like you down. I wish you well on your new venture! And don't mind that stalker... baka kelangan lang niya ng prayers.

Mickee said...

I firmly believe that what goes around, comes around... kung meron mang taong may hindi magandang ginagawa, babalik din sa kanila yun. Kudos to you for having the heart to forgive. Konti lang ang nakakagawa niyan... ;)

Thanks for your message on our blog. We've been busy lately, but will update it as soon as we get the chance.