Sunday, June 29, 2008

I-Digital Video Productions Steals OUR Layouts and Photos! Mary Jo Baguio aka MJ Baguio claims it as their own!

Screen Shot of I-Digital Video Production's Gallery with my stolen photos and album layouts

I got an email from someone I don't know asking me if I was in any way affiliated with I-Digital Video Production. She told me that she's a regular visitor in our site and that she was surprised to see my layouts and photos in I-Digital Video Production's gallery. She gave me a link to a multiply site... and yes, I saw everything there.

Upon seeing this, I called Mary Jo Baguio aka MJ Baguio whose number and contact details appear on the site and pretended to be a client. I told her I would like to make a booking for a Baptismal event at the Shrine of Jesus and asked if I could meet her in person. She told me she's from Sta. Ana and Robinson's Place would be the best place to meet up. I raised a few more questions before I finally decided to blow my cover. I asked her if she was the one who took the photos posted in their gallery and if she was the one who made the album layouts. Well, to my surprise... she answered a big YES! And so I decided to blow my cover and introduce myself to her. I told her I am Jeff Lopez... she then answered back in a very low voice (parang biglang umamo) "PO?" Then I told her again... I am Jeff Lopez... and I am the person who took those photos at Shrine of Jesus and I am also the one who made all the layouts you posted on your site! She then answered, "OPO?" I then told her to immediately put down all the photos and layouts she posted in her gallery or else... And of course she answered again... OPO. At first, I actually wanted to meet her and show right on her face the albums she posted on her site, which I have with me as samples. But I thought it's a waste of time and mahal ang gasolina ngayon. When friends learned about this, she actually and literally had a whole barangay and egroup members storming her with comments in her multiply site, text messages and emails. Which, of course she furiously and quickly deleted. I was surprised that this issue even reached phphoto and South-X, my photography club. I think if I-Digital Production would like to make a name and gather a lot of hits in the net... they'll definitely get it - But a LOT OF HARD and NEGATIVE HITS.


the dreamer said...

Hi, kapatid na Jeff and Pia. I can't tell you how shocked and saddened I was when I heard about this. I know it's kinda traumatic to be on the receiving end of such an experience and, hopefully, things are back to normal or will soon be.

Buti na lang you have a lot of great friends and even online angels in disguise who show their concern for you.

Hope everything is well with you otherwise. God bless you both and little Ethan.


Joanne Yap said...

we got you covered dont worry,.. you have great friends here to be rallying with you and for you,... so dont fret -- its just like that when you are good -- ppl just want to get a piece of what you have... I guess you cant steal talent right --- its innate in the 2 of you... keep smiling and just be thankful for gods graces.... never mind ppl like this.. not worth it !

Sandra Yu said...

kainis naman yan.. stealing somebody's work..grabe! Buti na lang may nagsabi.

Airees said...

hi jeff & pia. I feel for you. Mabuti na lang you have reliable friends na nagsabi sa inyo. Kainis sila! Kahit pa sabihing imitation is a form of flattery di pa din tama yun! gumawa sila ng kanila! haay!

Benga said...

naku nakakapikon ang mga ganyang tao, foul tlga!
Nakakaupset tlga, I hope both of you have recovered from this trauma.

Take care.

Thea said...

hi jeff and pia. so sorry to read about this.

suggestion lang, if you post online pics, watermark them. (unless kinuha din nila from the ones uploaded by your clients)

ako di ako magaling magpicture,i do, even sa friendster (trip ko lang? hehe)

one good way to advertise din di ba?

take care!