Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here comes summer

Noticed it's getting warmer the past days? Yup, we know it's summer. Reminds me of going to the beach and spending vacations ... and also it reminds me of my past summer photos waiting to be scrapped! Perhaps, this is the time of the year when we take more photos than we can handle hehehe.

Last Saturday, we couldn't resist to bring out the inflatable pool. Ethan enjoyed the three hour swimming spree that he had! It was his first taste of summer for this year!

And here's one summer layout, I finished February (I think) of last year, I never got to post it coz I'm not really sure of my title hehehe.

The photo was taken along 'D Mall in Boracay. We were strolling when we chanced upon this crepe store; it was new then. I was attracted by the colors of the store because it matched my son's clothes ; ). I really love this photo but I can't really come up with a better title. Anyway, I used Ki Memories papers here and I kinda altered the cut out flowers with doodles! I also colored the flowers with watercolor pencils. Photo size is 6"x8" - I don't think I will ever learn to love that size hehehe.

Under the Weather

It must be the change in the weather that my 2 boys have been down with the flu since Sunday. Yup, my 2 boys both got sick at the same time - literally speaking. It was 11am when Jeff was complaining about his cough and muscle pains. He told me he was feeling cold too. I was too focused on Jeff's condition that I didn't notice Ethan was asking for a blanket. I gave him the blanket but couldn't figure out why he would need it when it was very warm. A little later, I found Ethan asleep on the couch so I lifted him up so I could transfer him to the bed . When I touched his skin, he was really hot! I immediately got his temperature which I found out was 39.6 C! So that explains why he was feeling cold too and was asking for a blanket!

Ethan would throw up whatever he eats and drinks too (that includes his medicine). Jeff wasn't much of a help because he was chilling and also has fever. It was quite weird to see Jeff bundled up with a blanket (it''s so not him). Jeff wouldn't eat too but would continually drink his med, wala daw siya gana (it's so not him too!) For two days, I had to look after my boys - giving them sponge bath and their meds. It was really exhausting especially that Ethan wouldn't let me out of his sight! I'm not sure where the two got the virus (good thing I was spared or maybe not yet?) ... all I knew is that we went to Avilon Ark last Friday for Ethan's school field trip. Ethan probably got the virus from other kids inside the bus or maybe in their class.

Here's the little boy feeding the rabbits. He really enjoyed this because we used to have rabbits at home too.

At the moment, they're both feeling quite better now. Their fever goes on and off though. I hope today, they will really feel a lot better!

As for me, I'm still ok but my cough is getting worse, I have had colds for the past two weeks (although there isn't something new about that!). I'm thankful that I have better resistance that I was able to take care of my family.

On a side note, summer vacation is drawing near ... I think Jeff and I need that. It's going to be a long summer for us!



Mia Castrillo said...

Oh, I hope that Jeff and Ethan feel better soon. Take lots of Vitamin C so you don't get sick too, Pia. Love how you doodled on the flowers. SO CUTE!

Liza said...

Great to hear both your boys are okay na. Hope you don't get the flu din, especially na nag-iiba na ang weather now and I think that is one factor din bakit nagkakasakit mga tao lately with flu. Take care and see you soon!

kathy said...

Hi, just found you and had to say I love your layouts and your photos. So bright, happy and cheerful!

Cookie Aguilar said...

Hi Pia!!! wow nice Los as ever!!! and take care. naku si harvey din lagi me cough kasi sa schoolmates nya ata plus mainit na masyado... neway hope ok na talaga sila....
im so glad at lagi na me new LOs!!! inaabangan ko to palagi hihihi!

Mickee said...

My two small boys have both gotten over the flu recently lang din. Uso ata talaga yan - saan mang parte ng mundo. Hope your two boys would feel better soon!

the dreamer said...

Hi, kapatid! Aww, hope you guys are feeling better! Take care and God bless!

Love the contrast of the photos between now and Ethan a year ago. Laki na ng binata mo. =) Love the doodles in the flowers.

Ingat po palagi! =)


Donna E. said...

love the bright colors!

take care po, jeff and ethan! pati ikaw din sis kse bawal magksakit :)

bjay said...

oh, I remember this LO! naloka din ako kakaisip sa posing na ito ni ethan boy. but I think you've made the right choice - kwela pa :)

good to know your boys are doing better. see you soon!