Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Kris Aquino Magazine (Feb 2009 Issue)

I've neglected the blog for quite some time already. My apologies for not posting anything especially my layouts. Busy as usual, to top it all, we don't have househelp again! (argh!)

Luckily(?), I was able to squeeze in 4 layouts which I hope to share here soon hehehe. I was also able to take photos of my layouts last year ... so far, they're not edited yet : D

Anyway, here's one good news I want to share with you. I'm super excited about this ...

We did the layouts for Kris' Macau holiday. But of course we can't post it here yet. The mag just came out and we wouldn't want to preempt the readers.

This is my second time to contribute on Kris' Magazine but my first time contributing with Jeff. Previously, I did a traditional scrapbook album for Kris about their Hongkong Disneyland trip . I hope to scan some of the layouts so I can share them with you.

Who would ever thought that after Working Mom, here comes another opportunity. God is really good!




Mia Castrillo said...

Wow, Pia! Congrats on your Kris Aquino stint! I'll just wait til you can post your layouts here.(Wink! Wink!) Hope to see it soon!

alpha said...

wow! galing nito. congrats to you and jeff!

Liza said...

Galing naman Pia! I think I better look out for this mag sa National.