Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Photography Assignment no.1

Last week we had an assignment on our photography class. We have to practice our shutter speed exercises as well as defocusing the background. We have to choose the best from our photos and bring it the next Sunday.

For the whole week, we had cloudy skies. It was difficult to take photos without sunlight. I tried waiting for Mr. Sun to appear but he didn't hehehe. My son has not been so cooperative when I was trying to take his photo. He wanted to lie down on the grass but I wanted him to sit so I can practice defocusing the background. I agreed with what he wanted - afraid he won't let me take his photos anymore if I won't! At the back of my mind, I was thinking that I can still use these photos for my scrapbooks! Although when I told him to run, he willingly did it for me! Poor Ethan sobrang hingal na niya! To quote him, "Hingal na ko mom, tambo ako eh" (tambo-takbo). I don't know if I will feel guilty or what!
On a side note, I noticed that there weren't any reactions from my previous post, made me wonder - could it be that nobody read it or are they being nice to me? hehehe.

Here are some of the photos I took - if not over they're underexposed!
Note: Click the photos for a larger view.

The photo on the left is the one I submitted last Sunday. It was the only photo where I was able to focus my subject and blur the background. It wasn't the best though - hmmm, the best pala, the best sa mga pangit hahaha! I didn't receive any bad comment though (thank God!), there's even a classmate of mine who said he liked the photo. I don't know if he's just blind or what. Joke!
--- Pia

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