Tuesday, July 17, 2007

FPPF Photography Class - Week 2

On our 2nd Sunday class, I can say that I am slowly getting used to in handling my digital SLR cam. That's good news for me! Learning photography is fun but what makes it even more fun is that I have my friends with me while we shoot!
Oh and about the class, hmmmm ... we were asked to critique other's work which was kinda scary to do (baka maabangan ka ng classmates mo hahaha!). I don't feel I have the authority to do that - I'm a newbie in this subject. On the otherhand as I ponder about it, I realized it may even help us in the future. We are learning to analyze photographs - to look beyond camera exposures and compositions made by a photographer. We were not just asked to say what we like and what we don't like about a certain photo - we were also asked as to how we can improve the photos (if we would be the one taking it).

I'd say that art is a very subjective thing, what may look good to one may not look good to another. That's what I noticed while we were doing this exercise. To each his own ika nga.

Anyway, our lecturer taught us about composition in the afternoon. This is actually my favorite topic in photography! I was already excited to shoot outdoors if only ... ok I won't mention it here ... my classmates would know what I was about to say hehehe.

Here are the photos I took! Finally, I can say that I'm happy with my photos! If only I can shout, my photography skills are back hahaha!

Note: All photos posted here and at the two previous posts are untouched by photoshop. : )
Click on the photos for a larger view.

--- Pia


alpha said...

nice shots pia! i especially like the first one, parang naka-frame sya.. hay sana naka-enroll din ako sa class nyo, prang masaya..

shasha said...

you have gone a long way already pi! ang galing! congratulations

Jeff & Pia said...

Thanks Alpha and Sha sha!

Alpha, sayang nga sana nakasama ka na din namin. Super enjoy to shoot with Ria, Iris, Phylline and Meng! Tulungan talaga!

Hope you can make it next month. I think may mga gustong mag-attend from SE. Ask around ...


Mel said...

hi pia,

I particularly like ur shot of iris with the sun shining on the side of her face. I miss my SLR camera, its fun to shoot pics without flash. My former photography instructor told us those shots make nice portraits. keep it up!