Friday, July 13, 2007

FPPF Basic Photography Workshop - Week 1

Last Sunday, I started attending a basic photography workshop. It has been a long time plan since I have always loved photography.

The added bonus in attending this class is that Jeff and friends, Iris, Ria, Phylline and Meng also signed up for this class. Atleast, we have company, especially if we have to shoot outside. I remember back in college, I would shoot all by myself. I went to CCP and was approached by a foreigner asking where the downtown is. He kept on following me that I have to walk as fast as I could. Hay grabe hiningal ako dun!

After the class and the hands on application. I realized I have not been friends with the SLR for years ... meaning I have not really used one for a long time. I felt so dumb while trying to figure out how to manipulate the controls of the camera. I couldn't even focus properly. My composition sucks ... sad but true.

I wanted photography soo much that I even thought I could do this part time when I graduate. Oh well, if I want it, I need to learn it again ...

I'm sharing you my scraps errr I mean the photos I took after class at Fort Santiago ... and oh I'll appreaciate if you could be gentle with your comments ...
Note: Click the photos for a larger view.

shutter speed exercises - My first try has a very fast shutter speed, I was able to make the water droplets freeze but it was too dark. The 2nd one, I think is quite better.

camera panning - I'm still not successful in trying to make the subject clear.

Shallow depth of field. This one really drove me crazy. I was trying to achive a certain effect - the foreground is defocused, the middle ground focused and the background defocused. But since I was using the camera kit lens, achieving that was quite hard. On the third photo, I used a telephoto lens - this time di na to kasalanan ng lens, ako na to hahaha!

This is the only solo photo of Jeff that I was able to capture. Too bad, the camera exposure's wrong and focus is bad. Sabi nga ng aming lecturer... NYARP ang photo ko! I'll try again next week.
Last few words ... I'd just like to clear this, it is ME who took all the photos above ... not JEFF. I don't want our clients to think this is how bad Jeff takes photos! hahaha! But don't worry, I'm still in the learning process. Hopefully in the coming weeks, you'll see some improvements bwahahaha ; D

-- Pia

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