Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scrappin' Moms at Ruffa and Ai!

I've just watched myself on TV! I never had the chance with my previous guestings because they are always aired live and because I don't have cable TV bwahahaha! In fairness, 4 minutes and 5 seconds isn't bad at all, probably one of the longest TV exposure Scrappin'Moms had! I was surprised to see that they didn't edit nor cut short our TV exposure. I love it that my layouts were shown in TV (ScrappinMoms, did you see yourselves too?).

The taping was held August 14, 2009. Now you know they don't air live hehehe. Anyway, I was told about this TV guesting the night before ... maybe 9 or 10 in the evening. Talk about showbiz hehehe! Anyway, none of the Scrappin' Moms will be available the next day so I was thinking if this will be worth the gas and the effort to go to ABS CBN, considering it's always a pro bono thing. Besides, Ethan has school test the next day and I was too busy reviewing him that night. But Jeff reassured me I can go if I want to and he'll take care of Ethan the next day. So, I called Arlene and told her if she wanted to come with me. She agreed (and this is the best decision since she literally made everything easy for the two of us). I slept at almost 2 am, trying to prepare for the guesting. I haven't mentioned that I didn't have any idea what will happen or what will be the topic of the discussion. When I talked to Belle of Working Mom Magazine at 11pm (WM are our contact persons for this guesting), she said it'll be about memory keeping, that's it!

The next day, Jeff dropped me off to Arlene's house in Alabang. When I arrived at Arlene's house, my jaw dropped as I saw the Town and Country - of all the cars she picked this one. We almost had everything in the car - tools, pps, embellishments, shadow box frames, printed copies of sketches, food, water, make up etc.! She even brought with her two assistants! Told you she made life easy for us and I'm thankful she was with me.

As I met with Marie (Belle wasn't there) at 12nn., we proceed to the dressing room. I was able to talk to the TV writer and to my surprise found out that the topic for this episode is "reunions and friendships"!!! The Star Circle Quest Batch - Sandra, Roxanne, Melissa and Joross will have an instant reunion in their show. Ok, so I wanted to panic ... because I wasn't ready ... who was, anyway?! She told me that I have to prepare a half done layout so that I can do demo about it.


Me, Arlene and Marie Aquino (Marketing, ABS CBN Publishing)

I had to look on the layouts I brought with me ... anything about friendships, I thought. Good thing I brought my layouts about Scrappin' Moms and about Jeff's friends. Unfortunately, I don't have any picture for the demo. I chose one photo of Ethan and convinced myself this will do.


It took almost 4 hours of waiting before we were called. For the last 4 hours, I can hear my tummy already (I hardly ate anything because I was doing my layout for the show), I was feeling really cold (if you've been to ABS you would know what I mean), I was memorizing my lines (they didn't give me any script whatsoever so I had to come up with my own and be ready in case the hosts asks me questions). Marie told me to mention about Working Mom Magazine, sort of this way, "for more featured articles on bonding activities with your friends, kids, grab a copy of Working Mom Magazine". And yes you bet that's the one I forgot!!!!!!!!! I felt I was doomed and I was so embarassed when I went down the stage and looked at Marie. I have to call every one I know from WM just to apologize for my mistake!


Anyway, the guesting turned out well (except for the one I mentioned). I don't have problems with speaking in public, buti na lang makapal mukha ko hehehe. I explained a little about memory keeping, the words that came out from my mouth is already obscure to my memory. hehehe. I taught Sanadra a little on scrapbooking, I was giving her the letters and the buttons but she would hesitate everytime I tell her she can place them anywhere she wants to. To top it all, I was able to promote Scrappin' Moms and the upcoming Scrapfest! Arlene though didn't get to talk because when the PA asked us who's going to do the demo and explain, Arlene pointed to me. I was given a lapel but I was thinking she should've been given one also because she was also a guest.



Off air, Ruffa talked to me coz she wanted a scrapbook album for herself. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it'll be good for Scrappin' Moms. Also, Roxanne approached me for my number. She's a nice girl and very beautiful. I had to tell her I was starstruck. Back then when she was still in SCQ, she was my bet and I've always liked her pretty face.

Ready for School

The layout I did during the show. Sandara placed the heart, some of the buttons, and the letter stickers. At home, I altered it a bit hehehe. I added word stickers, the journaling and a few more elements. (Based on a sketch by Becky Fleck)

It felt good to be able to see myself in TV again. I'm glad that I was able to show my layouts and tell the audience about this wonderful hobby. I hope that many will be encouraged to scrap and our community of scrappers will grow tremendously. Most of all, I 'm happy that I was able to represent Scrappin' Moms. I hope one day (you know this Liza) we will be given a break we deserve ; D


Thanks to Working Mom Magazine and to Arlene for coming along with me!



alpha said...

ang galing pia! sayang di ko napanood, nasa school ako ni estong e.

next time, sama mo ko kahit tagadala ng materials lang hehehe

Lee i. said...

congrats pia

shasha said...

so nice pia!
what a small world... marie is a classmate of mine during college wala lang

Monique said...

Wow Pia, you're a tv celebrity!!! That must have been so much fun!! Congrats girl!!

Wati Basri said...

wow pia..this is awesome!!! you go proud of you :)

bjay said...

sabi nga ni dear ang gaganda niyo sa teevee!

uy, roxanne is a nice girl. used to go to our place kasi friend niya my inaanak, who is a neighbor of ours. kababayan pa!

Jeff and Pia said...

Maraming salamat sa inyong mga pagbati mga sis!

Alpha: bakit naman kita pagbibitbitin hehehe ... pero sana nga masundan pa ito at nang marami tayong ma-encourage na mag-scrap!

Shasha: I'll tell Marie about you pagnagkita kami ulit ...

BJay: Yup, alam ko nga from Cavite rin si Roxanne : ), pakilala mo naman ako hehehe. Ang pretty pretty niya as in!

Nina said...

Kapatid, na-s-starstruck na ako sa yo! Hehe. Congrats, congrats.

Also, kudos to you for being able to speak in front of the camera and I bet it was hard talking to artistas with poise. Don't worry about the forgotten line, you're only human after all, and after all you went through pa! Hehe.

Got awards for you on my blog. =)

Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Pia. But BAD GIRL for forgetting Working Mom magazine, hahaha! Sabi ko na nga ba pag big-time ka na makakalimutan mo kami, sniff sniff.


Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

very nice! watched it na.

Chok Keun said...

congrats to ya, Pia.