Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Claudine Barreto

I was in my teen years when I used to watch Claudine Barreto in the famous show, "Ang TV". A show aired at 4pm as I fondly remember it. I was a fan back then and I never thought that I'd be privileged to scrap Claudine's photos now. It's truly an honor. My only wish is that I get to meet and talk to her and maybe Ms. Kris Aquino too! It is such an irony that I get to see their personal family photos but I never had any connection with them!

I was asked by Star Studio Magazine to do this scrapbook album as a gift for Claudine's birthday. I did this a day before her actual birthday celebration at ASAP. I printed Claudine's photos that evening and told myself that I would finish the 10 layouts for her that same evening too . Unfortunately, I was very tired when I came home past midnight and thought that I'd rest for awhile. I had the shock of my life when I realized I overslept and woke up at about 5am! The album has to be brought to ABS CBN late afternoon that day.

So, I had to scrap ala "Studio Azul's Scrapbook Buffet", 10 layouts within 5 hours atleast! I started at 5:15am and finished at almost 1pm (I had to do several mommy duties in between so I actually didn't scrap all those hours!) My hands were already shaking because of panic and pressure! It was one of those moments I never want to be in again hehehe ...

I was able to deliver the album past 5pm at ABS. It was raining hard that day (may bagyo yata if I'm not mistaken). Since Jeff has a photo coverage that day, I had to commute with Ethan from Cavite to Quezon City!

I'm sorry the photos didn't do justice to Claudine and her family's photos. The photos were taken inside the car a few minutes before I finally gave the album to Sheila of ABS CBN Publishing. It was the best that I can do that time.














Ems (your fan...naks) said...

bonga! sikat na sikat na ang friendship ko! I'm so proud of you! Upload mo video ng guesting mo sa Ruffa and I ha!

urban bard said...

Galing, Pia. Even under time pressure you're amazing.

Glad to know that ABS-CBN Publishing still gets you for scrapbooks. From K mag to Star Studio -- aba, scrapbooker of the stars ka na, hahaha! Don't forget Working Mom mag when you're famous ha? Kami ang exclusive pag cover-mom ka na :)


Wati Basri said...

oh wow....great job with the layouts...u can scrap fast babe!

Techie said...

wow, Pia, all the LOs are gorgeous, to think nagmamadali ka pa nyan. Congrats. :)

Christine said...

WOW Pia! Anong hawa hawa jan?? Super dami yummy pages yan! Inggit ako! :D

Uy, if you hadn't said those photos were taken inside a car, i wouldn't have known any better! o di ba. ganyan ka pro ang photography skills mo! :D inggit na naman ako!

See you soon!

Mia Castrillo said...

Grabe Pia! I've scrapped other people's layouts before and I know that it ISN'T EASY at all!! But you've done a great job here! Galing, really! And to think you did all that with limited time! Hanep!! So proud of you! :D

Alby said...

Beautiful layouts Pia! Di halata na nagmadali ka. Galing!

Lee i. said...

gaganda, pia. they're so lucky to have scrapbooks by you.

Maybelle said...

Pia, what can I saya but.... ang galing-galing mo!!! Claud's lucky ikaw ang gumawa ng album niya

bjay (your fan din... naks also!) said...

ay, pihado maligaya si ate claude!

galing mo, sis! "scrapbooker for the stars".... I like it! it has a nice ring to it! :)

kaya mo pala marathon scrapping and inside the vehicle photoshoot! wahahaha. congrats :)

Jeff and Pia said...

Grabe, sobra akong touched sa inyo mga kapatid! Maraming salamat! Sana nga marami pang artista ang magpa-scrap, hindi lang sa akin kundi sa iba pa! Para makilala lalo ang ating hobby!

Ema and Bjay, ano ba yan pa-fans fans pa kayo dyan! Eh ang gagaling nyo nga mga "idols"!

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Love all your layouts Pia... hats off ako sau!

chrisw said...

Your photos of your family are just gorgeous as are your beautiful layouts!TFS

Chok Keun said...

Hi Pia, you are great with completing these gorgeous LOs within limited timing!!! And Claudine is sure a beautiful lady.