Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turning Five

Tomorrow is another big day for Ethan. He is (no matter how I deny the fact), turning five years old! I don't know how many posts I can write about his growth on my blog ... I maybe saying the same thing over and over again each year ... that is every time he turns another year older. Sigh! He's so grown up already. He has been reading and doing addition in school. He's artistry has grown into another level too, he's getting better each day and I'm so proud of him!

Take a look at one his many drawings. He did this a few months ago, I wish I can keep and scan all his artworks. I used Prima Hello Space Boy papers to make this project from Lasting Impression.


Ethan loves the outer space. He's fascinated with the planet Saturn the most. He collects rockets, space shuttles, UFOs now instead of cars. He loves to look at images of the galaxy, the planets, the stars etc on the internet! And so for his 5th birthday, he wants an "Outer Space" theme!

We are having a small party tomorrow with an "Out of this World" theme. Will post pictures tomorrow! Wish me luck!



alpha said...

happy birthday to ethan! pia, san sya mag-school next year. same pa din o ililipat mo na?

Alby said...

Happy birthday Ethan!

And what a beautiful layout Pia. I'm sure when Ethan is all grown up (yeah, you have to accept that fact!), he'll appreciate how you documented his artwork. :D

Ella said...

happy bday ethan. parang kelan lang... ang bilis ng panahon! enjoy the party!

Wati Basri said...

happy birthday ethan!!!
hugs from auntie wati,uncle chris & adam....

pia,u did fab with this layout, incorporating ethan's drawing...superb! precious, dear!

Liza said...

happy birthday ethan!
i agree, he's really grown a lot na sis. grabe! para syang hinihila pataas everytime i see him with you.
hope he had fun celebrating. see you soon!

Jeff and Pia said...

Thanks for the bday greetings ladies!

Cookie Aguilar said...

happy Birthday to Ethan!!1
hi Pia!! naku love your blog talaga!! ganda ng layout as always! grabe ang bilis nila lumaki ano!! hay!! neway, cherish the moments nalang talaga tayo mga mommies. miss yah!!