Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 6, 7 and 8 - Of Christmas Wishes and Good Deeds!


What are your wishes for Christmas? In our family, it has been a tradition to list our own wishes. We've skipped this tradition for some years but this year we are reviving it. We have kept our wishes; usually tucked inside my scrapbook layouts and we checked which ones came true on or after Christmas. Most of the time, it was Ethan's wish/es which always came true : ) Surprisingly though, most of our wishes have become answered prayers - yun nga lang after one year hehehe. I know that God gives us what we need or what we have prayed for in His time ...

Being a child at heart, I have always believed in dreams and wishes; that if one would give his/her heart into something, it is meant to come true. This year, life has been quite difficult and believing in dreams and wishes is something that I am trying to work on. Life has been tough for me and Jeff and as much as we are happy that Christmas is fast approaching, we are bothered by so many things. I am praying and "wishing" that everything will soon be okay ... that our prayers would  be answered. 

Enough of my thoughts. December 6 was back to school for Ethan to prepare for his exams next week and their Christmas party. Meanwhile, it was back to work for me and Jeff. 

December 7 was my mentor chat in school. I have always known what to expect - Ethan's mischiefs and fights with his classmates especially with the girls hehehe! But I was surprised when Teacher Noemi said that he has improved. Towards the end of the year, Ethan has become more mature and would focus more on his work. I have always heard that I don't have any problems with Ethan on his academics, in fact, I was even told that he is one of the above average students of his class. But every now and then, the teacher will tell me about Ethan being soooo talkative that he has to be placed in different seats every now and then!

I guess Ethan has changed right after he turned 6. Last Sunday, during our Christmas party, I have seen that he was more patient with kids younger than him. He also was following and obeying. 

I was able to smile after the mentor chat.

December 8th was the Feast of Immaculate Conception. Ethan told me that he wrote something on an ornament which was his good deed in school. He hung the said ornament on their Good Deed Christmas Tree. When I asked him what was the deed, he answered that he shared his food with his teachers (akala ko pa naman classmate hehehe) Good job, Ethan! Sana araw-araw hehehe.

I'm sharing these layouts I made for my friend.

I scraplifted my layout, "Decorate My Donut" because I fell in love with the design. It was clean, simple and easy to make. Not my usual style but something that I like at the moment.

I used Sketch 215 of Pencil Lines. I didn't make it to the deadline but I'm happy with my output.

{Countdown: 17 days before Christmas}

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 6 - Chritsmas is All Around

Since Day 1 of December, we have noticed that Rosemont has been preparing for Christmas.

I saw this one inside their classroom ... Ethan's very own Santa!


They also have a Good Deed Christmas Tree which I haven't taken a picture yet. The tree will be adorned by good deeds of the children.

This one is at the lobby ... this greets everyone coming inside the school. The reason of the Season!


Everyday too, the kids would sing Christmas carols before they head to their respective classrooms! I just love watching them sing and dance.

Day 4 and 5 - Of Friendships and Reunions

Before the Christmas stories, I want to share with you a layout I did the other day. I was so inspired to create that night after a visit from a friend who's everyone's idol in scrapbooking : )To find out who is she, read on ; )

title: Decorate My Donut
material used: patterned papers - BasicGrey Nook & Pantry; rub ons - Studio K; brad - Nikki Sivils; and Crate; buttons - unknown

I made the doughnut and I just love it!


Now, on with my story ...

Day 4 of December, we were so happy to be receiving guests in our home. Afternoon of that day, my parents came to visit us. It was my mom's first time to see our house although she already saw Ohana when we haven't moved yet. My parents brought Macaroni Soup for their favorite apo as well as candies and gelatin! 

By evening, we were visited by no less than Master Iris together with her hubby, Bryan and her daughter, Nicole. My pretty and generous kumare even brought with her a box of pizza and noodles! The rest of the evening was spent chatting not about scrapbooking huh (it came out as a surprise hehehe) but about Bryan's auto detailing business.

Thanks sis for dropping by!

We love that we were surrounded by family and friends that day!

Day 5 of December was our much awaited reunion and Christmas party of my college friends. Back in college, I was a member of a religious and socio-civic group called Pax Romana. We call ourselves, Paxies. Even though the members came from different colleges, we have become very close and have kept our friendship through the years.

The night was filled with games for the kids and adults! Our ears were about to burst because of the laughter, singing, shouting and playing of our kids! It was chaotic but fun! Ethan was raving about this party!

The highlight of the evening was the marshmallow game for the adults. A player must put marshmallows  inside his/her mouth (one at a time), then he/she must say a word/s (the word would be picked from a glass or a bowl), the word/s must be guessed by his/her team members. If the members can't guess the word, the other team has a chance to steal. The boys was the first to do this and were only able to guess  2 words from the team representative. So the girls had to outdo the boys by guessing atleast 3 (or more). I was the first rep from my team and luckily was able to swallow (but we were not allowed to chew or eat) 5 marshmallows while my team mates guess the words I was saying. It was really hilarious because even after me, the boys were able to guess 6 words! The girls outdid the boys again but after that their team rep was able to swallow 10 marshmallows and was still able to talk! Grabe we couldn't figure out how that happened! I had a tummy ache because of too much laughing!

The kids also sang some Christmas carols. We had an exchange gift and lots of group picture taking. Hope to post the pictures here soon. I'm still waiting for our friend to share the pics in facebook : )

{Countdown: 18 days before Christmas}

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Day 3 - Rosemont Outreach

It's day 3 of December! Ethan was up by 6am! That's really surprising because we are not morning persons at home. The last time Ethan was up very very early (as early as 5am) was during his 6th birthday! I guess when he is too excited about something, he's very conscious to wake himself up.

When I woke up, he told me to hurry because as what he said, "the poor kids are coming to school today!" I wonder what they were told in school that made Ethan so eager to leave the house Anyway, we dressed him up again for the Literary presentation. They are going to showcase their play.

In school, the program started with a medley of Christmas songs sang by  Rosemont kids. After that, it was the turn of the kids from Sacred Heart School (outreach kids) to present a number. Some of the students danced the Tinikling! They were really good! After that they also sang a medley of Tagalog Christmas songs. That number was followed by another dance number, this time from the Korean students of Rosemont. We love watching this dance that gives us a glimpse of Korean culture.

 Can you spot my white bunny? The kids were singing a medley of Christmas songs.




One of the highlights of the afternoon event was the repeat of the Literary Play by the SK students. Ethan did a better job today than their previous performance last Friday. His voice was louder, the words are clearer, and he would smile while dancing.



I think another exciting part of the program was the appearance of Jollibee! This one was so funny because Jollibee's toque fell from his head a few times while dancing hehehe.



The Rosemont and Sacred Heart kids were able to interact inside the respective classrooms. They exchanged gifts (rosaries from Rosemont and bracelets from Sacred Heart). The lootbags were also distributed before the kids left.

I wasn't able to get many pictures inside the classroom. Most of the time, the camera will just hung : (
The kids played a guessing game. Those who answered got a prize money!

Tonight, Ethan told me his good deed. He said that he approached one of the kids from Sacred Heart. He asked his name; it was Nonol. Though they only exchanged a few words because of lack of time, I'm glad that Ethan initiated to make friends. I just wish there were games and more time for the kids to interact.

{Countdown: 22 days before Christmas}


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas Ready

I think my son is ...

 title: Christmas Ready
materials used: patterned papers - Nikki Sivils, American Crafts, Teresa Collins, Cosmo Cricket, Lily Bee; buttons - Fancy Pants; mists - Tattered Angels; clock - 7Gypsies; baker's twine - Shabby Green Door; stamps - Daisy Bucket, Absolument Scrap Stamp

This photo was taken last year. We were so excited that December because we were celebrating  Christmas in our own house. That was the first after almost 5 years of living with my in laws ' house. Ethan felt everything was ready then because the tree and the decors were up early.

For this layout, I tried the color palette from The Color Room . I'm not sure if I gave justice to the green and teal though. Anyway, I'm just happy that I am scrapping again lately. I really pray that scrapping will give me more jobs again, if you know what I mean.


On another story, awhile ago I was channeling my inner "Iris". I was using Websters' Pages and so I thought that the best work samples will be from the Master. I was right, I went to her blog and stared at her layouts for minutes. I would take a peak in her layouts once in awhile to get inspired. Thanks Master!

Websters papers are gorgeous but boy they give me a headache as to how to maximize each sheet of paper. Anyway, I tried my best and was quite happy with what I have achieved. I wish I can make use of the Christmas papers I bought from Websters last year hehehe.


An update on the good deeds: 
Before that though let me tell you what we did  yesterday before going to bed. I read to Ethan, "The Legend of the Candy Cane". It's not a new story for him but it suddenly became one, I guess because it has been a year since I last read it to him. I like how a simple candy can remind us of Jesus' love for humanity. Awhile ago at the supermarket, Ethan got a candy cane with red, green and white stripes. He asked me, "Mom, what do the green stripes mean?" I couldn't answer kasi in the story red and white lang yung stripes and each has its own meaning! Malay ko ba naman sa green hahaha!

Well, about the good deeds (I haven't forgotten hehehe), Ethan was counting all his good deeds at the end of the day. He told me that he handed me my cell phone when I asked him to and other things that we asked him to do. I think that's all he can remember yesterday.

For today, he has been telling me since this afternoon that he already has plenty of good deeds. As of night time, he recounted that he uses "po and opo" when conversing, he was quiet when he was taking a bath (I can't believe that he considers this as a good deed! He's usually noisy kasi eh kaya siguro he thinks that being quiet is already something hehehe). I can't remember the others though I wish I can hear him say, "I helped a classmate or a teacher today", something like that. Anyway, there's still a long way to go. Tomorrow is the annual Outreach Program in Rosemont. There's so much explaining I need to do as to why these kids from the outreach are less fortunate and why they need our help. Tomorrow, the kids from Senior Kinder will showcase their literary presentation for their guests. Ethan will be a cute bunny again! Story about that on my next blog post!

{Countdown: 23 days before Christmas}


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

First Day of December

Today marks the 1st day of December. We are so excited to do our countdown. Again, I didn't make an advent calendar this year because I am running out of supplies hehehe. But I'm determined to scrap some Christmas layouts this December and not to worry too much about the bills. I wanted us to enjoy Christmas especially that we are in our new home.

Welcome to our Home!

 This is where Ethan usually spends most of his time here. He sits on his chair, eats his pandesal and enjoys the view from the balcony.
Last night I talked to Ethan and explained to him that in 25 days we will be celebrating Jesus' birthday. It's a good thing he didn't ask me how old is He : ) I told him that we will give Jesus a birthday gift by doing good deeds each day till the 25th. Of course, doing good deeds need not be done only during these days. I just want Ethan to make a conscious effort each day to do something good. I told him that at the end of the day, I will ask him what are his good deeds. 
Ethan knows the birthday of Jesus but he's quite unsure of our "birthday gift" and instead suggested we buy something from the store hehehe. I needed to explain further why Jesus would appreciate more if  we do good to others. He then agreed ...

I hope this is a good start.

I took pictures of our Holiday decors that have been up for quite some time now. I used mostly what we already have from the previous year. Though we added some black and white balls in our tree. Since we noticed that most of our furnishings and even curtains are black and white, we decided to use those colors in our tree too. 


The Christmas bear been with us since Ethan was a baby. For sentimental reasons, I decided to place it at the middle of the wreath.

We put a garland on our balcony railing. I liked how I was able to capture the reflection of the clubhouse and the pool.

While we were putting up our decors, a funny thing happened. I was almost done with the tree when I said that I'm going to buy a tree skirt. Here's what the kulit bulilit has to say:
Ethan: What? A skirt for the tree? That's so silly mom!

He's not yet contented with that comment and further added:

Ethan: : Imagine, putting a skirt on the tree?!? (umiiling iling pa)

My life will never be dull with this boy around ...

Anyway, it was a good thing that Jeff helped us put up the Christmas decors this year. I really appreciate all his help. I've always wanted him to get involved with the decorating of the house. Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures for me to share. It was quite a handful to decorate and take pictures at the same time.

Now for some new layouts ... I finally took pictures of some of my quickie layouts.

This is a layout I made for Lasting Impression using Imaginisce Scooter's Vacation. This line can be used not only for travel pictures but other outdoor pictures as well.

The stamps look like rub ons, right? That can easily be achieved by coloring the stamped images. I was like a kid and was enjoying myself with the colors!

title: Toy Scooter
materials used: patterned papers - Imaginisce Scooter's Vacation (Ruffin' It,Now Em-barking, Go, Scooter, Go), Lily Bee; chipboard - Imaginisce; stamps - Daisy Bucket Designs, Tim Holtz; color pencils - Faber Castell; ink - Staz On; letters - Prima and Pink Paislee; buttons - Fancy Pants

Now for a Christmas layout. Here's Ethan when he was still three years old. My mom bought that cake for Christmas so Ethan can blow the candles for Jesus : ) This another tradition that I wish to continue.


Some of the papers that I used here are not Christmas themed. I used the same techniques with the stamps but I can see that I'm not good at it : ) Oh well, better luck next time.

title: Happy Birthday Jesus!
materials used: patterned papers - BasicGrey, Cosmo Cricket, Kaisercrafts; chipboard - Cosmo Cricket; buttons - Fancy Pants; stamps - Daisy Bucket Designs; ink- Versamark; color pencils - Faber Castell; baker's twine - Shabby Green Door; letters - American Crafts
Thanks for dropping by!
{Countdown: 24 days before Christmas}