Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just for Statistics Sake ...

I actually didn't want to do this but I know I should. I didn't want to count how many layouts and projects I've made for the past two years because the numbers/results will only prove how unproductive I was for the past years.

Life has taken a full turn. As you all know the past years have been the worst in my scrapbooking life, I've been MIA for most of the scrapbook events, I have not scrapped as much, I've not been active in Scrapbooks Exchange and Pinoy Scrapbookers Forums, I have not been active in joining design teams and scrapbook contests and my list can go on. But one thing is for sure, I am still as scrapaholic as I am before. I haven't changed in terms of conceptualizing pages and layouts, even during sleep. I still spend my free time illustrating sketches and writing down my ideas for pages and journaling.

So just for statistics sake, I tried counting my layouts and projects. And here's what I found out. Note: I didn't count layouts/projects made for clients/friends/celebrities. I only counted layouts that I have done for myself.


Layouts (12x12): 33
Projects (altered art, cards and other stuff): 6
Mini Album: 1 6x6 10 pages


Layouts (12x12): 40
Layouts (6x12): 8
Projects (altered art, cards, and other stuff): 11

Todate, I have only made one layout. I have so many ideas and I'm determined to keep the number higher for this year. I'm aiming for 52 layouts assuming I can make one layout a week. Since I've only done 1 LO, I needed 6 more. I'm really hoping this year will be more productive.


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