Saturday, May 29, 2010

You're My Sunshine After the Rain

It's probably time to get the umbrella, raincoats and rainboots out! For the past days, it has been raining real hard. It's not that it's weird since we're approaching June in a matter of days. It's just that it's still too hot before and after it rains. Not to mention we haven't been on a real vacation yet.

You're My Sunshine After the Rain

Anyway, since it has been raining. Here's a layout I made using Prima-Umbrella Collection.I love the bright colors of this line. I also love those cute crocodiles too.

Aside from Prima, I also used scraps from different lines having the same hues. There's just too much colors on this layout - I totally enjoyed the creative process. Perhaps my current favorite color would be yellow. But I also noticed I've used too much of that color on my recent works. Hmmm....maybe I should give that color a rest for awhile.

Please allow me to indulge. Even though this are just very small accomplishments for the year, it means a lot to me already. An update on my Project 52: I finished 22 layouts already, one of which won at the Fancy Pants NSD Challenge and three are going to get published! Wohoooo!

Now for some, non-scrapbook related.

Ethan will soon be in Senior Kinder, his last schoolyear at Rosemont as a preschooler. As of this time, he's already enrolled, his uniforms, shoes and school supplies are already prepared. I just want to enjoy the rest of the vacation thus I prepared early. The little boy has been enjoying his vacation - full time. When I say 'full time', I meant no-summer-workshop for him. I never get to mention on my posts that my-little-actor went to Trumpets Playshop from April to 2nd week of May. The workshop concluded in a showcase entitled, "The Best Toys". I'm a proud mom when Ethan performed on stage for the first time. Indeed,  at a young age of 5, he has experienced something his dad and I experienced when we were already in college. Anyway, we hope that his love for the theater will continue until he's a grown up.


We're off to the beach next week. Last hurrah? Yup, we'll just pray it won't rain. Oh sunshine ... I need you now!


Liza said...

Love the layout sis! Parang gusto kong mag-tampisaw sa ulan. Hehehe! The colors are so YOU! See you soon!

Melissa said...

Awesome layout! I love the bright colors and the way you arranged the pictures at the bottom! Thanks for sharing.

Airees said...

love this layout Pia! :) nice one. the yellow will definitely cheer up someone! count me as 1

LG said...

this is so beautiful and fun to look at

'ER' ellen rose said...

this is such a fun layout! :) tfs!

im wondering are you based in the philippines? coz i have come across your site by googling filipino scrapers :) im happy to have met a fellow pinay scrapper :) im ER by the way :) take care!