Monday, March 15, 2010


Remember this layout I made two years ago? I initially tried a 6x12 format then but later on realized it wasn't workable for me. I wasn't able to buy a 6x12 album and so may 6x12 layouts were left inserted inside my 12x12 albums. They didn't fit well as expected.

When I saw these papers from Lily Bee, I found them to be a perfect match to my old layout. I realized that if I put my 6x12 layout on top of a 12x12 paper it'll make an instant 12x12 layout hehehe!

It's The Little Things

I just love it!



Nina said...

Hi, Pia! Oo nga no. Thanks for the tip of what to do with 6 x 12 layouts. Hehe.

Love, love your layouts here kapatid!

And galing-galing naman ni Ethan! Love his drawings! =)


Benga said...

cool idea Pia, also have the same dilemma, I guess the 6x12 format was just a fad, can't find an album too, this is great, thanks for sharing!

Jeff and Pia said...

Glad to help Nina and Marix! : ) Try them ha and share your layouts too!