Friday, March 26, 2010

1st Dentist Visit

It was Ethan's first visit to the dentist and I must admit I was quite nervous it won't turn out good. Even though I told him several times about this visit, as soon as we've reached the hospital's lobby, he was already asking me why does he have to go to a hospital when he's not at all sick! I reminded him that this is a dentist visit and he needs his teeth cleaned and checked. When we reached the dentist's clinic, he saw Dra. Sheryl Borja, who is also a friend of ours and a mom of Ethan's classmate. Sheryl was wearing a white lab gown and immediately Ethan associated that with a doctor, I saw panic in his eyes and in his voice too! He asked his Tita Sheryl why was she wearing that. He's not used to seeing her Tita Sheryl in that attire. I was thinking that we're doomed. But I was all wrong ... just take a look at the photos.



It has been more than a year since I created a spread layout. It was a good exercise to keeping this layout simple and keeping the embellishments to a minimum : ) The photos were taken using a cell phone. I just don't have the guts to carry my SLR at the clinic. But I realized now that I wanted to bring it next time to take more good photos.

To make the face, I used my bookplates that I have hoarded and placed googly eyes and brads as ears. For the nose and mouth, I cut an "apostrophe" into two from my AC Thickers : )


materials used: Bazzill cs, Daisy Bucket Monster parade and Kaisercrafts papers, bookplates, buttons, Shabby Green Door baker's twine, American Crafts Thickers, googly eyes, Making Memories button brads


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