Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sharing some girl layouts ...

I made these layouts for my inaanak (god daughter), Anika Lucia.

I tried two things here that I don't usually do. The first one is distressing. I'm not really a fan of distressed layouts but wanted to give it a try again anyway. To distress the edges of the papers, I used my cutter : ) I found out that a cutter can be an alternative for an edge scraper. It produces the same effect less the cost especially that I won't really use this a lot.

I love the Prima lace used as the stem of the flower. Maybe I should try to think of ways on how to use that (in boy pages I mean).

I was able to use white space here, something I wish I can do more often.

Second thing I tried is to scrap simply and in color blocks.

It's too simple, my hands are itching to touch that layout again. But doing so will defeat the purpose so I hurriedly gave it to my kumare, Arlene. Now, I can't do anything about it : )


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Ems said...

Cute ni Anya! When tayo mangra-raid kina arlene? ;oD