Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Scrappin' Moms Idol Contest

Congrats again to the top 12 finalists ... Cabbie, Au, Tin, Cookie, Nita, Issa, Diane, Lee, Cors, Mia, Rita and Darlene! From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank each of you for participating in this year's Scrappin' Moms Idol!

I cannot fully explain how I was feeling last Saturday. I literally wanted to go home so I won't be judging any of the awesome layouts created in 3 hours by these ladies hehehe. I feel there was so much responsibility given to the Scrappin' Moms, ang hirap to judge. Everytime I was about to write down a score, I stop and think if the score I was about to give is something the scrapper deserves. I wanted to be fair and just to everyone. What was even more difficult is that we only have a limited time to judge the layouts.

After I gave the scores to April, I knew everything is no longer within any of the Scrappin' Moms' hands. As what we've mentioned before, the 60% total of the scores are from the 6 rounds of the Idol Contest. Every round from the past weeks counts a lot in contributing to each participant's final score. The remaining 40% are from the finale challenge. The scores are accumulative so everybody has a fair chance of winning.
When April handed me the results, I was stunned! Not because the winners don't deserve to win but because I think I lost the courage to announce hehehe. If I was to announce a good news, I knew too there's some bad news (if it could be considered as one) to go with it too. It was only I, April, Sienna and Jeff who know about the winners ... the rest of the moms do not have a single idea!
I've seen all the top 30 participants from the very first round and I've seen how each did their best in this contest. I'm happy to know that even if there were many complains (; D) as we go along the contest, everybody had a learning and enjoyable experience.
So, the time came for me to announce who the Idol is ... my tears started to flow. I'm sorry about that - mixed emotions perhaps! I think I need to confess I'm really iyakin hehehe. The idea of building up the excitement and announcement mala-American Idol was really my idea but right then and there I thought it wasn't a good idea after all ... mukhang ako yata mahihimatay hahaha!
Seriously, I'm really happy ... so happy Joanne thought of this contest! It was all worth it after all, di ba Scrappin' Moms? ; D

Visit this link for other Scrapfest photos.

All photos by Jeff Lopez


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