Friday, October 26, 2007

ACOT Creative Team Spotlight (again!!!)

I have just opened my blog when I saw Geng's message at my chatterbox. She said I did it again at ACOT. Curious, I opened the link she gave me. I was surprised to find my layout, Bloom featured at the CT Spotlight. This is the second time my layout was picked!

CT Spotlight is a monthly feature at ACOT in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught their eye in the gallery (this is what the intro paragraph says hehehe).

Here's what the CT says about my layout:

Jackie Pettit says: "I love the colors, the flowers and buttons up the side. Gorgeous photo!"

FairyMouseMom says: "I love how those flowers grab your attention...and then have you look directly at the photo."
4peasinourpod says: "I saw this layout and immediately hit the save button! The small but striking title, the flowers, the is work of art!"
Laura Fiore says: "Such beautiful floral work on this one. Pia's layouts always have great artistic balance!"
Beth-W says: "The photo here is gorgeous and I love the subtle colors and design that make it shine."
nun69 says: "The flowers are the perfect embellishment for this page and that little bit of red gives it that extra punch!"
bamablue says: "I love the use of flowers on this layout - the little checkboard piece behind the picture with those little flowers is just precious! And the buttons in the flowers up the side!"
suslvgeo says: "Love the use of different shapes. The diamonds, flowers, and stripes work so well here! Love the frame around the pic as well as the letters used to spell the title!"
Last month, it was also Geng who informed me that my layout, Mine was featured at the CT Spotlight. What makes me even happier is that the layouts chosen are my Daisy Bucket layouts!
Thanks ACOT for this wonderful oppurtunity to share my work. And of course, thanks to Geng for being the bearer of good news for the second time already!
You may also view the announcement here.


Cathy said...

2 months in a row there for both of us. How exciting.....

This is a beautiful LO for sure. How could it not be picked???!!

Jeff & Pia said...

Thanks Cathy!