Monday, October 08, 2007

The All New Scrappin' Moms

I have to admit it, days before the Scrapfest I was hoping time would slow down a bit! Don't get me wrong please, I mean I'm happy and in a way excited because it'll be my first Scrapfest wherein I'm part (real part) of the organizing committee. But oh boy it was more difficult than I ever imagined! If before I'd go to the Scrapfest because I want to learn, meet new and old scrappers alike, shop and simply enjoy the day, being part of Scrappin' Moms changed all that. Now, I think if everything will turn out the way we envisioned things to be. I think of ticket sales, I think of the Idol Contest, I think of everything and yes I even think of my attire hahaha!

Now, that Scrapfest 4 has finally ended, I can breathe and relax quite a bit (yup because Scrapfest in May will be next hehehe!). This event is the first venture of the new Scrappin' Moms. And yes, amidst the difficulties we encountered, it was a very memorable experience for me!

Ria and April already said their thank yous to all our sponsors, to those who helped us in the preparations and to the participants but the thank yous and the commendations have not been addressed to the people behind this fantastic event! So, please bear with me as I say my piece.

To our Ms. Congeniality, Joanne ... the dreamer of the group yet through her I wanted to believe in the power of dreams. She's the woman behind the 1st ever Scrappin' Moms Idol. She's the one who looks for sponsors - the reason why we had Canon as sponsor during the May Scrapfest and now Del Monte! The thought of her leaving for Australia a few weeks from now makes me wonder if we all can move on without her. I know when she gets there she needs to adjust, having three boys without any help must be really difficult for her. So that will mean we cannot bug her as often as we want to. To Joanne, we will surely miss you!
To the other prime mover of this group, April ... I have to tell you that I admire this woman very much! You probably don't see her talk often especially infront of an audience but I have to tell you that she's the woman behind all the leg works of Scrapfest! She oversees the ticket sales, the venue, the food, the kits, the sponsors, she's even the one uploading the Idol entries (it was only on the 2nd or 3rd round when Joanne, Liza and I helped her), she did the Scrapfest logo even the homepage for the Idol contest. I can go on and on for all the things she did for the Scrapfest! She's a real trooper! Oftentimes, I'm lost with my duties and I can always turn to her. And to top it all, April is working full time in an IT company! Whew, what a lady!
To our manager, Ria ... if there's one person who always thinks ahead, it'll be her. She tells us if something is not feasible, she checks everything making sure nothing will be missed out. She generously let us use her house everytime we have a meeting for the Scrapfest. She, together with Liza are the persons behind the mini album and the demo at the Scrapfest! I loved that album because it's very doable and is something new for everyone to try! Ria is also my savior, she bought the blouse I wore at the Scrapfest hahaha! Sabi ko na nga ba I can trust her style!
To Liza, our accounts manager hehehe (advertising ba ang dating?) ... if there's a question posted at the Idol forum, she's the person I bother hehehe kahit madaling araw na, together with April. She's also behind the mini album done during the demo. She's our ever reliable event host. Like April, she's also working full time in an advertising agency so you can just imagine how she handles all her duties!
To our muse and master, Iris ... our challenge master that is! If we need inputs regarding our challenges, we all of course consult the authority! I know she's a really busy person but she always see to it that she supports us even in spirit!
To Sienna, even though you rarely see this girl. She does her share too of course! She's our finance manager and one of our resident materials shopper (aside from April). She sourced out the materials needed for the challenge even though she was told about what she would buy only a few days before the Scrapfest.
And last but not the least, to Mia ... oh I know she feels bad that she didn't make it because she now lives in Cagayan de Oro. We feel the same too but as what she told me, "Someday we will all be complete again!" I believe her.

To our Scrappin' Dads, Jeff, Meng, Nelo, Buddy, Bryan, Patrick, Tom, and Mier! We know that we become a little busy at times but we are more than thankful for your unending love and support!

Allow me to mention these too; Jeff, thanks for all your help not just to me but to the whole group, I know that sometimes you feel I'm always busy with so many things but I'm grateful for your understanding, love and your mere presence in my life! Everything that you have done to let me know that you support me in my passion makes me appreciate you even more!

Meng, thank you for all your help ... we could not have been visible in the net if it weren't for your generosity. Thanks too for being our photographer during the Scrapfest!

To the Scrappin' Moms thanks again for making me part of this group! You have made me a better person and scrapper after this experience. I'm sorry for my shortcomings too! I look forward to our next events! Love you friends!

All photos by Jeff Lopez



Alby said...

Pia, congrats to the Scrappin' Moms for a very successful event. This is my 3rd Scrapfest and it's the best ever. Would be tough to surpass this I tell you. Not to pressure the group. Hehe. I had so much fun. I met new friends. I got reacquainted with old ones. Reminisced a bit on my first Scrapfest (where I met Lee!). Shopped a little (ok, maybe not so little!).

Oh, and I really commend the group for your efforts in promoting scrapping in the country. The bring a friend promo is really something. I wish I could have brought some friends, unfortunately, eveyrone I invited was busy. Well, maybe next time. I want to do my bit in promoting this wonderful hobby of ours. I want to do an Intro to Scrapping workshop sa village namin (inspired by the LB SCrapaholics!)Since taga-Cavite ka, maybe you can facilitate. LOL!

Again, congrats for a job well done. Everything is just so perfect - the venue, the people, the activities, the food even. Great job everyone!

Mia Castrillo said...

Thanks, Pia, for remembering me. The truth is, naiiyak ako to see all your pictures and I'm not there. Oh, I'm happy for all of you and for the success of this Scrapfest. I just wish I could have been there to enjoy it all with you. Congrats to you all! And I am really looking forward to that day na we'd all be together again for another crop session. :-)