Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nicole's 2nd Birthday

Nicole is our close friend, Iris' daughter. She celebrated her 2nd birthday last December. Oppss .. I know ... I know this has been long overdue. Talk about backlogs!

Anyway, we consider Iris, Bry and Nicole very special. Not only because they were friends but beacuse Iris was one of our very first clients. Jeff covered Nicole's 1st Birthday and since then Iris always have good words for us. She has always been supportive and would always extend a hand to help us with our business.

These are just some of the photos Jeff took during the party. I want to share with you layouts Iris made using the photos Jeff took during the party. As always Iris made a masterpiece out of those photos taken!

This is my favorite photo of Nicole. I love the title Iris thought of the photo. It's simply perfect!

Here are the rest of the layouts. All are stunningly beautiful!

And here's the niner layout Jeff made for Nicole.

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