Friday, March 02, 2012

When was the last time I ...

... posted here on my blog? It must be months. I don't even know how to start everything. It seems strange to finally writing something again. Here's a short recap - I gave birth ... now our baby girl is already 6 months old ... we're homeschooling Ethan ... it has been a year without a househelp and so my time is literally consumed with breastfeeding, homeschooling and doing chores.

... made a scrapbook layout? Actually, I have three unfinished layouts from last year which I don't know if I can still finish or not. I couldn't even find the other one hehehe. I made a super simple, easy and quick layout last week. I didn't sleep that night (as most of the nights, anyway) just so I can scrap!!! I really needed that break. While I was making my layout, I had to stop several times because Erin would wake up once in awhile. She has been very clingy to me. Sometimes, it's a good thing but there are times, it's not : (

Anyway, I wish there is something that I can share here. I can't post my layout yet : )

Hmmm ... perhaps I'll share some pictures. Let me figure out how ... this is blog posting 101 (all over again)!

Whew! I did!

I haven't officially introduced my pretty baby. Here's Erin Kristen Salem-Lopez born on August 7, 2011. She weighed 5 lbs. and 10 oz. and measured 47 cms. She's a tiny baby just  like her Kuya Ethan. So, it really came as a surprise when I gave birth to her via caesarean section! 

She was 5 months old when the photo was taken. She doesn't look like me (I know). She looks like her dad in soooo many ways. She's very cheerful and would smile to anyone she meets. She'll be gracing my scrapbook layouts very soon! 

Here's are photos of Ethan as seen on the Manila Bulletin August 11, 2011 issue. You may read the entire article here. Our journey in homeschooling has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for all of us. This is our first year and we have learned and is still learning each day. It has been an extraordinary experience for the whole family. Although, I will also say it was not easy. I can't remember how many times I almost cried because I was running out of patience and was so tired taking care of two children. I was praised when people found out we were homeschooling our son as well as persecuted too for that decision. I'm not asking people to commend us. Yet sometimes, you just can't ignore the not-so-good-comments and feel bad about it. We try to understand though and we still give them our smile after : )

Anyway, I'm ending this post with the most recent photo of us. Thanks for dropping by.  Till my next post!

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Alby said...

Thanks for sharing Pia! Erin is so cute!!! I've missed seeing that smile!

About homeschooling, it is a personal choice. It probably isn't the best choice for everyone (both parents and children) but only you can determine that. It's not for other people to decide. It is good to listen to other people's counsel, but you should listen to your heart, and most of all, pray for God's guidance.