Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New scrapping goals and my January layouts

People might be thinking I'm no longer scrapping this year : ). Truth is, I'm not scrapping as much. I figured out I can't scrap atleast 3 layouts a week as I thought I could - our lifestyle simply couldn't afford that. So, I decided I'll make scrapping goals which are attainable for me. Two of those are: to scrap only when I feel like it and second, to scrap if my schedule permits. I don't want to pressure myself with so many things - life's already complicated and I don't want to complicate it more. Looking at my layouts last year, I realized I made some which I'm not at all happy with the results. Don't get me wrong though, of course I know scrapping should be fun and that all our works are beautiful since they were made with love, but for me (I only speak for myself here ha), I also scrap because it serves as a creative outlet and every finished layout is like a masterpiece! So, for now, I'd like to try to scrap and lavish every minute of it - enjoy the process and be happy with the layouts I make.

For the month of January, I was only able to make 7 layouts! Konti lang if you'll compare with the previous months but I'm so happy with the results!!! Oh and I forgot to mention that I haven't taken a photo of the 7th LO yet hehehe.

For now, it doesn't matter to me if I have over three years of backlog - I browsed through Ethan's albums and I must say that the significant events of our lives were atleast covered. For one, it will really be impossible to scrap all of our phot0s anyway! : D

Also, to lessen the volume (akala mo naman ang dami kong gamit hahaha!), I would like to mix my old stash with the new ones. So far, I'm quite successful with that and I hope by mid year, most of the papers I got last year will be lessened.

Well, let's see if these will work ...

Here are the layouts:

Blissful Moment

Christmas Wishes

Hakuna Matata

Photographer Extraordinaire

Meeting Barney

Wish Granted

Photo Credits: All photos were taken by Jeff Lopez except the one where he is at the photo hehehe. Photos used at "Photographer Extraordinaire" and "Christmas Wishes" were taken by his business partner, Meng Lim.

Layout Credits:
Christmas Wishes: Ki Memories Joyful Collection kit was provided by Scrapbukan

Thanks for looking!



Maybelle said...

Sis, I love your idea of mixing old with new stuff. We're so excited to get new releases & end up neglecting our "old" stuff. Dear, keep posting your LOs because it inpires so many of us. Btw, ano ba yang di ka happy sa LOs mo. I would love to be able to churn out LOs as beautiful as yours! Mwahhh!

iris said...

Love all of your LOs sis!! You should be happy about every single one of the ones you made last year. These 6 ones are great and excited na ko to see the 7th!:)

Au Lim said...

ay naku kapatid...wala kang gagawin na hindi masterpiece! lahat sila superb! pramis!!!

jonaks said...

agree ako kay Au. lahat sila super ganda.

Jeff & Pia said...

Uy grabe nakakataba naman kayo ng puso! Salamat po!

Maybs, meron lang talagang mga LOs na feeling ko forced ako to finish kaya I'm trying to avoid na talaga yung ganun. : )


scrapgurl said...

Whoa lots of pretty layouts! I really like Blissful Moment. Ang dami na nung 7 layouts in a month ah... =) Ako rin I am trying to use up all of my old stuff...