Friday, February 08, 2008

My Journey Ends Here ...

We all know that all journeys come to an end. And my journey as a design team member of Scrapbukan finally ends here. It could have been a really sad day but I thought of all the beautiful memories I had with Scrapbukan and realized there isn't anything that I need to be sad about. Two years must have been a long time and I'll surely be missing a lot from here on.

Sahrie was the first person who truly believed in my talent. Long before I won international contests, or have been published or has become a manufacturer DT, she has already asked me to become part of her design team - a dream come true for me! As an added bonus I was extremely privileged to be with Iris and Ria - my scrap idols!

Scrapbukan Na! with Mary Grace Abuzman, January 2007. This is the first time I met Sahrie.

Through Scrapbukan, I have learned so many things - even those beyond scrapbooking. I have learned that friendship could bloom anywhere - even on the net. You could be a close friend to a person you never have met at all. I have learned that I can do more - if I focus my mind on it.

For all of these I'd be forever grateful to Sahrie! Thank you so much for believing in me Sahrie! My journey as a DT ends here but our friendship will last a lifetime!

My First Layout for Scrapbukan and will always be one on of my faves.

Scrapfest in September 2006

Scrapbukan's 3rd Anniversary Sept. 2007, We felt like beauty queens because of the beautiful bouquets Sahrie sent us by surprise!



Liza said...

it's sad to see you guys ending your term with sahrie. you've inspired most of us with your lo's and ideas during your term. sahrie was lucky to have you among her design team, and i also agree that you guys were lucky with such a generous boss. cheers to 2 good years of being dt's with sahrie!

Maybelle said...

You guys at Scrapbukan have given us countless inspiration. I know that your journey will continue on with the knowledge that you were once part of THE best team to around. Your Scrapbukan team is the best!

C70 said...

Pia, I never imagined you'd end your contract with Scrapbukan! Thanks for the inspiration!