Monday, January 07, 2008

Holiday Kwentos Part 2

I'm super late with my holiday kwentos! Anyway, here's the continuation ...

Aside from the SE and PS joint Christmas party, we (my scrapping friends) also had a mini Christmas party at Ria's place last Nov. 30. I failed to get copies of the party photos. But I was so happy to bring home the Tote-ally Cool organizer bag from the "agawan" exchange gifts!

After the party, Jeff and Ethan followed at Ria's place - for our "annual" Christmas photo shoot hahaha! Ang ganda kasi ng house ni Ria - complete with all the Christmas decors: a big tree, Christmas toys, presents all wrapped up! Abuso ba kami? hehehe. Anyway, here's my favorite photo of the many photos Jeff and Meng took that evening.

Ang cute cute nila Bianca and Ethan, di ba? ; )

I'm currently scrapping this photo and will share it with you once I'm done.

Last Dec. 23, we watched the Barney show. After the show, we saw this huge Christmas tree infront of the coliseum. Ethan was so delighted when he saw this tree. Of course, there will always be some picture taking ; )

We had "Noche Buena" in BiƱan, Laguna. This year, we have Tita Chay, Karissa all the way from U.S. and Tito Tic, Tita Mel, Josh and J.D. from Ireland! It's so wonderful having them for the holidays. This rarely happens coz Tita Chay only visits the Philippines every 4 or 5 years!

Jeff and I decided to bring the chocolate fountain which became the "star" of the feast (instead of the hamon Nanay Cora made for us hehehe!) Kids and adults alike love the fondue!

Ethan did not sleep the whole time until it was already 3:00 am! He had a grand time, eating fondue, playing the games (even though he couldn't really join hehehe) and opening his gifts! This is the best photo Jeff captured that evening:

Ethan had this gift from us! It's his wish for Christmas; he would always tell us to buy this thing that he describes as "yung nag-oopen"!

Well, I think that's about it... my short recap of some of the most memorable and wonderful things that had happened in our lives during the holidays. : )

Photos by Jeff Lopez


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