Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ryle Patrick's 16th Birthday

I'm used to covering birthday parties for children and kids but when asked to cover a party for a teenager... I never imagined that it could be twice as fun especially with these folks. Well, the fun and easy part is, every which direction I point my camera people automatically strike a pose with big big smiles on their faces. Hehe. Patrick, his cousins, relatives, classmates and almost all the guests, most especially his dad, are way too cool! Checkout how they dressed up the venue and setup the stage for this "Hawaiian Luau" themed party - cooool huh! From the centerpieces, the hanging lamps, to the necklaces they give each guest as they enter... simply awesome! : )

Ok... when album making time came, it actually - almost made me go nuts - thinking of a design and layout that would eventually come at par with the cool photos I took of the cool folks during that cool party. Hehehe. Well, I think it's pretty obvious from my layouts below where I got my inspiration... nope, it's not from one of Pia's scrapbook papers... If you guessed a particular brand of soda... well, correct! I got inspired by this wall advertisement I saw when I was driving along C-5. So that's where it all started - I actually made a design quite similar to the soda ad. Cool huh?!

To Patrick, his parents and Deborah... thank you very much for getting our services, and for your trust and your patience.

You may click on any of the layout for a larger view. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!

Front and Back Cover

Pages 1 & 2

Pages 3 & 4

Pages 5 & 6

Pages 7 & 8

Pages 9 & 10

Pages 11 & 12

Pages 15 & 16

Pages 17 & 18

Pages 19 & 20


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