Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My name in CK

My friend, Iris called me a week ago gasping, her voice trembling with excitement. Knowing her, there must be some good news. She asked me if I have a copy of Creating Keepsakes January 2008 issue, I told her I borrowed Arlene's copy. She wanted me to get the copy and turn to page 114 and insisted I get it immediately! Hay! Kaloka itong si Iris! I told her I'm in a moving car and the magazine is at the back of the car - I couldn't get it at the moment but she really insisted I get it. I told her, "Sis, nasa CK ka na din?" But she replied, "Hindi ako!!!". Ok so kung hindi siya, who could it be? I knew I have browsed that issue already and I have not seen any Filipina scrappers' work. Sobrang naintriga na ako, I moved to the back of the car (take note, umaandar yung car huh!)

I turned to page 114 and look what I found ...

Here's a closer look of what I found:

I screamed! There wasn't any layout but my name was there. And for me, that is enough that Vanessa Hoy of CK took notice of my work! Thanks Vanessa!

And thanks too for the bearer of good news, my sis - Iris who always encourages me to keep on sending layouts to CK! At syempre, ang sistah ko posted the good news at our e-group hehehe:

Congratulations to our very own PIA SALEM LOPEZ!!!!

I don't usually read articles in the magazines but just look through the layouts. For some reason, the layout "Imagine" caught my eye, and then I was drawn towards the column at the bottom of the layout mentioning the scrappers whose submissions caught Vanessa Hoy's (Senior Editor of CK) eye... and andun ang pangalan ni PIA!!!! Sabi ko nga talaga pang CK ang style nya.... Great photos, clean and strong design, striking colors, baga eye catching talaga! Ayan na nga napansin na sya ni Vanessa Hoy! Kaya tuloy tuloy na yan. :)



Anna Zalamea said...

Way to go, Pia!!! congrats!

C70 said...

CONGRATS girl!!!