Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dito Tayo sa Jollibee!!!

Two weeks ago, a client inquired through text if the chocolate fountain is available on March 18. She's Jozel Pajuelas (third from left), friend and neighbor of a former client, Ranch. She attended Ishi's birthday party and she immediately said she wanted the chocolate fountain for her nephew's birthday too! Wow, what a nice aunt she is, she gave a chocolate fountain as a birthday present!!!

After a few more text messages, she booked the said date. When I asked for the party's venue, Jozel said it's at Jollibee-Metropark. I was really puzzled and I have to ask her if Jollibee would allow a chocolate fountain in their restaurant. It took awhile before she texted back and when she did, she assured us that Jollibee agreed to!
On that day, Jeff and I arrived early for the 11 am party. The store manager saw us carrying fruits and she was looking as if we were carrying bombs (hehehe). She asked if those were for the party and of course I said yes. She asked me again if the one who booked the party informed them of that, I answered, "I guess so." Well, to make the long story a little shorter (mind you gulong-gulo na kami sa mga taga-Jollibee if they will really allow us to set up our fountain!) ... one of the crew approached us and said there was a miscommunication. Apparently when Jozel called him to inform him about the chocolate fountain, he thought Jozel was referring to a "fountain" for display! Oh my! I almost fainted! But since we were already in the venue, he said we can continue with the set up provided that the chocolate fountain would not be served among the kids especially the fruits before meal time! Oh alright ... now the kids who know about this chocolate treat were all lining up and asking if they could have some. Well, after awhile chocolate was served "but only for awhile". As soon as the games started, we were asked to stop serving. Oh well, I understand what the crew was trying to explain to us ... the kids might not eat their lunch because they're already full or what if anything happen, they might be held responsible for the food we served. I was waiting for them to ask me to sign a waiver. But they didn't. Jollibee parties are always short... now I'm worried the chocolate and the dippings would not be consumed. I actually feel for Jozel who will pay us in full but will not get her money's worth.

But guess what? We let the staff and crew taste our chocolate treats - grapes, melon, marshmallows and wafer sticks dipped in chocolate... and after that they were raving about it hahaha! They even said, "Ma'm, masarap pala"! A crew even went back and asked, "Ma'm pwede ko po bang ihingi yung manager ko. Pinatikim ko po kasi, masarap daw."

Oh don't get me wrong, the party at Jollibee was a fun experience. We were just amazed at how things progressed during the party. The crew from Jollibee were all helpful and I know where they were coming from, they just want to protect their name and their jobs. Well, in a way, what transpired brought out good results. The kids were very careful not to make a mess. They would even go back to ask us where they could throw their paper plates. So, after the party, there weren't anything the Jollibee crew cleaned up.
As for the leftover chocolate and dippings, of course we gave it to Jozel, after all she paid for it! And she should get her money's worth!

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