Monday, December 18, 2006

Winning in Canon Shoot and Run 2006

The LORD has been very good to us this year. So many things have happened, so many ups and downs but He has always been at our side. The blessings we've received this year abounds. I am happy to share with you my experiences and my winning entry in the recently concluded Canon Shoot and Run 2006. But before anything else, I would like to thank Ria Mojica for sharing the details of the contest in the e-group. I wouldn't have been aware of such competition if I haven't read her post. Thanks Ria! And of course, to all the members of Scrapbooks Exchange... the beautiful, generous, talented and gorgeous members of this e-group who continuously believe and give support to me and my wife... thank you very much to all of you!
December 16, 2006 - I woke up around 6 a.m. to prepare and leave the house as early as possible since Cavite is still quite far from Malate where the event will be held. It was a Saturday and it was still early so I wasn't expecting any traffic. But lo and behold! I got stucked in traffic for two hours!!! Registration was at 9:30 p.m. and where was I? I was still in Bacoor Cavite pulling my hair off my head! I asked myself... of all the days I could get stucked in traffic... why now? At around 10 a.m. I reached Palacio de Manila and was able to register for the contest. Whew! I made it! After the briefing, the first assignment which was "Splendor of Manila" was given by the organizers. Contestants were tasked to capture a scenic view of Manila and be back at the HQ to download the best shot before 2p.m. Photographers rushed to all directions... Meanwhile, I decided to go to Intramuros. I parked my car in an open street that doesn't have any sign that says no parking. After a few minutes, I got my shot and hurriedly went back where I was parked. Yup, you guessed it right! My car was missing! It got towed by the alligators and hoodlums working for Ronron Towing services. The same towing service that I think has been featured several times by Imbestigador and other news programs because of so many complaints from the public. I was forced to walk a few kilometers just to get to where these alligators brought my car. They wouldn't release my car till I pay P1,500.00! I argued that there wasn't any sign that says "no parking" from where I parked. But arrogance and rudeness were oozing even from the noses of these Ronron clowns. And since I was holding a camera, one of them even approached me telling me not to dare take pictures of them if I wouldn't want anything to happen to my camera! So I told him, why don't you just try?! Well, sorry for these alligators because after a few phone calls, I was able to get off their hook without having to pay even a single centavo!

After all the frustrations and headaches in the morning, I was able to get back to the event headquarters and download my entry. Here's my official entry for the first category, which was "Splendor of Manila". It earned me a spot in the Top 50 finalists.

By 2 p.m. the next assignment, "Faces of Manila" was given to the contestants. I must admit, capturing photographs of people is not an easy task. Specially those you don't even know. Again, I scoured the streets of Intramuros, then went to Rizal Park, and finally ended up at Baywalk with still no single shot for this second assignment. But as they say... if you're in the right place at the right time... and fast enough to press the shutter, then you'll get your perfect shot! I happened to be in front of the monument of former Manila Mayor Lacson when a group of kids, out of nowhere, crossed the street and flocked to the statue. There were a lot of photographers there, and to my surprise, these kids just striked a pose. A few clicks, and I got my shot! Here's the winning photograph that earned me a brand new Canon 30D camera worth around P75,000.00 (Thank you LORD!) and the title of First place winner for the second category: "Faces of Manila".

During the awards night, I would have to be honest to say that I was stunned and overwhelmed to have won. I was happy and contented being chosen in the Top 50 Finalists. But hearing my name being called on stage to receive a major prize... WOW ang saya! It's actually my first time to join a big competition. And with fellow photographers who are experts and have been shooting for a long time, it's already an honor just to shoot beside them. Winning is actually a big bonus and a blessing. To all my fellow photographers who have joined Canon Shoot and Run 2006, congratulations to all of us! We are all winners! And to my wife Pia and son Ethan, thank you very much! This achievement is for you! I love you!

I would also like to share the other photos I took during the competition:


Liza said...

You truly deserve that top spot Jeff. Everything in the right place and as you said, it was the perfect moment! Great shot! You are one talented photographer and you have the heart for it.

Mia said...

Wow, Jeff! Aside from the winning shots, all the other photos are beautiful! I love the picture of the window and of the fountain. I love the photos of the old man. You truly deserve to win!

the dreamer said...

Hey, Jeff. Wow. So sorry to hear of all the trouble you had to go through to get the "perfect" shot. =p But, wow, isn't it wonderful how the universe balances out all the bad with something great?

I wanted to post the perfect quote for you. But, unfortunately, I couldn't find it or the author.

So, will just post something I found awhile ago, puwede na din:
"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter." - Ansel Adams

Idol ko na talaga kayong dalawa ni Pia! Congrats! =)


Maricar said...

Hi Jeff,
I featured the photo at Filipina Soul:
Thanks for the permission!

mai said...

awesome, awesome shots!! your photo of the children smiling -- inspite of all the odds -- is fabulous. and inspiring. more power to you.

jenn said...

i agree with mia...even the other entries are well-captured. congratulations, jeff!

Mickee said...

HI Jeff, Congratulations! It was a well-deserved award. I love, love all the photos, and the photos of those kids really touched me. Despite probably growing up in the streets and faced with lots of life's challenges, these kids still had the courage to smile... and laugh at life's atrocities. It captured the Filipino soul - happy and anchored with a deep faith in God. Thanks for sharing! See you and Pia and Ethan in Manila soon!

geng said...

Jeff and Pia,

Congratulations! what a birthday gift and christmas present! I love all your shots...

John S. R. said...

Hi Jeff,
Congrats po! Are you a member of PiPho?
Sana pala sumama na lang kami sayo nung Shoot & Run, wala kasi kaming masakyan nun eh...hehe.

Sahrie said...

Congratulations Jeff!!!!

I don't think I was ever able to congratulate you. All I can say is WOW! You are so talented! I knew it from the first time I saw those EB pics you took a long time ago! Hehehe... Wishing you more success in photography!