Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I’m officially a Design Team member!

Me, Iris and Ria

Once I told my friend, Ria (Mojica) while we’re chatting with Valerie (Salmon) and Diane (Mirabelles) that I wanted to be part of a Design Team someday. We were actually chatting with Valerie about her being a DT of Creative Express that time. I knew it was wishful thinking then, considering that I am new in this hobby!

Nope, I didn’t want any fame for that matter, all I want is the “free” stuff DTs get so that I wouldn’t have to burden Jeff to buy me stuff (I’m a SAHM)! Ang babaw ko ba? (he-he-he)

But what a fortune, a scrapbook store owner offered me the dream I’ve always wanted! Sahrie Wenceslao of Scrapbukan asked me if I wanted to be a DT member for her store!!! I couldn’t believe my luck! She’s actually asking me to be part of her team?!? Wow, that was one of my happiest days! I’d be stupid if I’d say no!

I asked Sahrie who else she’s been eyeing for her store’s Design Team. She said, Ria (Mojica) and Iris (Uy)! Boy, am I so lucky!?! Hahaha! I told Sahrie these two girls are my idols!

By the 2nd week of September, I am an official Design Team member of Scrapbukan as I signed the contract! Wooohoo!

Thank you Sahrie for trusting me! I am very much excited to work with you! I do fear a little and feel a bit pressured… but I know that this is a challenge I would like to conquer!


Freethinker said...

Hi Pia! Congrats! You deserve it, truly!

Anonymous said...

can i include you in my blogspot also???? im so proud of your success and a career hehehhe!! continue your good and beautiful works!