Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BasicGrey Challenge

“You did it again!” - wrote Nette Madero of My Little Attic in her newsletter to announce the 3 winners of the BG Challenge. But honestly, I really didn’t expect this! Really! I have my own faves and choices among the entries. That’s why when I opened the newsletter Nette sent that morning of September 9, 2006 and saw my layout, I was asking the same question when I won the Chatterbox Challenge, “What is my layout doing there?” I wasn’t convinced that I won 1st place. I was thinking that if I scroll the page down I’d see the 1st place winner. I saw Iris Uy’s layout, Flight and Airees Rondain’s 32 Random Facts about Me, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. So, I really won?! All the while there was a caption under my layout that I won, obviously I wasn’t even reading! It actually took some time for everything to sink in to me (he-he-he). I was soooo happy and so surprised! Then, as I scrolled down further, I saw another one of my layouts, “Fly High and Far” in the Honorable Mention. Now this was even more surprising for me!

Nette awarding my BG Challenge prize

Here’s an excerpt from the My Little Attic newsletter sent by Nette:

Congratulations to Pia Lopez for winning the BasicGrey Challenge!!! You did it again Pia!!! For those who didn’t know, Pia was one of the winners in our Chatterbox Challenge a couple of months ago and she did it again!!!

Amy Howe, style director of BasicGrey said,

“What a FUN layout! The pictures are so cute, and I love that she has the title encircling the main photo. I also love the washers – this layout really fits its theme
well. The paper combination is also perfect for these photos. An all around awesome layout!”
After that announcement, I received phone calls from two close friends of mine, Joanne and Ria greeting me for winning the challenge. I also received messages on my YM, e-mail and cellphone. These greetings really meant a lot to me! Thanks guys!

I’m so honored to be recognized by the likes of Amy Howe, Joy Uzarraga and Nely Fok. This year, I have received so many blessings already that I couldn’t even think if I deserve all of them. God has been so good to me and my family and I’m very thankful for that! I myself could not believe all the achievements that I have already accomplished only after a year of scrapping!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nette for coming up with the BasicGrey challenge. The challenge has brought out the best in all of those who participated, especially me. All those who joined are really good, all are winners too! I would like to thank the lovely and equally talented ladies of Scrapbooks Exchange! Have I not met these beautiful and wonderful people, I would not have started scrapping too! And of course, Jeff who has been very supportive of my passion!

I also posted my layouts below. For a larger view, click the layout in the slide located at the right corner.

MLA BG Challenge - 1st Place Winner

MLA BG Challenge - Honorable Mention

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