Saturday, July 09, 2016

It's Good To Be Back!

Hello?! Anybody here? I never thought I could actually access my blog again. Now I know how it feels to be locked out from your own "home" not just for hours but for years. My last post was December 2012! It's good to be "home" again.

I don't know if people still read blogs nowadays. Who else does? Me?! Perhaps, just me now ...

Anyway, I'm sharing some of the layouts I've made recently. Yup, I still scrapbook!

This layout is based on a sketch by Valerie Salmon. I used some old Echo Park papers here.

I enjoyed making this one because I get to use my kids' markers and pencil colors!

The 4x6 yellow card is a Project Life card. The base patterned paper is from Urban Lily! That was really old!

I don't always get to scrapbook so just to release my creative energy, sometimes I make projects like this. This is Erin's medical record book. I got extra 2x2 photos from her school application and some paper scraps too so I made use of them.

The purple stripped paper is actually a lootbag from Erin's party. The Doc McStuffins' "balloons" are cupcake toppers. I just thought I needed to use all of them in her birthday layout. 

So there goes my first post after 3 1/2 years. I really hope to be sharing more of my creations as well as our journey as a family. 

Thanks for dropping by!


Benga said...

I still do bloghop once in a while =) glad to see you posting again
and still loving your style! keep them coming!

Jeff and Pia said...

Oh wow I got a comment! So somebody's still reading my blog LOL! Thanks so much Marix! Will keep on posting!