Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Everyday Happiness

Our life isn't perfect and this layout is a proof of that. These are random photos taken during the first half of the year, mostly taken when we didn't have any househelp. 

- Ethan homeschooling on the bed while I put Erin to sleep
- Our pile of laundry and was waiting for me : )
- Playing at the elevator's mirror
- Simple pleasures like cooking fried oreos and topping it with ice cream and cornflakes for our merienda (snack)
- Doing artwork
- "Harutan" with daddy
- Waking up early in the morning and being greeted by a beautiful view at the balcony

We love our life even though it is never perfect!

Too late when I realized that the word, "Saturday" dropped while I was taking a photo of my layout.

Polaroids don't always have to be used as a photo frame. You can top it with any embellishments!

This is my 6th layout from the Echo Park Sweet Day kit : ) Tips in making this layout: Use the "days of the week" from the Journaling Cards paper for "A Week In the Life" page or any "Everday Life" page. For this layout, I gathered random photos taken during the first half of the year. I just inserted the days of the week on each photo, but honestly I didn't even check whether it happened on that particular day : )

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog while looking for good places to buy embroidery floss. Let me just say, your works are so inspiring! Makes me want to try scrapbooking next. Haha! Awesome work. :)