Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kail's 1st Birthday

I've just finished uploading 300 photos to finally finish Kail's gallery. Since I reached the maximum quota of 250 photos for one album, I've made another album for Kail. So, there's actually two albums that showcases Kail's birthday photos. Click on link to go to Kail's photo gallery.

Now, a bit background about Mickee and Clifford... Kail's mom and dad. We came to know them last year when Mickee made an inquiry through email. Mickee and son, Kail actually lives in the states (Mickee's work is based in the US) while Clifford is here in the Philippines. So you could just imagine the kind of long distance planning involved to pull off a magnificent party for Kail. Mickee and Kail arrived December of last year and went back to the states after celebrating Kail's 1st birthday January 2007.

They booked both our photography services and our chocolate fountain package, got a shadowbox and even added an altered wall clock! Thanks a lot guys!

Now, after nearly five months from the first time we knew eachother... we've become really good friends. But even before this day and until today, we've been reading and visiting Mickee's blog. She has been a source of inspiration. Her triumphs and struggles, determination and passion in life are more than enough to rekindle new hopes to anyone who would say... life is cruel and hard. She's a living proof that "nothing is beyond the reach of determination!"


Kail's Niner Layout (printed in 8R)

5R photos

12x12 inches Scrapbook Layout in Shadowbox

Altered Clock

4R Photos

Wallet Size Photos

CLICK on LINK to GO to Kail's Birthday Albums/Photo Galleries




ellago said...

waah. this is so nice. gusto ko na rin magka-baby. kunin ko kayo ha?

Mickee said...
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Mickee said...

Thanks for posting Kail's photos. Saludo ako sa tandem ninyong mag-asawa.... :)